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Can I Take Supplements While Fasting

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4 Hacks for Maximizing Muscle Growth While Intermittent Fasting | Jim Stoppani

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Be Mindful Not To Overeat

It can be easy to overeat between fasting periods.

Although fasting doesnt emphasize what you eat as much as when you eat, its not designed to be an excuse to eat unhealthy foods.

Overeating and eating junk food between fasting periods can cancel out the health benefits of fasting. Instead, choose minimally processed, whole foods as much as possible for the most overall health benefits.


When youre ready to break your fast, start with foods and drinks that will be gentle on your digestive system. Avoid foods that are especially high in sugar, fat, and fiber. Additionally, take care not to overeat.

Recommended Supplements On Fasting And Keto

Even though I think its really important to take into account when doing fasting, I personally take a few supplements on a daily basis.

Im a huge consumer of bulletproof coffee, which is done by putting MCT oil and ghee in my morning coffee. I also take magnesium every day to avoid muscle ache when exercising. But more precisely to prevent muscle cramps, which I get quite frequently.

If you simply do intermittent fasting, I would say that vitamins, nutrients, and supplements are not necessary in most cases. Its more of a mindset and it depends on your condition, like magnesium for me, and personal taste, like coconut oil.

But on a longer fast there are some very important vitamins and supplements you can take. Its even advised, when doing more than a 5 day fast, to supplement it with some nutrients.

With ketosis, there are of course two important factors: what nutrients can be taken on an empty stomach, whatll keep you in ketosis, whatll upset your stomach, etc.

Here are my two cents and nutrients I would personally recommend.

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While Fasting Can I Maintain Use Of The Supplements I Take In The Ordinary Course Of Life

As a rule, when fasting according to Hildegard only maintain those supplements uniquely required by the individual. For example, those that a person cannot do without, based on their health circumstances. These include supplements, such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc.

As a rule, and consistent with the spirit of fasting according to a Medieval nun, vitamins and supplements are not necessary.

But, of course, there are exceptions to the general rule.

Will Supplements Break Your Fast

The Best Supplements To Take While Intermittent Fasting ...

Are you concerned supplements will break your fast? Some supplements can break your fast, but there are many supplements you should take on an empty stomach. Understanding which supplements could break your fast can help you decide if you should take them with a meal or during your fasting period.

When you stop consuming calories during a fast, your body enters a period of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic shift that helps burn fat by decreasing your blood glucose and insulin levels. Any food, drink, or supplement containing calories will break your fast and forcibly raise your glucose and insulin levels, which defeats the purpose of your fast.

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Do Supplements Break A Fast

During fasting, the metabolic shift to ketosis involves a decrease in blood glucose and insulin levels, a hormone that facilitates the transport of glucose into the bodys cells. Any food, beverages, or dietary supplements that contain calories will break a fast, and the body will shift back to using glucose for energy when it becomes readily available. Additionally, foods or supplements that alter insulin levels may impact the desired effects of fasting.

Dietary supplements that may interrupt fasting include:

  • Protein powders, which commonly contain approximately 100 calories per scoop
  • Amino acids and amino acid combinations )
  • Fatty acid supplements )
  • Products that include sweeteners or additional ingredients
  • Electrolyte drink powders and effervescent tablets, which are commonly sweetened
  • Supplements in gummy or chewable tablet format, which are commonly sweetened
  • Meal replacement supplements

When Should You Take Your Supplements

It may be most comfortable to take your supplements when you eat. When you consume your supplements with your meals, it helps ensure you wont accidentally break your fast and helps your supplements absorb. Plus, some supplements, such as zinc, can upset an empty stomach.

Supplements to Take with Food:

  • Magnesium
  • Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins B and C

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How To Take Electrolytes While Fasting

Next Id like to offer practical advice on electrolyte supplementation. I designed my protocol to provide a bit more sodium, potassium, and magnesium than the average person needs. It may not hit your needs exactly, but it should get close.

I generally suggest people take 5,000 mg of sodium, 1,000 mg potassium , and 300 mg magnesium malate each day in addition to food. I believe these are reasonable dosages for fasting days too.

You might be thinking that five grams of sodium sounds high. Isnt salt bad for your heart? Not according to a 2011 paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association . In this large cohort study, folks excreting 5 grams sodium per day had fewer heart attacks and strokes than those consuming the government-recommended limit of 2.3 grams. Five grams sodium was the sweet spot.

Moving on, a gram of daily potassium is only about of the RDI, but should stabilize potassium levels during a fast. Just be sure to eat a potassium-rich diet during feeding periods.

Finally, 300 mg magnesium will meet basic requirements and can also help you relax during a fast. This comes in handy when you go to bed hungry, which is never easy.

To hit your electrolyte targets, you have a couple options: buy supplements separately or take a preformulated mix. For reasons of convenience, I prefer option B. Thats why I created LMNT Recharge, my no-nonsense electrolyte blend.

What About Fish Oil While Fasting

What Really Breaks A Fast? (Fasting Basics 2) | Jason Fung

Although fish oil supplements contain a small amount of fat, youd still be better off by consuming it with actual food. Thats why its better to take fish oil, krill oil, or any other omega-3 supplement during your meals. However, if youre fasting, you can still take a fish oil capsule. Its not going to spike your insulin and the amount of fat isnt probably big enough to kick you out of a fasted state either. One fish oil capsule has about 5-10 calories so dont be consuming any more than 1-2 while fasting.

The same applies to vitamin D3 supplements, which usually are capsuled with some fish oil or olive oil. So, if you do take fish oil, take some vitamin D while youre at it and youll absorb both much better.

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Should You Take An Estrogen Blocker With A Testosterone Booster

Part of your bodys testosterone is turned into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. So, when you begin taking testosterone boosters, youll effectively increase estrogen levels as well. This is why taking an estrogen blocker is a good idea.

However, you first need to test your estrogen levels to know exactly the right dosage for you because you still need to keep them optimal. As this is a process that requires far more than laymans knowledge, make sure youre guided by your doctors instructions and advice.

What Should One Pay Attention To If One Takes Supplements While Fasting

If you have chosen one or more food supplements to include in a fasting cure, pay attention to the following things:

  • Whether the supplements affect blood glucose or insulin levels and thus interfere with the fasting effect. Pay attention to food supplements containing sugar and protein. Sugar includes naturally occurring fructose, found in fruit.
  • The extent to which you tolerate specific food supplements on an empty stomach. Many food supplements can lead to nausea, stomach aches and diarrhea, if taken on an empty stomach. Pay attention to how these supplements affect you, experimenting in advance of a formal fast.
  • Whether the respective dietary supplements are fat-soluble. The body would not benefit particularly well from such a dietary supplement during a fasting cure including little or no fat, at all. Fat-soluble food additions include, for example, curcumin and galactolipids found in rose hip. Fat-soluble vitamins , on the other hand, often come in capsules or drops including adequate fat for digestion.
  • The extent and amount of medication one takes. Discuss with your doctor how your medications interact with the desired dietary supplements, whether intervals must be observed or whether the dietary supplement should be omitted, altogether.

Information on fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen can be found in our comprehensive guide to Fasting according of Hildegard of Bingen.

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Gentle Foods To Break A Fast

When youre ready to break your fast, its best to ease out of it. Toward the end of your fast, you might want to introduce small portions of foods that are more easily digested, so you dont overwhelm your digestive system.

Breaking your fast with foods that are especially high in fat, sugar, or even fiber can be difficult for your body to digest, leading to bloating and discomfort.

Foods and drinks that can be even more shocking to your system after a fast include those like a greasy cheeseburger, slice of cake, or soda. Even high-fiber raw produce, nuts, and seeds may be difficult to digest.

On the other hand, nutrient-dense foods that easy to digest and contain a bit of protein and some healthy fats can break your fast more gently.

Below are a few examples of what to eat to break your fast.

Breaking your fast with healthy foods that may be better tolerated can help replenish important nutrients and electrolytes while easing food back into your diet.

Once youre tolerating gentler foods, add in other healthy foods like whole grains, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry, and fish and return to eating normally.

Can I Take Supplements While Fasting


When intermittent fasting, your body is able to focus its energy on things other than digesting food. For example, it begins to enter ketosis, where it burns fat for energy. It is during this time the body begins to remove toxins as well. To help assist with these functions, there are many supplements available, specifically designed to help the body maximize the health benefits that intermittent fasting can provide.

Products that contain electrolytes are great supplements to use while intermittent fasting. As previously discussed, electrolytes help in two important ways: they assist the body in removing toxins and use ketones more efficiently.

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S Diet Pills For Women

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Potential Negative Effects Of Intermittent Fasting And Lchf

Is it normal that during fast I am quite cold? like hands and feet especially feet at night thanks. Hope Its not the sign my REE is going down.

No, it is not normal to be cold it means your REE is going down. Try to eat sufficiently on eating days or consider fasting less often. If it continues, you should consult your physician.

I have started intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast. Today i saw this on medXp: In study, skipping meals is linked to abdominal weight gain

I am sure the study was not done with low carb diets so there is that. What do you think?

This was an animal study and I would ignore it. Most studies proving that you must eat all the time prove nothing of the kind. Eating all the time to lose weight? I dont think so.

My health care practitioner is completely on board with LCHF in fact, advocates it for all patients. I have had limited success in using LCHF in fat loss. Although gaining muscle, my weight loss is minimal after 4 months of solid, no-cheating LCHF plan .I am currently trialling 16:8. My HCP is completely AGAINST fasting, as he claims that there is definitely protein status loss. He didnt mention starvation mode or anything like that, just a major concern that the level of protein in the body is always affected by IFWhat is your take on this? Does protein get used in the same way that fat stores do? If so, can you compensate by eating more protein in the 8 hour window?

No, it does not make sense to me.

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You Dont Need To Take Supplements With Short Fasts

Lets start off with first talking about do you even need to take supplements?

Its true that your body needs a certain amount of essential vitamins and minerals for survival. However, it doesnt mean you need to be getting them all the time every day. It definitely doesnt mean that if you skip your multivitamin in the morning, youre going to become severely deficient and need to be put under an IV. #hitmeupwiththejuicer

In fact, most of the minerals in your body are stored in your bones, fat tissue, and other storage locations. The problem is that if youre eating all the time several meals a day, then youre preventing yourself from using those micronutrients. Your body wants to store as much backup energy as it can and therefore an abundant supply of nutrients coming in around the clock actually reduces your ability to utilize those minerals that are currently stored in your body.

While fasting for longer periods of time, your body is breaking down and catabolizing all the dead cells and waste material thats already inside your body. This creates energy and gives you most of the nutrients you need for short-term survival.

While youre fasting for longer than 48 hours, you trigger autophagy and other metabolic pathways that can release those micronutrients from your mineral stores and actually use them. Before that, youre getting more than enough of these nutrients from foods, granted youre eating real food and not processed Twinkies or something like that.

Dealing With Microbiome Related Stress

Jim Stoppani On Intermittent Fasting for Muscle Gains

Your gut microbiome is the collection of trillions of various microorganisms in your digestive system. This includes different forms of bacteria, yeast, amoeba, viruses, etc. When the microbiome has good balance, it helps to reduce toxins in the body and produce B vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the formation of cellular energy.

However, when the biome is out of balance, certain organisms when they are overgrown will steal valuable nutrients from our diet and release toxic metabolites that damage the body. Unfortunately, most people in society have very poor balance in their microbiome and it is a key player in the symptoms and disease processes they are experiencing.

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What Diet Pills Can You Take With High Blood Pressure

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