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Does Simple Fasting App Work

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Level : A Full Fasted Day

Simple Fasting App Review | Is It Worth It (2022)
* This might be once a week or once a month, for example.

I usually advise people to make level one a sort of base. Once you feel good with that, as desired, you can start to throw in a level 2 or 3 day when it feels right. There are many people who get by just fine on one meal a day also.

The levels of fasting beyond what I outline above are either increasing duration of fasting or more aggressive patterns like alternate daily fasting. There are potential benefits to these practices however I dont really consider that Simple Fasting anymore. That is getting pretty intense. All the good things I have seen in clinic have happened with the patterns outlined above.

Fasting Is Simple Dont Overthink It

By skipping breakfast and having your first meal around 2 pm, as I do, youre essentially doing an 18 hour fast every day and you spend the vast majority of it asleep which makes it way easier to do. For instance, Ill wake most days at 6 am, and then I wont eat until 2 pm sometimes 1 pm, if Im feeling hungry or have been for a run. Ill eat my dinner before 7 pm and then the fasting starts again. See how simple that is?

You dont even really need a timer. You can just skip breakfast, eat lunch at 2 pm, then dinner at 6 pm or 7 pm, and the fast again until 2 pm the next day. Do this and youll be logging 18-hour fasts every day, reaping the benefits of intermittent fasting. Why use MyFitnessPal? To ensure youre eating enough food. You need adequate amounts of protein and fat in your diet. I usually aim for anywhere between 1800 and 2200, depending on how much Im working out.

And if you do this consistently for days and weeks, you will lose body fat. It might be quick at first, then taper off. Or it might just be a consistent 2 or 3 pounds a week. Everybody is different. My advice, give it a whirl for two weeks, take some measurements, and see how you did. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you could lose plenty of body fat during this period.

What Is Simples Refund Policy

All payments you make to Simple are non-refundable, so keep that in mind when signing up. Youll have options to join for a month, 3 months, or a year, and even if you cancel before the end of your subscription term, you cannot get your money back.

Try the services month-to-month option if youd like to test the waters before committing. If you find that its not for you, be sure to cancel your account 24 hours before your next billing date to avoid the recurring charge.

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Simple Reviews: What Do Customers Think

No Simple intermittent fasting review would be complete without customer feedback, and thats precisely what youll find here. Scoping out the web for helpful comments and ratings, youll read real users experiences with the app below.

My first stop? Trustpilot. With 4.2/5 stars from 865 users, check out the snapshot here to see how that score breaks down.

The brands Trustpilot profile is filled with comments about how easy the app is to use, the success it brings, and appreciation for the information doled out. One Simple intermittent fasting review read:

Nice app with lots of great features also in the free version! Cannot recommend it enough. Thinking about upgrading to the premium version. This is really nice, helpful and indeed SIMPLE.

With a nice flow to it and helpful notifications, the app is loved by many. Does this reputation hold on other platforms?

I headed over to the App Store to find out and saw a 4.8/5-star score from 117,554 users. Thats pretty great if you ask me. One Simple intermittent fasting review read:

Its got everythingto tracking my meals, adding ingredients/foods Im eating at what timeIts got so many details. You can adjust the plan, make it your own. You can start with something easy and work your way to longer fasting periods when youre comfortable. Im super impressed with the app and Im excited to stick to it.

Love It Helpful And Encouraging

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Ive wanted to change my habit of over eating and develop self discipline. They say when you control what you eat, you can control your world. The app without the Fastic plus has been amazing! There were times I wanted to give up and give in to the foods when my family would eat very late at night but it seems to know when you need encouragement. So far, Ive been drinking more water, eating more veggies, and read valuable lessons that I have applied to my life. I have very little self control when it comes to food, especially meat. Veggies and I have become good friends now especially with my digestive system. I have more self discipline than before with food! I know if my family eats late, they always try to save me some for the next day during my eating period. A big plus was that I can have a fasting buddy! My boyfriend also has food controlling problems, he tends to eat very late at night and doesnt have a routine applied. It has helped him lose fat in some areas of his figure! And develop a great routine for him to eat. And for me too! So far Ive lost 7 pounds in the last week. Im not starving myself, Im drink more water and I feel so much better than before! The different levels of fasting also help too. I started with 16/8 but when things got difficult I reduced it a beginner level fasting then build up to 16/8 and thats where Ill stay and wont go further. Ill consider Fastic Plus in the future

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So I Decided To Try Something I Had Not

So I decided to try something I had not done before. I’m not a tracker so it had been hard to remember to write it down. So just tapping the button has been easier. I have lost 18lbs so far and on my way to my goal. This has been great. It’s very simple and while with more options for food servings & selections would be helpful I think overall for those who don’t track everything it is easier and possible to do. I have a very busy life and this is the 1st thing that’s worked in years.

Date of experience:September 22, 2022

What Can I Eat While Intermittent Fasting

During the times when youre not eating, water and zero-calorie beverages such as black coffee and tea are permitted.

And during your eating periods, eating normally does not mean going crazy. Youre not likely to lose weight or get healthier if you pack your feeding times with high-calorie junk food, super-sized fried items and treats.

But what Williams likes about intermittent fasting is that it allows for a range of different foods to be eaten and enjoyed. We want people to be mindful and take pleasure in eating good, nutritious food, she says. She adds that eating with others and sharing the mealtime experience adds satisfaction and supports good health.

Williams, like most nutrition experts, regards the Mediterranean diet as a good blueprint of what to eat, whether youre trying intermittent fasting or not. You can hardly go wrong when you pick complex, unrefined carbohydrates such as whole grains, leafy greens, healthy fats and lean protein.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dofasting

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the benefits of intermittent fasting are synonymous with the benefits of weight loss in general. Some evidence suggests that intermittent fasting can help protect against neurodegenerative diseases, boost metabolism for fat loss, lower insulin levels, and increase human growth hormone.

It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, hunger hormones such as leptin, and overall inflammation in the body.

The whole-body benefits produced by intermittent fasting are suggested to be a result of changes in three essential mechanisms that play a role in your health. This includes regulating your sleep and hormone cycles, improving the environment of the digestive system, and reducing overall intake of calories during post-fasting periods.

Its not obvious whether the benefits of intermittent fasting are directly linked to fasting, or if they are an overall byproduct of losing weight. However, intermittent fasting may be a very useful tool if you are looking to lose a few pounds and shed some light on your health.

In order to evaluate the true benefit of DoFasting, it is important to consider the extent to which have supported people in achieving their goals.

The Benefitsof Intermittent Fasting

How to Use the Fastic App | Your Fasting Progress, Water Tracker and Step Counter

Intermittent fastingrefers to the cycle of eating and fasting. It is not a type of diet, but a pattern of taking in and withholdingfood.

Fasting has actuallybeen around for thousands of years. It has been done for religious, medical,and other purposes.

Furthermore, its notonly humans who are known to go on fasts. Animals instinctively undergo fastingwhen they are sick.

Research has shown that fasting resets the bodys immune system, helping us regain strength and vitality.

Intermittent fastingsother benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism and fat-burning ability of the body
  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Promotes longevity

The followingintermittent fasting apps can help you achieve your health goals. These appswere chosen for their range of features, ease of use, and the general positiveexperience of users.

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What Is Simple Tracker

Simple Tracker is one of the easiest ways for you to track your fasting windows, eating habits, and more. The personalized insights shine light on your progress, helping you learn more about whatâs working and how you can do better. Itâs a powerful and effective app that can help you see results.

I Was Ripped Off Too Beware

Like many people on here, I only trialed the app and was charged $1 for the trial and then $79 for the subscription I didnt sign up for, a few days later. I emailed the company and was only told that my subscription would be cancelled, when I asked about a refund they became very vague and would not even address my inquiry of a refund. Then they gave me some long irrelevant jargon filled explanation of solved tickets and how they expire after 5 days of inactivity. Ive emailed several times and gotten no response. Good luck getting your money back after they fraudulently charge your bank account. Im pretty sure the $1 they charge you for the trial is just to make sure they can charge the $79 a few days later.

Date of experience:September 22, 2022

Reply from Simple Life App

Hello Noelle! Thank you for your review. Thanks for reaching out we’re so sorry to hear this. Please note, our renewal setup is outlined during the sign-up process. If you purchased a trial membership, you should also have received an email with the next date of your charge, plus the price of the plan. As we can see, our support manager has already replied to your email and the refund is on its way to you. Please check your inbox and spam folder. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Kind Regards, Simple Team

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Why Intermittent Fasting Is Bad

Fasting may also lead to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, which may lead to even more food cravings. Overeating and binge eating are two common side effects of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is sometimes associated with dehydration because when you do not eat, sometimes you forget to drink.

How Does It Work

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Intermittent fasting is a diet and weight loss lifestyle in which you alternate between daily patterns of eating and fasting. The most common schedule is 16:8, with a 16-hour block of fasting and an 8-hour window for eating. Intermittent fasting is nothing new to the human experience, although it has emerged as one of the most popular weight-loss approaches in recent years. Purported benefits of IF include:

  • Lowered blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Reduced LDL cholesterol
  • Increase in the brain hormone BDNF
  • Growth of new nerve cells

DoFastings app and supplements aid you in your intermittent fasting journey. The app helps you regulate your eating times and progress, while the supplements suppress hunger, provide vitamins, and boost energy and metabolism.

Upon opening the DoFasting website, youre immediately greeted by a 60-second quiz to assess your weight loss goals. After youve completed the questionnaire, DoFasting presents you with a basic timeline for weight loss and invites you to sign up for a subscription. If you subscribe, DoFasting will set up your fasting schedule and diet recommendations based on your personalized profile. The app will keep you informed of your timeline for eating and fasting.

Among the various fasting plans, we followed the most common 16:8 schedule. Other programs include the 14:10 and 12:12 plans, which may be easier to attain for beginners.

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Alternative Intermittent Fasting Apps

Users may find better service elsewhere for getting into a controlled consumption routine. For something similar, Lifesum has a lot to offer users who still want to fast but dont want to use this service.

Other great alternatives include Noom , myWW+ Digital , and MyFitnessPal to monitor caloric intake, dietary regiment, and personal fitness.

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These Handy Intermittent Fasting Apps Will Keep You On Track Whether Youre Fasting For The First Time Or Building A Consistent Schedule

Get access to everything we publish when you.

Intermittent fasting is pretty straightforward, especially when it comes to popular diets. You simply limit the hours you can eat during the day to a specific window. Outside of this window, fast meaning, eat nothing. This simple diet can give your metabolism the kick it needs, help you lose weight and even help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Theres just one tricky aspect to this new way of eating: You need to really commit to your chosen diet and its schedule, eating only during select hours and fasting for longer. Thats why turning to intermittent fasting apps can be particularly helpful.

No matter which kind of intermittent fasting you opt for, an app can make everything easier. Thanks to the increasing popularity of intermittent fasting diets, theres now a wealth of handy mobile apps available so you can stay on track right from your smartphone or tablet. From planning meals to tracking fasts, the right app will help you master every little detail of your intermittent fasting plan.

Check out the following intermittent fasting apps, all of which will make scheduling, tracking and monitoring your progress a breeze:

Simple Life App Review: Worty

Zero Fasting App – Walk Through

Simple is ideal for keeping yourself in better shape, and is perfect for developing an essential eating habit.

With their motivational and educational content, you can always stay mindful about your eating habits. Intermittent fasting is the most primeval eating pattern that is known to humans. Celebrities like Beyonce and Huge Jackman popularize it.

Furthermore, unlike any other popular apps, itâll make your body work accurately as it was created naturally. It assists you in controlling and lose your weight and restoring standard procedures in your body which youâve lost due to frequent eating.

Even a shorter fasting period like 12hours or more may result in enhanced metabolic, weight loss, flexibility, and lessen the danger of metabolic diseases.

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Signed Up For The 7 Da

Signed up for the 7 day trial and was promptly charged for the premium. Contacted customer service and was told that I had signed up for the trial and the immediately signed up for premium which I did not. Have asked for a refund twice, Still waiting.Reply to this review said that I had been contacted and refunded. This is not the case. Received no correspondence or refund.Update, did receive correspondence stating that a refund is in the way. Yet to receive. Will update.

Date of experience:September 22, 2022

Reply from Simple Life App

Hello Steve! Thank you for reaching out. According to out records, our support team has already answered to your request and the refund is on it’s way to your account. Is there anything else we can help you with? Email us at [email protected], we’d be happy to assist. Kind regards, Simple Team

Canceling Your Dofasting Subscription

The cancellation process depends upon how you purchased the app on DoFastings website, on Google Play, or with an iOS device. We recommend reviewing the companys cancellation instructions, which could be more straightforward.

DoFasting is also incredibly strict about refunds and does not seem willing to grant them. The company will only consider a refund if you contact customer support within 14 days of your purchase. You must provide proof of payment along with detailed information and visual proof showing how the product was faulty.

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