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Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Chart By Age

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What Is Normal Blood Sugar Level According To Your Age

Blood Sugar Levels Chart | Includes fasting and after eating

Prolonged high blood sugar can have adverse effects on your health. It can potentially damage the vessels that supply blood to the other important organs. This can lead to stroke, heart diseases, vision problems, kidney diseases, nerve issues, etc.

This is why it is necessary to understand the normal blood sugar level, especially as per your age. Such information can help you stay on top of your health at all times and not run around for information at the very last minute.

The following article shall highlight details that can help you maintain a normal blood sugar level.

High Blood Sugar Levels

If you have diabetes, you can find out if your blood sugar level is high by having a blood sugar test.

You may have regular tests by your care team or GP surgery, or you may have tests you can do at home.

Types of diabetes test and high blood sugar levels.

Type of test High level
Test done by a health professional to check your blood sugar level over the last 2 or 3 months 48 mmol/mol or over
Test done by a health professional after not eating for a few hours Over 7 mmol/L
Home test done after waking up or before eating Over 7 mmol/L
Home test done at any other time Over 11 mmol/L

Follow Your Diabetes Meal Plan

Make a diabetes meal plan with help from your health care team. Following a meal plan will help you manage your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Choose fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, chicken or turkey without the skin, fish, lean meats, and nonfat or low-fat milk and cheese. Drink water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Choose foods that are lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt. Learn more about eating, diet, and nutrition with diabetes.

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What Is Low Blood Glucose

Low blood glucose, also called low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, occurs when the level of glucose in your blood drops below what is healthy for you. For many people with diabetes, this means a blood glucose reading lower than 70 milligrams per deciliter .1 Your number might be different, so check with your doctor or health care team to find out what blood glucose level is low for you.

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Q What Is The Blood Sugar Level For A 72 Year Old Woman

Blood Sugar Chart Fasting

Answer:If you are aged but completely healthy, then you are likely to have your blood glucose at a standard level. But generally, aged people are more or less vulnerable to diseases. Though it is preferable to have blood sugar in between 100-120 mg/dl rising up to 140mg/dl is acceptable in certain conditions.

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What To Do When Your Blood Sugar Is High Or Low

High blood sugar can harm you. If your blood sugar is high, you need to know how to bring it down. Here are some questions to ask yourself if your blood sugar is high.

  • Are you eating too much or too little? Have you been following your diabetes meal plan?
  • Are you taking your diabetes medicines correctly?
  • Has your provider changed your medicines?
  • Is your insulin expired? Check the date on your insulin.
  • Has your insulin been exposed to very high or very low temperatures?
  • If you take insulin, have you been taking the correct dose? Are you changing your syringes or pen needles?
  • Are you afraid of having low blood sugar? Is that causing you to eat too much or take too little insulin or other diabetes medicine?
  • Have you injected insulin into a firm, numb, bumpy, or overused area? Have you been rotating sites?
  • Have you been less or more active than usual?
  • Do you have a cold, flu, or another illness?
  • Have you had more stress than usual?
  • Have you been checking your blood sugar every day?
  • Have you gained or lost weight?

Official Hba1c Ada Recommendation For Someone With Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommends an HbA1C of less than 7% for most nonpregnant adults with diabetes. A lower goal, such as less than 6.5%, may be appropriate for some people who have had diabetes for a shorter amount of time, for younger people, for those without heart disease, and/or for those with type 2 diabetes treated with lifestyle or metformin only. A higher HbA1C goal, such as less than 8%, may be appropriate for people with a history of severe hypoglycemia, a limited life expectancy, advanced diabetes complications, other illnesses, or for whom a lower HbA1C goal is difficult to achieve. Its important that people with diabetes discuss their target blood sugar goals with their health care provider.

HbA1C levels should be checked between two to four times per year in people who have diabetes.

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How To Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes

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  • Feel Shaky When Hungry
  • Complementary And Alternative Medicine Diabetes

    What is a normal blood sugar level?

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    Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Children

    Typically, children without diabetes between the ages of 6-12 should have normal glucose readings that look like this:

    • Before breakfast : 70 to 120 mg/dL
    • One to two hours after meals: Less than 140 mg/dL
    • Before meals and at bedtime: 70 to 120 mg/dL

    Parents or caregivers wonât typically be checking a childâs glucose throughout the day unless they have a medical condition. Still, it can be helpful to know what is healthy.

    For children with diabetes, the amount of glucose in the blood will fluctuate from when they wake up, based on their activity levels, and before they sleep at night. Itâs important to remember that despite all this, glucose should overall stay between 80-180 mg/dL at all times throughout the day.

    What Diabetic Medications Does Illinois Medicare Cover

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    Remedies For High Sugar Level

    If the blood sugar level is between 180 to250 mg/dL, seek medical advice and take medicines. Cut off a fast-acting carb diet. Dont take processed food and sugary items.

    If the blood sugar level is> 250 mg/dL, you need immediate medical attention. If left untreated, it can lead to coma and high ketones in the blood. So test for ketones and get insulin therapy as soon as possible.

    If you experience high sugar levels on regular basis, you are advised to do the following:

  • Maintain a low sugar food diet with a low glycaemic index.
  • Dont eat processed foods and fruit juices.
  • Do mild exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult healthcare experts to get appropriate insulin dosages
  • Take medicines on time
  • Monitor your glucose levels regularly
  • Many diabetic patients are aware of the changes they need to make in their diet or daily routine but are not able to follow them due to various reasons. Lack of motivation and proper knowledge is the most common reasons. A constant push from a diabetes reversal coach along with the guidance of a Diabetologist can help regulate blood sugar levels.

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    What Is A High Random Glucose Level

    25 Printable Blood Sugar Charts [Normal, High, Low] á? TemplateLab

    Often the blood sugar range is set and the concept of normal is defined. Random glucose means the reading on the blood glucose monitor at any non-specific point in the day. Any reading above the level of 150mg/dL might be considered high. While people may have varied definitions of what they may call high this number could be set as a baseline limit. A reading of 150 or even 160 may not require a correction dose. However, once the sugar levels move upwards and the readings go above, that is when action might be needed.

    Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration here would be why the random glucose is high. In case there is ongoing stress, the consumption of something sweet, improper injection of insulin, etc identify the cause and take appropriate action.

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    Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart

    Every substance present in our body has an optimum level. Above or below that specific range, that particular substance is harmful to our health. And so is sugar. There is a certain range of blood sugar which is considered as standard for almost all age. However, there might be some changes in the level considering different factors like age and other co-morbidities. Lets look at the chart:

    2 hours after the meal < 140 mg/dl
    5.7-6.4% 6.5%

    Sometimes, random blood is also taken. In this case, the glucose level of 200 mg/dl is considered a diabetic condition.

    Going through the chart you will notice certain terms regarding blood sugar which you need to understand in order to evaluate your own glucose level. So, I will just give a small brief regarding those:

    • Fasting blood glucose: Here, blood sugar is tested after abstaining from food and drink for at least 8 hours.
    • Postprandial blood sugar:In this case, blood sugar is tested 2 hours after a meal to access if its at the optimum level after having a meal or not.
    • Random blood glucose: Blood is tested at any time of the day.
    • HbA1c: It refers to a blood test which is done to evaluate the average level of blood glucose over the past 3 months. HbA1c is also known as glycosylated haemoglobin or A1C. Moreover, fasting is not required before carrying out the test.

    How Much Exercise Daily To Control Type 2 Diabetes

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    Non Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Chart

    Sugar level measured any time during the day regardless of food intake, is called random blood sugar level, whereas measured two hours after meal is called postprandial sugar level.

    Non Fasting Blood Glucose Test Normal Levels
    Postprandial blood sugar test about 70-145 mg/dl

    Alcohol consumption, smoking, certain other diseases and disorders, consumption of caffeine, excessive emotional stress, use of certain medications, eating before fasting blood sugar test may affect the blood sugar levels. Early detection of symptoms through fasting blood sugar test helps control the disease. It also helps check whether a pregnant woman has developed diabetes during pregnancy . Once diabetes is detected, it is necessary to undergo the test periodically to monitor the sugar levels.

    What Is Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart

    Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart | Include Fasting and After Eating |

    Blood sugar or glucose is released after consumption and breakdown of carbohydrates during food intake. It is the main sugar that is found in your bloodstream and its regulation is undertaken by pancreatic secretions . Normal blood sugar levels chart for most adults ranges from 80 to 99 mg of sugar per deciliter before a meal and 80 to 140 mg per deciliter after meals.

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    Low Sugar Levels Range In Adults

  • A blood Sugar Level between 71 to 90mg/dL is considered a low sugar level. Therefore, a proper diet intake like 15gm of raisins could help in raising the sugar levels.
  • When blood sugar levels are below 70 and fall below 50mg/dL, it is a critical situation and requires emergency treatment for hypoglycemia.
  • Summary

    High blood sugar range is between 180 to 250 mg/dL, while below 70 mg/dl is low. Above 250 mg/dL and under 50 mg/dL requires immediate medical attention.

    Low Blood Sugar: What To Watch Out For

    Hypoglycemia can occur in people with diabetes who:

    • Take too much medication or insulin
    • Are late eating a meal or snack
    • Have increased physical activity
    • Drink too much alcohol

    Symptoms of low blood sugar include feeling weak, sweaty or clammy, confused, hungry and/or irritable. Sometimes people experience a fast heartbeat and some symptoms may make a person appear to be drunk. A severely low blood sugar can result in unconsciousness, seizures, coma or death especially when a low occurs during the night.

    Low blood sugar affects many parts of the body, but the most frustrating part can be that hypoglycemia can happen anytime and anywhere even when you think you are closely following the plan for your diabetes care. If low blood sugar is severe, people may need to go to the hospital to help raise their glucose level or miss work due to the side effects.

    It can happen during a date, during a business meeting, or even while driving, which is the most dangerous scenario if there is confusion or loss of consciousness while behind the wheel. Its important to use your blood glucose meter to check your blood sugar before you drive to keep yourself and others safe. Frequent testing with your blood sugar meter and taking action when blood sugar is trending low can prevent a severe low and keep your life on track.

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