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How To Calculate Fasting Time

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How To Lose Weight

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What is weight loss?body fatConsult a DoctorWhat are the types of weight loss?loses weight unintentionallyWeight Loss Calculatorright amount of calories you need everydayIt is to be noted that cutting calories to attain healthy weight is desirable. However, taking pains to lose weight to fit social stereotypes, when you already have healthy weight, is NOT recommended.

What Is Intermittent Fasting

Simply put, IF is a health regime that involves cycling between eating and fasting.

But it isnt your typical type of diet routine where certain foods or even the amount which you should consume is specified. Rather, its more of a pattern that involves a certain period where you refrain from eating . For example, youll fast for 16 hours, then you can eat for the remaining 8 hours in the 24-hour period. Also, some people will fast for an entire 24 hours a couple of times per week to achieve the same desired result.

And there are actually several ways to implement intermittent fasting.

But the general idea is that the fasting portion provides health benefits by allowing your body and metabolism to reset. Then after, you can generally eat without much restriction.


Now, the process of fasting has been utilized since the beginning of time and to this day, many religions implement fasting as well. But as human beings, we didnt always have access to a constant supply of food as we do today. So, fasting was a natural process and our ancestors had no choice but to learn how to survive with minimal nutritional sources.

But read on to learn more

Protect Cognitive Function In Older Age

Several different studies suggest that fasting helps to improve sleep while offering protection against cancer recurrence as well as reducing the bad cholesterol and lowering the blood pressure. A recent study conducted by the National Institute on Ageing in Baltimore has demonstrated that periodic calorie restriction helps to protect the cognitive function in older age. The researchers believe that the nerve cells are protected and new brain cells thrive, which then trick the older brain into acting younger.

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Tips For Intermittent Fasting

  • Increase the fluid intake a day or two before you start fasting.
  • Consume raw foods from vegetable and fruits to nuts etc. while avoiding processed foods, sugars, and dairy.
  • Initially fast for only a few hours, preferably during the morning as it helps the body to rev up for another day by eliminating the debris body might have collected while you slept.
  • Avoid taking any calorie-free drinks and beverages that use artificial sweeteners as they tend to stimulate your appetite just like any drink that contains sugar, which makes you overeat.
  • Avoid gorging at your first meal after the fast as binging will not only diminish the benefits of fast but also make you feel awful.

Time Calculator In Expression

Ramadan 2021: Longest and shortest fasting times in the ...

Use this calculator to add or subtract two or more time values in the form of an expression. An acceptable input has d, h, m, and s following each value, where d means days, h means hours, m means minutes, and s means seconds. The only acceptable operators are + and -. “1d 2h 3m 4s + 4h 5s – 2030s” is an example of a valid expression.

Like other numbers, time can be added or subtracted. However, due to how time is defined, there exist differences in how calculations must be computed when compared to decimal numbers. The following table shows some common units of time.

365.242 days or 12 months
common year 365 days or 12 months
leap year 366 days or 12 months
24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds
hour 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds

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What Is 1: 6 Intermittent Fasting

18:6 involves fasting for 18 hours out of the day, leaving you with a six-hour eating window. This could mean eating lunch at 12:30 p.m., a snack at 3 p.m., then finishing dinner by 6:30 p.m. This is a much more rigid form of intermittent fasting and definitely best saved for experienced fasters who’ve tried other methods. This plan might be right for you if your weight loss has stalled doing 16:8 or if you tend to overeat with a longer eating window.

What Is The 1: 8 Diet

The 16:8 diet is a type of intermittent fasting where you break each day into two parts a 16 hour stretch and an 8 hour period. For 16 hours every day, you consume nothing but water, coffee, tea and other unsweetened drinks. Then for the other eight hours of the day, you can eat all your meals and snacks.

The 16 hour stretch sounds like a long time, but if youre getting enough sleep, you should be asleep for about half of that time.

Sports Scientist Harry Aitken tells GoodtoKnow, Intermittent fasting is a dietary technique in which all food is consumed within a relatively small window of time. Fasting is going for a significant period of time without eating, and intermittent fasting simply brings in a small window of time where you are able to eat.

Intermittent fasting has been popularised and studies have gone on to confirm that it leads to weight loss and fat loss.

The 16:8 diet stems from the book 8 Hour Diet by author David Zinczenko and editor-in-chief of Mens Health Peter Moore, who suggested that a longer fasting time between eating gives the body the time it needs to process the food and burn away extra fat.

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerns And Complaints

Im a woman. Should I do anything differently?

I havent worked with women on implementing an intermittent fasting schedule, so I cant speak from experience on this one.

That said, I have heard that women may find a wider window of eating to be more favorable when doing daily intermittent fasting. While men will typically fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8 hours, women may find better results by eating for 10 hours and fasting for 14 hours. The best advice I can give anyone, not just women, is to experiment and see what works best for you. Your body will give you signals. Follow what your body responds favorably to.

Also, if youre a female, there is an allfemale page on Facebook that discusses intermittent fasting. Im sure you could find a ton of great answers and support there.

I could never skip breakfast. How do you do it?

I dont. Breakfast foods are my favorite, so I just eat them at 1pm each day.

Also, if you eat a big dinner the night before, I think youll be surprised by how much energy you have in the morning. Most of the worries or concerns that people have about intermittent fasting are due to the fact that they have had it pounded into them by companies that they need to eat breakfast or they need to eat every three hours and so on. The science doesnt support it and neither do my personal experiences.

I thought you were supposed to eat every 3 hours?

Here’s why this was a popular idea for a brief period of time:

Here’s the problem:

Free Bonus:

Degrees Below The Horizon For Fajr And Either 17 Or 18 Degrees For Ish

How to Measure Your Blood Sugar When You Are Fasting? And What It Tells You

It is with this in mind that we may conclude that an individuals Mushhadah for prayer times must not negate the accepted criterion that was originated by global and widespread mushhadah established in different countries and throughout the centuries. That criterion is the basis for the decision of both Muslim jurists and astronomers that Fajr should be calculated when the sun is at 18 degrees below the horizon for Fajr, and either 17 or 18 degrees for Ish. It should be noted that the slight choice offered for Ish times is insignificant and thus there is no need to discuss it here.

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Why Shouldnt Individuals Follow Their Own Mosques

Individual acts of worship are matters that a person will be questioned about, and those acts of worship that are not linked to other Muslims are not included in acts of worship that a person can give up for the sake of unity or to merely blindly follow others. Although people should pray in congregation at their local mosques, the start of fasting is not connected to the timing of the local mosque. Therefore, the person should exert effort to identify the correct position that will free him from any burden on the Day of Judgment.

Best Intermittent Fasting Calculators Of 2021

No matter which diet you follow from Paleo to Keto or even if you dont have a specific eating plan, intermittent fasting can have some serious fat-burning and gut-healing benefits. Intermittent fasting itself is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle where you only eat during a specific time window.

There are different daily time windows to choose from with an intermittent fasting lifestyle including 12 hours, 10 hours, or 8 hours. Or, there are patterns like one meal a day , every other day fasting , alternate day fasting , and the Warrior Diet .

Without getting too sciencey, a daily fasting cycle can balance the fat burning hormone leptin by syncing your body clock with your circadian rhythm. When you are constantly eating day and night, your body has a tough time with the leptin signals, and you can end up feeling hungry even though you have plenty of energy stored. When your body gets the leptin signals, you feel satiated.

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of intermittent fasting. But, instead of getting into all of those details today, Im going to assume that you have already read about those benefits, and now you are looking for the right tool to help you make the transition into the intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Youre bound to find an awesome intermittent fasting calculator in this list.

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Advice For The Laity And Mosque Committees

No one can claim that one should merely follow the textual evidences since the issue is related to interpretation. It is true that some individuals might not be convinced with a particular conclusion, yet it would be destructive to the deen of Allh to leave it to individual choice. The Muslim is obliged to abandon many of his own conclusions for those agreed upon by the consensus of the scholars which is invariably based upon the Qurn and Sunnah. Indeed, an individual might adopt a particular conclusion himself, but he should not instruct others to abandon the mainstream Islamic opinion for his own personal conclusion. I appeal to committees of mosques not to conclude on any matter which is divergent from those adopted by the overwhelming majority of Muslims. The basis for this is the authority given by the sharah to the consensus of Muslim scholars. The Prophet stated that his Ummah would never agree on an error and thus the minority opinion cannot stand against the vast majority where the overwhelming majority is in fact equivalent to consensus.

Get Different In Completed Hours

Pin on Health

You can also calculate the completed hours between two times with this simple formula.


How this formula works

This formula is just like the formula which we have used in the second method, the only difference is here we have wrapped it in INT.

INT function returns the integer part decimal by rounding it down. You can learn more about it from here.

So when you enter this formula, first of all, it returns a decimal number for the hours and then INT removes the fractional part and gives you completed hours.

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Prohibition To Pronounce The Word Ramadan By Itself

This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

According to numerous hadiths Ramadan is one of the names of God in Islam, and as such it is prohibited to say only “Ramadan” in reference to the calendar month and that it is necessary to say the “month of Ramadan”.However these hadiths are mostly considered to be weak , since mainstream Islamic scholars across the Sunni and Shia denominations usually adhere to the concept of the 99 names of God, none of which contains Ramadan as name of God . It is also not one of the widely used or even known Islamic theophoric names.


The Messenger of God said: Do not say “Ramadan”, for verily Ramadan is a name from the names of Allah, rather say “month of Ramadan”.

He hated them saying “Ramadan”, and he said: “Because it is a name from the names of Allah. Rather we say just as Allah said the “month of Ramadan”.

The Prophet said: Do not say “Ramadan has come” or “Ramadan has finished”, for verily Ramadan is a name from the names of Allah, the Lofty.

The Messenger of God said: Do not just say “Ramadan”, for verily Ramadan is the name of Allah, rather say “month of Ramadan”.

Ibn Abu Hurairah reported: Do not say “Ramadan”, for verily Ramadan is a name from the names of Allah, rather say “month of Ramadan”.


Ali said: Do not say “Ramadan”, rather say “month of Ramadan” for verily you dont know what Ramadan is.


How Fast Am I Going

Speed is not a precise term – there are a few more accurate meanings, and they should not be confused with each other. Let’s consider the differences between instantaneous speed, average speed and rotational speed. For the purpose of two first, we will try to visualize it with an example of driving a car.

You are driving along the long, open highway. You glance down at the speedometer of your car it reads 100 kilometers per hour. From this, you know how far you will drive if you keep the speed constant. We know that, in practice, keeping the speed exactly constant is almost impossible , and our speed fluctuates all the time, more or less. The actual distance you travel in an hour is the average of all these speeds. Conclusion – the average speed is the total distance traveled in a unit of time .

So, what does the number your speedometer indicates really mean? That is your instantaneous speed your speed at this exact moment. According to the textbook definition, the instantaneous speed is the change in object position, x, between two times, tâ and tâ .

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How To Calculate Battery Run Time

There are just too many questions you will wonder when designing your device with a battery inside it.

The boss just want a cheap and small battery with it, but with no further information on how long does the end customer wants, how small can it be.

in this article, we will show you:

Ready for your battery design?Lets go.

In the ideal/theoretical case, the time would be Time = Capacity/Current.

If the capacity is given in amp-hours and current in amps, time will be in hours .

Feel Confused ?

So how to calculate how long a battery will last?

Throw away how long will a battery last calculator, and lets see an actual case, 10 Ah battery delivering 1A, would last 10 hours. Or if delivering 10A, it would last for only 1 hour, or if delivering 5A, it would last only for 2 hours.

In other words, you can have any time as long as when you multiply it by the current, you get 10Ah .

It is that simple.

so no more confusion on how to calculate battery life.

For a 18650 2500mAh battery with a device that draws 500mA you have:

2.5Ah/0.5A=5 Hours

Please take note that most batteries, especially those with circuits, will not work down to 0 Volts as a power supply , thats to say,your circuit will stop working at a set voltage before the battery is fully drained.

see below dischaging chart

it will not go to zero

We, therefore, will need to times 0.8-0.9 for the calculation:

thats 2.5Ah/0.5A*0.9=4.5 Hours

5 Watt bulb,

Discharging Time=Battery Capacity*Battery Volt/Device Watt.

Cons Of 1: 6 Intermittent Fasting

Fast Percentage Calculations in Mind!

For those who are used to eating all day long, limiting your meals and snacks to a six-hour window may seem impossible. It can also be tough if you have to consume a ton of daily calories, as you might find it hard to eat as many as you need without feeling stuffed. If you’re going from 16:8 to 18:6, it’ll take a week or so to get used to cutting your eating window by two hours. Also, if you don’t make a point to eat enough calories or eat enough protein and healthy fats, 18:6 may cause you to feel hungry or tired.

Any form of intermittent fasting, especially 18:6 since it’s stricter, could potentially be a trigger for unhealthy behaviors for those with a history of eating disorders. Lisa Eberly Mastela, MPH, RD, told POPSUGAR that any form of IF should be done under the supervision of a registered dietitian, and any diet that encourages a restrictive eating schedule really should be approached with caution from the start. You might be fine doing a less rigid form of intermittent fasting, such as 16:8, but if you have any doubts, it’s best to talk to a doctor or dietitian, and, if you have a history of disordered eating, a therapist. Intermittent fasting shouldn’t negatively affect your life.

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