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Intermittent Fasting App Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Health App For Getting In Shape Carrot Fit

Renpho Smart Scale App Demo & Walk Through (Intermittent Fasting Progress Tracking!)

Carrot Fit is the hilarious fitness app that doesnt care about your damn feelings. It knows two things: youre out of shape, and its going to get you into shape whether you like it or not. Youll be threatened, inspired, ridiculed, and bribed into becoming the fittest you can be.

Carrot Fit is perfect for folks who just think they dont have enough time to work out, with its 7 Minutes in Hell Workout, which condenses a big workout program into a 7-minute barn burner thats riddled with pop culture references and sardonic humor. Its a routine that can be performed anywhere, with no equipment, so Carrot Fit wont take any excuses. If you work out hard enough and appease Carrot, shell reward you with app upgrades, cat facts, and more funny incentives. Carrot Fit syncs with Apple Health, so youll be able to keep track of all of your weight data wherever you go.

If you need some motivation or you need to have your ass whipped into shape by a sarcastic AI, then Carrot Fit is for you.

These Intermittent Fasting Apps Aim To Keep You Healthy In 2022

Over the past few years, intermittent fasting has soared in popularity. Many people who have gotten tired of the old calorie counting method to control weight and manage wellness have begun to pursue the intermittent fasting method.

The new alternative to counting calories for wellness is built around mindful eating combined with intermittent fasting .

Intermittent fasting is an eating process that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

The beauty of this program is that it doesnt specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them.

In this respect, its not a diet in the conventional sense but more accurately described as an eating pattern: less calorie counting and more focussed on eating during a specific time period.

Fasthabit: Best Free Fasting App For Switching Plans

Do you like to explore different fasting plans? FastHabit is one such app that lets you change fasting goals. You can follow 5:2 one week, then in the following weeks, you can swap to 16:8, or alternate-day fasting as you wish. Select your desired fasting model and you are all set to begin.

FastHabit can sync with Apple Watch and Apple Health. Thus, you can experience on-the-spot comprehensive health management. FastHabit lets you set reminders and notifies you with your fasting stats. FastHabit is the best intermittent fasting app free. However, with the premium version, you can check fasting stats beyond the last 10 days.

  • Manually adjust fasting: start and end times
  • Best for beginners
  • Syncs with Apple Watch and Apple Health

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Apple Watch Health App For Your Hearts Health Hello Heart

This is a blood pressure monitor and heart health companion app. This is a good one for the Watch as it can record and upload vital signs right from your wrist. More than 100 million Americans have some type of a heart condition. This app could make it easy for them to monitor those conditions in real-time, rather than having to go into a doctors office or pharmacy to get that information.

Waarom Een Intermittent Fasting App Gebruiken

Free Intermittent Fasting App For Apple Watch : The top 5 myths of ...

Een interactieve fasting app geeft je het gevoel dat intermittent fasting een spelletje is en dat is behulpzamer dan vaak gedacht wordt. In de wetenschap doen ze veel onderzoek naar gamification, of met andere woorden, iets serieus veranderen in een spelletje. Gamification heeft meerdere keren aangetoond dat het een positieve invloed heeft op motivatie en indirect jouw kans op succes kan vergroten.

Sommige apps hebben ook een community waarmee je met andere vasters kan praten over de ups en downs zodat je elkaar kan ondersteunen. Deze vorm van sociale ondersteuning beïnvloed je kans op succes enorm.

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Intermittent Fasting App Dofasting

Bevat alles wat je nodig hebt Goed voor beginners Mooi design

De DoFasting app geeft je keuze uit 7 verschillende intermittent fasting schemas van 12 tot 36 uur lang. In de app vindt je workouts, maaltijden, leerzame artikelen en trackers zoals gewicht, waterinname en een stappenteller.

Wat deze app goed doet is de begeleiding voor beginners. Voordat je begint stellen ze een aantal vragen, waarna ze het beste schema met jouw lifestyle matchen. Je wordt als het ware meer gestuurd dan bij andere apps.

Het voordeel van deze app is dat je niet lastig wordt gevallen met mails, pushberichten of reclame, maar dat komt natuurlijk omdat het een betaalde app is. Als je hier 2,50 per week voor over hebt, raden we deze app aan omdat het zal voldoen aan al je wensen. Klik op de link hieronder om de Quiz te beginnen.

Fastic: Best For Those Calling For Diet Recipes

For users who need help finding healthy recipes to fit into their diet plans, Fastic is the ultimate intermittent fasting aid. Fastic gives users access to all the tools they need to maintain a consistent fasting schedule, including a built-in timer, step counter, water tracker, and access to a community that users can connect with to stay motivated. For users who need a little extra help managing their diets, Fastic Plus includes access to a recipe book, learning resources, expert guidance to help users reach their goals, and progress tracking.

Compatible Versions and Devices

  • iPod touch: iOs 12.0 later

Free to Download?


Subscription Prices

Fastic Plus subscriptions are on the expensive side, though, starting at $11.99 per month or $74.99 per year.

Supporting Fasting Plans

Features Available on Apple Watch

  • Fasting Timer Tracks fasting window effortlessly
  • Body Status Identifies and tracks key stages in your fasting journey
  • Water Tracker Logs your water intake and sends reminders
  • Step Counter Monitors your step count to enhance your progress


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What You Get With Omo

  • personalized weight-loss plan
  • instant barcode food logging using your camera
  • access to thousands of meal ideas and recipes in the cookbook food library database
  • tailored tips on nutrition, exercise, food psychology, and more
  • progress analytics to help you stay on track
  • activity tracking & easy-to-follow exercise plans
  • synchronization with health apps and fitness wearables

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps To Keep You Fit In 2022

The Best Intermittent Fasting App In 2021

Adnan Rehan Smart Things

Intermittent Fasting Apps

Proven to be effective, Intermittent Fasting is being incorporated into peoples weight loss programs all around the world.

Its backed with solid evidence as more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and seeing incredible results.

The fact that fasting has the potential to reprogram your metabolism only adds to the effectiveness of this weight-loss method, as we all know the key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories than the maintenance level.

The easiest way to get started is to utilize intermittent fasting apps on your smartphone so you can keep at it from anywhere. Well be going over some of the best intermittent fasting apps in this list, but before that, lets get some of the basics right.

WARNING: Intermittent Fasting is generally deemed safe but its always a good idea to be cautious and have a word with a healthcare professional before starting on it, as youll be changing your eating patterns using this weight loss program.

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Life Intermittent Fast Tracker

This app works best for tracking IF schedules as it allows the users to set their goals and the length of fasting periods. If you are following the keto diet in an intermittent fasting manner, this app can help you track the time when your body enters ketosis. Moreover, you can connect with your friends who are using the app for fasting together, and it helps in motivating each other. The life fasting tracker app is free, and you can install it at any time. However, you have to pay $2.99 per month for the premium version, which unlocks customized fasting schedules.

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Apple Watch Health App For Healthy Habits Streaks

Streaks bills itself as a to-do list that helps you form good habits. In other words, you decide on something you want to do regularlysweating through a certain number of push ups, drinking eight glasses of water, and so onand the app makes sure you remember to perform your task day after day. You can specify 12 different tasks to track, then customize each of these goals with colors and icons, which encourage you to keep your streak going. For more motivation, the app provides statistics that show how well your willpower lasts over time.

If youd prefer to leave your phone unlocked, the Apple Watch companion app lets you log habits or view streaks from your wrist. The developers also offer a special Streaks watch face that clearly displays the daily tasks you still have to check off your list.

Although this app isnt free, you only have to pay a one-time fee instead of shelling out for a monthly or annual subscription.

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Perfectly Simple And Customizable Best Fasting App

I mustve downloaded 10 or more different fasting apps with tons of bells and whistles, yet not a single one has the simple functionality of MyFast, thank you! You can adjust duration AND start time, can measure fasts longer than 24 hours , love it, dont need anything else. Im working the Catalina Wine Mixer this weekend and will show it to all my buddies.

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Stay On Track With Fasthabit

The 7 Best Apps For Making Intermittent Fasting *So* Much Easier ...

Whether youre just starting or taking your fasting program to the next level, FastHabits features will keep you consistent and motivated so you can tame your cravings, lose weight, and get healthy.

4.7 out of 5 Stars in the App Store

  • Log your fasts

    Choose how many hours you want to fast and get started. FastHabit is customizable to work with all fasting programs and your preferred tracking views.

  • Reminders and notifications

    Set Reminders to start your fast and get a notification when your fast is complete. Sync with your Apple Watch.

  • See stats & progress

    Get 10 day snapshot and streaks notifications to show how many days in a row youve fasted, plus weekly and calendar views.

  • Advanced features

    Data export, easy restart and fast adjustment, and syncing so you can fast with your Apple Watch even when you leave your phone at home.

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Apple Watch Health App For Meditation Headspace

Headspace offers a gentle introduction to a concept of meditation, whether your a newbie or a seasoned zen head.

However, the really great thing about the smartwatch app is that it eases you into the practice. It starts you off on a free Take10 program, which gives you the chance to meditate for just 10 minutes a day over 10 days.

Q4 What Is The Best Fasting For Beginners

There are various forms of IF, so it might be worthwhile to experiment to see which one is most effective for you. You might be able to maintain a more intensive fasting style, such as time-restricted eating or alternate-day fasting if your schedule is fairly flexible. If you have a family to work around, you may find 5:2 fasting less disruptive, as you can still enjoy family meals 70% of the time, and focus on your fast the rest of the time.

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Technical Blogs

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What A Great Fasting App

This app is great! It’s simple to use, looks good, and has everything I need but without any bloat. I use it for tracking my overnight fasts of 12-14 hours. Very useful to be able to export the data too, and the notification reminders. Thank you!UPDATE: I’ve been using this app for two weeks now and I’d like to update my rating from 5 stars to 10 stars! This app doesn’t just track but it motivates, at least for me anyway personally. There have been probably 5 evenings out of the 14 where I had a very strong urge to eat but I’d look at the counter and say to myself: I don’t want to ruin the 2 hours I’ve already put into the fasting, and so I was able to resist the extra food. And for me, I’ve gotten into some pretty bad nighttime eating so this is a darn near miracle for me to gain that type of self-discipline. When I was just mentally trying to remember how many hours since I ate, it just wasn’t nearly as motivational as seeing this beautiful counter. So thank you for helping me get some control over my eating habits. I’ve been trying for so long and am finally having success!

Intermittent Fasting App Simple Flexibelste App

LIFE Fasting Tracker Review | TOP Intermittent Fasting Apps 2021

Custom uitgebreide fasting schemas Basic tracking Matige dashboards en design

Precies zoals de naam al zegt, kan je met de Simple intermittent fasting app de meest generale statistieken bijhouden: gewicht, waterinname, slaap en stappen. Wat deze app uniek maakt, is de flexibiliteit van fasting windows. Zover we hebben gezien, is dit namelijk de enige app die langer dan 24-uurs durende vastperiodes ondersteunt.

We zagen geen reden om hiervoor te betalen, omdat de betaalde versie alleen toegang geeft tot blogs en videos. Premium kost 14.95 p/m. Bekijk Simple.

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Mobile Apps For Intermittent Fasting

Do you feel it is complicated? The challenge is to keep a track of your IF. Thankfully several handy mobile apps help you track at your fingertips using a smartphone or a tablet. These intermittent fasting apps help you to plan and track your fasts easily. Several best fasting apps let you keep a track of your weight and help you with graphs and journaling. This helps you master your plans.

All you need to do is to pick the best intermittent fasting app that meets your goals. Do you want to track your fasting time? Do you wish to track your progress? Or do you want help with meal planning? Figure out your goals and pick the best fasting app that is approved by dietitians.

Let us take a look at the best intermittent fasting apps that help you schedule, track, and monitor your IF progress.

Amazing For All Levels Of Fasting Experience

This app has been so easy to use to track my fasting. I am only a beginner but looking to train myself into a fasting lifestyle for health and weight loss and this app provides a timer for each ratio of hours on/hours off from 12:12 all the way down the list and has trophies you can collect along the way for a job well done. Also has a water tracker and mood tracker which is excellent! I use Noom as my nutritional program and I use this fasting app to log all the things that fall outside of noom like the fasting and mood tracking. Very pleased with this app and joined for a subscription which IMO is super manageable price either monthly or for the whole year, which I chose! There is also a place to do a voluntary review which I am doing now and they will give you the premium version of the app for free for your review! Easy trade for me and I will recommend this app to all my friends!

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Home » Healthy Habits » 7 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

Wondering whatintermittent fasting app delivers the best results?

Considering thatintermittent fasting has taken the health and fitness world by storm, perhapsyoure grown curious about it and want to try it out.

But with so muchinformation floating around about the trend, you may not know where to start. Youmight also be confused about terms like fasting windows, 16/8, or the 5:2.

Maybe you wish therewere an easier way to get on with this method of healthful living.

Today, we feature sevenof the best apps that can help ease you into intermittent fasting, track yourfasting periods, and monitor your weight-loss goals. We hope that theinformation we share helps you make an informed decision when it comes tochoosing the app thats right for your needs.

Before we introduce the apps, lets briefly discuss the benefits of fasting.

What You Will Learn

Best Intermittent Fasting App Free

These Intermittent Fasting Apps Make It *So* Simple To Stay On Track


Monthly/ Yearly

Window: Intermittent Fasting App for Beginners

Perfect for IF beginners, Window makes intermittent fasting as simple as possible. The bunch of features lets you schedule an eating window and follow it with easy notifications. The iOS app also syncs data with the Apple Health app. Window, the best intermittent fasting app free, provides various suggestions to improve your health too.

With the premium version, you can choose from various popular fasting plans. You can also add notes, photos, track weight, and much more with the premium version. Windows, the best free intermittent fasting app android and iOS, is the perfect place to begin your IF journey. It keeps your motivation high with visuals that help you to track and analyze your progress.

  • Healthy meal and snack suggestions
  • Suits best for unguided faster
  • Journal your daily reflections: mood, meals, water, etc

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