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Most Popular Intermittent Fasting App

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps of 2020 || The Most Complete Review


Track all types of intermittent fasting, from time-restricted eating to alternate-day fasting. Also log your progress with weight, waist circumference, ketones and blood glucose.

Get Friendly

You dont have to do it alone. Create Circles of friends, co-workers or others to share your successes.


Learn about the health benefits of intermittent fasting, tips, tricks and more. Our science-backed information is reviewed at least quarterly by our team of scientists.

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Zero Simple Fasting Tracker

This app is considered the worlds most popular fasting app for Intermittent Fasting. It was named after the amount of food one eats during fasting. It claims to be the best app that helps in getting on track with intermittent fasting habits. It also does a great job of helping in building practice.

Its four main functionalities are:

  • Timer: It allows the user to set a timer and keep their day on track. Setting the reminders from start to finish and in between helps users in knowing where they are in their day.
  • Explore: This feature allows the app users to explore the app content library curated by Dr. Peter Attia, Chief Medical Officer. It motivates the users and encourages them to stay on track.
  • Statistics: This functionality enables the app users to view complete statistical analysis of their IF journey. They can see their heart rate, weight log, sleep schedule and how much they stuck to their fasting plan.
  • Journal: This is a great feature that enables the app users to log what and how they feel, allowing them a good understanding of how the IF plan works for them and inciting mindfulness.

Its an entirely customizable app that even if the app user makes the plan, the app can accordingly customize itself and assist the app user. It also has a smooth and spotless interface thats convenient to use.

  • Google Play Store Rating: 4.6
  • Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

Top Free Intermittent Applications For 2022

Here’s a most effective Intermittent Fasting app based on its characteristics, advanced features, pricing, subscription models, and availability on platforms:


Zero Fasting App is a contender for the top spot among our selection of the 12 most effective intermittent fasting apps for 2020. If you’re in search of an app to help you how to implement your IF plan most efficiently and efficiently, selecting the Zero fasting app might be the best choice.

#Important Features

  • The simple and clean interface

  • Experts evaluate the habits of your fasting


BodyFast was launched in the year of 2018 and, along with it, began an innovative transformation. In the world, many people started using the app and began to see positive results as a result of their efforts! Five years and some creative ideas have passed, and BodyFast has many users. It’s available in six languages across more than 150 countries.

BodyFast has several options for users to enjoy

  • Fasting Plan: The free version of the app offers about ten fasting plans so that users can identify which apps work best for them.

  • Fasting Timer: The app has a timer that lets users check their progress and remind them of the times they have to eat their food.

  • Statistics: This option is also offered for users who wish to view their final performance report.


In terms of options related to features, FastHabit has plenty.

LIFE Fasting Tracker


Some of its most outstanding features include:


#Important Features

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These Handy Intermittent Fasting Apps Will Keep You On Track Whether Youre Fasting For The First Time Or Building A Consistent Schedule

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Intermittent fasting is pretty straightforward, especially when it comes to popular diets. You simply limit the hours you can eat during the day to a specific window. Outside of this window, fast meaning, eat nothing. This simple diet can give your metabolism the kick it needs, help you lose weight and even help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Theres just one tricky aspect to this new way of eating: You need to really commit to your chosen diet and its schedule, eating only during select hours and fasting for longer. Thats why turning to intermittent fasting apps can be particularly helpful.

No matter which kind of intermittent fasting you opt for, an app can make everything easier. Thanks to the increasing popularity of intermittent fasting diets, theres now a wealth of handy mobile apps available so you can stay on track right from your smartphone or tablet. From planning meals to tracking fasts, the right app will help you master every little detail of your intermittent fasting plan.

Check out the following intermittent fasting apps, all of which will make scheduling, tracking and monitoring your progress a breeze:

Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps With No Subscription In 2022

Best Intermittent Fasting App

Intermittent fasting is one the most popular diet programs that have proven beneficial. It is not just that intermittent fasting can help with the traditional weight loss requirements. Still, it is also suitable for those suffering from chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.

We must also recognize that intermittent fasting can be very demanding. The food plan requires people to be aware of their time and the times they eat. This is where intermittent fasting apps are helpful. These apps, as well as other fitness applications, are revolutionizing the fitness business.

You may choose to go with any of these kinds of intermittent fasting, but while doing so, ensure that you incorporate the type of food you prefer to include in your diet that meets the body’s nutritional needs. But keeping track of how many calories you consume and when you eat food may be intimidating. However, the good news is that a wide array of online fasting apps helps you in completing intermittent fasting if you’re looking to find out what the best intermittent fasting program is that is the most reliable and cost-free, read on.

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps To Keep You Fit In 2022

Adnan Rehan Smart Things

Intermittent Fasting Apps

Proven to be effective, Intermittent Fasting is being incorporated into peoples weight loss programs all around the world.

Its backed with solid evidence as more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and seeing incredible results.

The fact that fasting has the potential to reprogram your metabolism only adds to the effectiveness of this weight-loss method, as we all know the key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories than the maintenance level.

The easiest way to get started is to utilize intermittent fasting apps on your smartphone so you can keep at it from anywhere. Well be going over some of the best intermittent fasting apps in this list, but before that, lets get some of the basics right.

WARNING: Intermittent Fasting is generally deemed safe but its always a good idea to be cautious and have a word with a healthcare professional before starting on it, as youll be changing your eating patterns using this weight loss program.

How We Chose The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

To find the best intermittent fasting apps, we chose apps that offer the tools and features users need to set goals, track their progress, and manage their fasting schedule. The apps on our list offer at least two or more of the following features: notifications, customization tools, eating suggestions, a food journal, and peer-to-peer support features. And to make them as accessible as possible, all of the apps below are also available for free.

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Best Features Of Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting App

  • Offers Prepared Fasting Plans: The free version of the app offers ten different fasting plans that are designed to meet your specific fitness goals and dietary needs. Whether you are just starting out with intermittent fasting or want to amp up your current IF routine there is a plan thats got you covered.
  • Awards Trophies For Fasting Streaks: Everyone benefits from a little bit of encouragement, so the BodyFast app has integrated a trophy program that rewards its users for meeting new fitness milestones and keeping up fasting streaks.
  • Get Help From A Nutritional Coach: If you are looking for a bit of guidance when it comes to intermittent fasting, the app also offers a nutritional coach that specializes in IF and knows your personal diet needs.

The BodyFast App is available on both the App Store and .

Myfast: Best Fasting App With Easy Tracking

Zero vs Fastic – The top 2 Intermittent Fasting apps Review

MyFast, a high-rated app, has a weekly schedule mode. This is one of the best fasting apps that lets you track manually or weekly. You can plan your fasting schedule for a week or keep it flexible editing it in real-time. You can see your fasting history and compare it with your weight loss progress too. MyFast is available on Appstore and Google Play Store both in free and premium versions.

  • Weekly scheduling

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Safety And Side Effects

Hunger is the main side effect of intermittent fasting.

You may also feel weak and your brain may not perform as well as youre used to.

This may only be temporary, as it can take some time for your body to adapt to the new meal schedule.

If you have a medical condition, you should consult with your doctor before trying intermittent fasting.

This is particularly important if you:

  • Have a history of eating disorders.
  • Are a woman who is trying to conceive.
  • Are a woman with a history of amenorrhea.
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

All that being said, intermittent fasting has an outstanding safety profile. There is nothing dangerous about not eating for a while if youre healthy and well-nourished overall.


The most common side effect of intermittent fasting is hunger. People with certain medical conditions should not fast without consulting with a doctor first.

Here are answers to the most common questions about intermittent fasting.

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps That You Must Try In 2022

Home » Top Curated Apps » Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Being a professional dietitian or fitness & wellness startup, if you are planning to enter the fasting apps world, and planning to adapt an intermittent fasting lifestyle but not sure whether to move ahead with the idea or not. This blog is for you.

Herein, being an app development firm, we have curated a list of 8 best intermittent fasting apps that you must try in 2021. So, lets have a look at the top intermittent fasting apps.


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Want To Know More About Intermittent Fasting

Alright, folks, I hope you appreciate the efforts of the research and it gave you some insights into the apps mentioned.

In fact, if you wish to get started right now but need more guidance and support where and how to start exactly, sign up for our 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge and get to know everything you need to successfully master the intermittent fasting diet and lifestyle.

* these fasting apps have sponsored this article. However, I would have included them anyway, because these are great apps that will help to make your intermittent fasting journey easier.

How Intermittent Fasting Apps Can Help

8 Must See Intermittent Fasting iPhone Apps

Fat loss is a great benefit of Intermittent Fasting, but thats not it the other benefits consist of:

Intermittent fasting makes the day simpler

IF brings additional simplicity to life. Before starting Intermittent Fasting, most people are in the habit of unconscious eating throughout the day however, it is changed with Intermittent Fasting as it restricts people to have just two to three meals a day. This way, it saves people from stressing about their meals throughout the day and brings in much-needed discipline.

Intermittent fasting helps live longer

Many studies have verified that restricting calories helps extend your life, as when one starves, the body finds ways to lengthen life. However, people mostly like to enjoy life, and the thought of starving restricts them from doing so hence Intermittent Fasting can be the answer to them. IF activates many of the same mechanisms to extend life as calorie restriction. So the people receive the benefits of a longer life without starving.

Intermittent fasting may reduce cancer risk

Intermittent fasting is way easier than dieting

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Are 12 Hours Enough For Intermittent Fasting

Written by Andrew Brewer. Updated on October 2022.

Medically reviewed and fact checked by our team.

Intermittent fasting helps you control what youre eating and when youre eating, maximizing the fat-burning results. On a 12:12 fast, you eat for 12 hours and fast for 12 hours. This is a great entry point for those just starting, as you can fast most of the time when youre sleeping. That way, youre not tempted to give in, and come morning, youll be able to eat breakfast and get started with your day!

But is it enough to help you reap the long-term benefits of intermittent fasting? Yes! You will still see results when doing a 12:12 fast, though you may want to level up to maximize your benefits. It depends on you, your lifestyle, and your comfort level, but lets explore some of the impacts 12:12 fasting can have on your life.

How Much Does Fasting App Development Cost

Intermittent fasting is trending worldwide, and the best way to track your fasting is through the top intermittent fasting apps. These apps are very helpful in tracking the fasts by providing the users different kinds of IF plans, recipes, trackers, bodyweight trackers, and many more things. Now the question is how much cost is needed for developing apps for intermittent fasting. So, for building as well as launching the basic intermittent fasting tracking app, you will need up to $20000 to $25000. However, this amount is not a fixed cost. Many things matter when it comes to hiring an app making company, so the cost depends on the projects requirement.


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Vora: Best Fasting App With Community Support

Vora is a fasting app that provides a daily fasting plan with weight loss progress. What makes Vora unique is is community support. Accountability and social support together lead to a better success rate. Like-minded people aiming at similar goals can help to stay motivated and stick to the IF plans in the long term. Vora is the best intermittent fasting app free on iOS for peer-to-peer IF motivation.

  • Daily fasting goals

Fastic: Free Fasting App

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps in 2022

In intermittent fasting, you not only have to do fast, but the more important thing is to load up your body with healthy food. The Fastic app consists of over 400 recipes that feature healthy and filling ingredients that provide you with all the nutrients your body requires. You also get information on how the body works during the fasting window and give you access to other unique features like a step counter. Fastic is a free fasting app that you can install on Android and iOS. However, the prime membership of this app starts at $11.99 for one month, which gives you access to complete recipe books and daily challenges for keeping you motivated.

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Life Intermittent Fast Tracker

You can use LIFEs Intermittent Fast Tracker with any intermittent fasting strategy since it allows you to specify the start and end times and goals for the length of your fasts. This app might help track how long youve been in ketosis if youre also on the keto diet. You can also connect with others using the app to fast with you and help each other stay on track.

The most basic functions can be accessed for free. Subscribers will access unique fasting schedules, reminders when its time to begin and conclude a fast, and a history of their previous fasts.


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Why Choose 1: 12 Fasting

Other fasts will get you results quicker, but a 12:12 fast is a great starting point on your intermittent fasting journey. Its easier to adhere to because it fits in busy schedules. Most of your fasting window is done while youre sleeping especially if you get eight hours of sleep so you dont have to worry about going without.

During the day, you can eat what you want, when you want it, though, for best results, you should still monitor your caloric intake.

This is especially important if youre doing the 12:12 fast to lose weight. If you eat too many calories, your body wont have the time to burn through them. Because of that, you wont tap into your fat stores for sustained energy. The trick is to eat fewer calories than you burn to maximize weight loss results.

Break your fast with healthy, fiber, and protein-rich foods. These will be easy for your stomach to process while giving your body the nutrients it needs to continue. Overall, you can see results on the 12:12 fast. Youll just need to be more patient and structured on your intermittent fasting journey.

Dont forget to check our 10 best intermittent fasting apps to make your intermittent fasting journey easier.

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But Is It Really Healthy To Fast For 16 Hours

For starters, this diet might be hard to maintain. Say goodbye to dinner parties and late-night dates. And god forbid a friend is late to that 5 p.m. dinner you scheduled.

It may be sustainable if you stick to the strict regimen, Warren says. However, this is difficult to maintain in real-life scenarios like social functions.

Halle Berry uses intermittent fasting as part of her diet routine. Here’s how:

Beyond the downer of not being able to go out for a late-night fancy dinner, in rare cases the 16:8 diet could potentially lead to disordered eating, too, notes Hunnes. For example, if youre someone who doesnt do well with long periods of fasting, you might follow a 16-hour fast with a binge or even start to prolong fasting periods longer than you should. Both would be signs that the diets not working for you and that it could progress to something more serious like an eating disorder, she says.

If you eat too late, you could also potentially interfere with the quality of your sleepso its best to eat earlier in the day, suggests Hunnes.

That said, two recent studies in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolismshow obese adults can stick to the 16:8 diet without developing or exacerbating body image issues, disordered eating patterns, or sleeping problems.

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