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What Should I Eat During Intermittent Fasting

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Proteins To Eat When Intermittent Fasting

What to Eat While Intermittent Fasting (3 Foods You Must Avoid)

When it comes to proteins, you need to know your goals:

  • Weight loss and anti-aging: Increased fat burning and health benefits of autophagy through restricted protein consumption
  • Atheltic performance and muscle gain: Better performance and growth through individual adaptation of protein intake to training intensity

Also, age plays a role in protein intake.

While individuals over 65 years need increased protein intake to maintain muscle mass, restricted protein intake can help younger individuals increase life expectancy .

Nevertheless, protein should never be missing from your diet when doing intermittent fasting. For this reason, here are great natural sources of protein:

  • Organic chicken
  • Goat cheese
  • Sour cream

Although they do not fit into this category due to their predominant carbohydrate content, vegetarians will have to resort to legumes such as lentils and beans.

When eating legumes, ensure to neutralize plant toxins by steaming in a pressure cooker.

Fasting May Improve Brain Health

The Warrior Diet is promoted as a way to improve brain health.

There may be some truth to that based on scientific studies on intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting has been found to benefit the regulation of inflammatory pathways that affect your brain function.

For example, animal studies have shown that intermittent fasting reduced inflammatory markers like interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha , which may negatively impact memory and learning (

5 ).

However, research in this area is ongoing and more human studies are needed to determine the benefits of intermittent fasting on brain health.

How Many Meals To Eat When Intermittent Fasting

As we have just discovered, eating less often keeps insulin levels in check and burn fat. For this reason, science has proven that snacks cannot help you lose weight .

Intermittent fasting, unlike conventional dieting, has the advantage that you can always increase it.

If you like, you can eat only once a day instead of twice or even fast for several days. Thus, it is incredibly flexible.

Nevertheless, you should not immediately overstrain your body when you start intermittent fasting. For example, it is advantageous to establish simple rules when you start:

  • Lunch and dinner only
  • Between the two meals, natural snacks, like a handful of walnuts, are allowed

With time and experience, you will get to know your body better, and you can stop snacks completely or eat one big meal a day.

In any case, an 8-hour eating period is enough to lose weight with the appropriate diet.

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Stress Reduction As The Cure To Mindless Snacking

Snacking, which is often mindless, is one example of how eating can get out of control when youre not paying attention. Snacking is more often than not a result of boredom, stress or emotional eating, versus real hunger.

While healthy short-term responses to stress actually shut down your appetite by releasing epinephrine, a stress response adrenaline hormone, long-term stress does the opposite. Stress over time releases the hormone cortisol, which triggers eating. These days, its all too easy to remain in a state of long-term cortisol elevation, as stress accumulates and remains persistent.

Both mindfulness and exercise help discharge and release stress, preventing the hunger response from occurring. When you find yourself in a stressed-out state, mindfulness can prevent you from reaching for the worst of the comfort foods.

Studies suggest that when you are stressed, youre far more likely to reach for food thats high in sugars. Of course, stress also causes you to lose sleep, skip your workout and drink more, each of which contributes to even greater weight gain.

If youre wondering how to deal with hunger while fasting, reducing the stress in your life is a good place to start.

Best Time To Eat Intermittent Fasting


As stressed out in the previous points, your daily routine will determine the best time to eat when intermittent fasting.

For the following reasons, in my opinion, the evening is the best time to eat when intermittent fasting:

  • Work is over
  • There is time to prepare quality food
  • You can dine with your family
  • You could exercise in a fasted state
  • Now your body wants to rest and grow
  • And you can finish off the day relaxed

Improved mental focus is one of the main practical benefits of intermittent fasting. With the largest meal of the day, focus fades away, and the body relaxes. Therefore it only makes sense not to have planned any mental or physical exertion afterward.

When I want to exploit the mental clarity of fasting to get things done, I often extend the fasting period.

As a result, I am on one meal a day schedule. So I get more things done while only cooking once and finishing earlier.

Since a single meal per day is larger, the evening or late afternoon is the best time to eat during intermittent fasting when leveraging its flexibility.

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What Is The Fat Burning Stage Of Fasting

Your body begins to burn fat during the Partial Ketosis stage. At about 12 hours of fasting, your liver begins to break down fat and produce ketones. Fat burning increases from sixteen to 24 hours. Many people who fast regularly report seeing the best results after a sixteen-hour fast. 16 hour fast benefits include improvements in weight loss results, inflammation, and an improvement in overall health. Many people also experience increased mental clarity and focus.

Your Approach Is Way Too Extreme

Sure, you want to grab this diet trend by the lapels and run with it, but there’s no need to starve yourself. Taking in less than 800 calories per day will cause greater weight loss , but greater bone loss. That’s not healthyor sustainablein the long term. Not to mention, if you make your windows of not eating too long, you won’t be able to stick with it. Make smaller, manageable changes and always listen to your body.

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Is It Ok To Skip Breakfast

Yes, Varady said. The notion that omitting a morning meal is bad for your waistline likely began with studies sponsored by cereal companies, and most of that research looked at the effects of breakfast skipping on cognition in children, she noted: Im not sure how that all got translated to body weight.

What Are The Possible Side Effects

Top 10 Foods To Eat For Intermittent Fasting Benefits

There can be a number of possible side effects of intermittent fasting.40 Heres what to do if you encounter them:

  • Hunger is the most common side effect of intermittent fasting. This may be less of an issue if youre already on a keto or low-carb, higher-fat diet.41Learn more
  • Constipation is common. Less going in means less going out. However, keep in mind this is a normal response to eating less. It is not a concern and shouldnt require treatment unless you experience significant bloating or abdominal discomfort. Standard laxatives or magnesium supplements can be used, if needed.
  • Headaches are common and tend to disappear after the first few times on fasts.42 Taking some extra salt often helps mitigate such headaches.43
  • Mineral water may help if your stomach tends to gurgle.
  • Other possible side effects include dizziness, heartburn and muscle cramps. Learn more

A more serious side effect is the refeeding syndrome. Fortunately, this is rare and generally only happens with extended fasts when one is undernourished.44

Since most of these side effects are manageable, they do not mean you have to stop your fast. However, if you truly feel unwell, are excessively dizzy, profoundly weak or have other severe symptoms, then you should break your fast.

Just remember to go slowly when you break it and prioritize fluids and salt . And of course, if the symptoms persist, see your doctor immediately.

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Best Foods To Eat When Intermittent Fasting

When intermittent fasting, the following properties characterize the best foods to eat:

  • They are rich in nutrients, especially electrolytes
  • Their carbohydrates are primarily limited to dietary fiber
  • They are easily digestible and flatter the intestinal flora

On top of that, the following list of the 24 best foods to eat when intermittent fasting brings additional benefits to your daily life.

Dairy And Fermented Food

You can boost your weight loss and overall health if your diet includes plenty of probiotics. They are highly effective when it comes to improving your metabolism and play a prominent role in the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. They can reduce inflammation and aid in digestion. The most probiotic-rich foods include yogurt, kefir, aged cheese , non-dairy yogurts, sauerkraut, sour dill pickles, kimchi, miso, natto, kombucha, tempeh and others .

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Egg Scramble With Sweet Potatoes

Total time: 25 minutes | Servings: 1


  • 1 sweet potato, diced
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • 2 tbsp chopped chive


  • Preheat the oven to 425°F. On a baking sheet, toss the sweet potato, onion, rosemary, and salt and pepper. Spray with cooking spray and roast until tender, about 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg whites, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Spritz a skillet with cooking spray and scramble the eggs on medium, about 5 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with chopped chives and serve with the spuds.
  • Per serving: 571 calories, 44 g protein, 52 g carbs , 20 g fat

    Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

    Pin on Get healthy

    In case you are not quite familiar with intermittent fasting, let me give you a refresher. Intermittent fasting is all about going through cycles of fasting and eating. The idea is to give your digestive system a break so your body can focus on healing and repair. The reason intermittent fasting is so effective for weight loss is that the healing and repair process includes improving your fasting insulin, which helps regulate your appetite and tell your body to release the extra fat. There are many ways to practice intermittent fasting, so experiment and see what works best for you:

    • Daily: Make sure you abstain from food for at least 14 hours each day. You can skip breakfast or have a very early dinner . Some people even eat all their calories within one meal for a longer fast.
    • Weekly: Instead of fasting every single day, you can pick a method that you practice only weekly. For example, you can eat 500 calories twice a week and thats called the 5:2 intermittent fasting method. Alternatively, you can fast completely for 24 hours thats called the eat-stop-eat method.

    Read my post Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss for more information about how you can practice intermittent fasting for weight loss.

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    Will I Lose Weight

    Most likely.64 If you have weight to lose, it is extremely likely that you will lose weight if you do not eat.

    In theory, its possible to eat more after fasting, of course, cancelling out the weight lost. But studies generally show that most people tend to eat significantly less overall.65

    I call intermittent fasting the ancient secret of weight loss because it might be one of the most powerful dietary interventions for weight loss, yet it has been mostly ignored by doctors and dietitians for a long time.66

    Can You Drink Alcohol While Intermittent Fasting

    On intermittent fasting days, its best to limit alcohol consumption to your eating windows. Most alcoholic beverages are high in sugar and calories, so drinking alcohol can easily break your fast. Plus, alcohol affects us more on an empty stomach, so even one glass of wine during a fasting window might feel awful the next day!

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    Reduce Stress And Improve Mental Health

    The 16:8 diet help reduce cortisol levels and help reduce inflammation. Plus, since you wont be dealing with hunger for two days a week, its better for your mental health.

    Those whove tried the 16:8 diet say how much more productive they are during fasting hours, spending less time stressing over food and more time channelling their energy into other beneficial tasks throughout the day.

    What Should I Eat While Intermittent Fasting

    What To Eat While Intermittent Fasting

    Ever since first publishing my intermittent fasting weight loss results, my inbox has been flooded with questions from people asking, what should I eat?

    I normally say, keep it clean and drink lots of water, but lately Ive found myself going into greater detail about exactly what clean means.

    On the one hand, I think we all know when trying to lose weight its better to reach for the broccoli than the bacon. But beyond that, it can be confusing to figure out what exactly to eat.

    So, since I have had success losing weight intermittent fasting, I will share the foods that I think work best!

    *This post contains affiliate links

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    What Is The Ideal Time For Fasting

    Well, this is going to depend on your lifestyle.

    What hours do you work? What time do you wake up?

    What time do you go to bed?

    If you want to have success with intermittent fasting these are the questions you need to start asking yourself. Your answers will vary from the next person. The ideal time for fasting is really going to be determined by your schedule.

    Here is an example: When I was following the 16:8 schedule I was waking up at 6 am, started working at 8 am and then my first meal was at Noon. When I got home around 6 pm, Id eat dinner and have a light snack at 7:30 by 8 pm I was done eating until Noon the next day.

    I, of course, was also following a ketogenic lifestyle so my total carb intake was anywhere between 15 20 carbs per day . This allowed me to get the most out of intermittent fasting.

    If you want to get started on Keto check out my FREE KETO EDITION: EAT THIS, NOT THAT. This is a great place to start and will show you all the foods that are Keto approved. As well as, foods you should avoid.

    Want to know what your Macros are? Download the CARB MANAGER APP for FREE.

    Like I said before, its whatever makes the most sense for your lifestyle. Whatever time frame is easiest for you is what you should aim for and this will allow you to be consistent!

    Drink Black Coffee During The Fasting Period

    It is said that drinking black coffee when you’re not allowed to eat or during your fasting window, may fasten fat burn and weight loss. However, we’re not sure of the scientific veracity of this claim it is believed that drinking the beverage makes up for the fasting slump and curbs appetite, making it easier for the dieter to prolong their fast.

    Intermittent Fasting for weight loss: Drinking black coffee may fasten fat burn and weight loss.

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    Drinks To Avoid While Fasting

    It is always good to avoid drinks with sugar and artificial sweeteners. There isnt a rule that says you cant drink soda, juice, or milkshake during your eating window, but when it comes to your fasting period there are some drinks that you must avoid.

    During your fasting time you should avoid:

    • Diet soda
    • Juice
    • Coconut water
    • Alcohol

    Two main things that you need to remember for drinks while fasting is to make sure you are drinking enough fluids and to avoid drinks that contain calories.

    Caloric drinks like juices, smoothies, diet soda can be consumed during your eating window, but if you can it is best to stick to water, tea, coffee, or mineral water.

    To learn more about drinks while intermittent fasting, here is a detailed article with all drinks to consume and avoid during the fasting window.

    Clean Eating Intermittent Fasting Is It For You

    What to Drink and Eat While Intermittent Fasting

    So, do you think you can start a clean eating intermittent fasting diet plan?

    Ill be the first to admit that Im not perfect when it comes to eating right. I always go a couple weeks doing super well, then get bored and fall off and start to revert.

    BUT over time it averages out, and since Ive kept going with it and havent given up, Ive seen steady, consistent weight loss!

    My motto is progress, not perfection.

    Just trying to do better and be better as a general rule over the long-haul, and that steady approach is what wins out in the end.

    I wish you the best of luck with intermittent fasting and hope you use it wisely to get the body and life of your dreams.

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    There Are Certain Foods You Should Avoid

    Miami-based dietician Monica Moreno agreed. “Food quality and quantity must indeed be honored!” she told INSIDER. Moreno recommends also adding fermented foods, omega 3 fatty acids, other anti-inflammatory fatty acids, herbs and spices in non-supplement form, and dairy or dairy substitutes to your meal list as well.

    “You only have a 6-12 hour window so its a matter of timing,” she explained. One thing is definitely a must, though. “Avoiding refined starches, added sugars, trans fats, and processed meats still hold true!” Moreno stressed.

    Intermittent Fasting Diet Tip #: Count Calories For At Least A Couple Days

    I know, I know. Counting calories SUCKS. It really does.

    Its cumbersome, time-consuming, and not very much fun at all.

    But its really an eye-opening activity that can give you enormous insight to why you may not be losing the weightyou want to lose.

    While making a habit of counting all your calories all the time will improve your weight loss result overall, just trying it for a couple days will still be insanely beneficial.

    Youll be so surprised to discover exactly how much youre really eating.

    Its super easy to think youre eating light because youre eating healthy-ish foods, but in reality, still totally be overeating.

    My classic issue is with things like oatmeal and peanuts. Healthy enough foods, yes. But its painstakingly easy to eat too many oats and too many peanuts. And yep gain weight even if youre fasting 16 hours daily.

    I highly recommend committing to just a handful of days on MyFitnessPal.

    Like, your first 3 days.

    The above image shows my weight loss results for February 2019 with counting calories. It really gets easier as you go along, and its SO worth it!

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