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What To Drink While Fasting On Keto

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Things To Avoid Putting In Keto Coffee

Should You Do Juicing on Keto or While Fasting?

There are some things that you dont want to put in your keto coffee. Here are some of the top things to avoid when making butter coffee.

  • Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners Stay away from cane sugar or any artificial sweetener. Instead of sugar use stevia, monk fruit, or other keto-approved sweeteners.
  • Soy Milk Soy eaten in excess can mess with your hormone levels and is high in antinutrients that are found in grains.
  • Sweetened Nut Milk or Regular Milk Do NOT use any nut milk that is sweetened. Always read the label and make sure that it doesnt have any added sugars or fillers.
  • Cooking Oils Dont use any cooking oils such as canola or olive oil. Stick with MCT oil or coconut oil.

Bulletproof Coffee With Coconut Oil Or Mct Oil

MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. These are medium-chain fatty acids that occur mainly in coconut oil.

Therefore, pure MCT oil is derived from coconut oil but contains a higher concentration of MCTs.

Since exceptionally high-quality MCT oils consist of Caprylic acid , which is only eight carbon atoms long, these can be metabolized faster than ordinary coconut oil.

Hence, MCT oil can be four times as effective as coconut oil when it comes to ketone production. As a result, most people report increased mental focus after drinking Bulletproof Coffee.

In this sense, there is a difference between regular coconut oil and MCT oil when talking about energy boost and weight loss.

Nevertheless, coconut oil contributes to the well-known benefits of Bulletproof Coffee.

The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

  • Increased metabolic rate: the combination of eating fewer total calories while burning calories at a faster rate can make IF an effective weight loss method
  • Increased levels of Human Growth Hormone : higher HGH levels can aid fat loss and enhance muscle gain
  • Lower levels of insulin: this makes stored body fat more accessible and may reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Enhanced cellular repair: this may offer anti-aging benefits and improve longevity
  • Increased release of norepinephrine: this hormone aids in burning fat
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May reduce LDL cholesterol and other factors that contribute to heart disease
  • May help prevent cancer
  • May improve brain health and protect against Alzheimers Disease

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Will Keto Coffee Break Intermittent Fasting We Ran The Tests

You guys asked, Will keto coffee break a fast?, so we ran the tests!

We spent four days testing the effects of these drinks on our blood ketones and glucose readings. We tested

  • Keto Coffee made with MCT Oil, Cream, & Butter
  • Keto Coffee made with Coconut Oil, Cream, & Butter
  • Coffee with Coconut Oil Only

These painful moments are for you!

Apple Cider Vinegar And Intermittent Fasting

Pin by Valarie Hendrix on Keto!

Apple cider vinegar has become the new craze over the past few years. So what does apple cider vinegar and intermittent fasting have in common?

ACV has become so popular and carries many health benefits. Some of these health benefits could improve the way your fast ends and eating window starts.

Apple cider vinegar does not break your fast!

There are tons of vitamins in ACV including vitamin B1, B2, B6, biotin, folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C. Additionally, ACV contains minerals, such calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. These minerals and vitamins provide support to the body to strengthen the nervous and immune systems, while supporting overall health.

Taking ACV while fasting will enhance your fast and help you feel full.

During the keto diet or intermittent fasting, you need to replenish vitamins and electrolytes constantly. Apple cider vinegar while fasting seems like a no brainer.

All of those vitamins can give you a boost in energy and help crush those weight loss goals.

I have done apple cider vinegar while fasting in the past. I was not a fan due to the taste but I choked it down anyway. I recently found apple cider vinegar that comes in gummy form. How great is that!

Although the gummies do not contain all of the nutrients liquid form does, they are still very beneficial. The gummy form contains other ingredients that are also essential for healthy living.

Heres how keto fits in to all of this.

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What About Sweeteners While Fasting

Honestly, its probably best to avoid sweeteners while fasting on keto as they may spike your insulin levels and break your fast. However, if you cant stomach plain black coffee or tea then pick one that is low on G.I scale.

Check out our article on the best sweeteners to use in tea for sweetener recommendations.

Other drinks such as diet or zero carbonated drinks like coke and lemonade should generally be avoided for the reason stated above. Although, many people do consume these while fasting and have not experienced any issues or cravings .

What Kind Of Coffee Breaks A Fast

Water is naturally the only drink that is free of any amount of calorie. However, if you feel like brewing a cup of coffee in the morning, you will not be breaking your fast if you stick to black coffee and natural tea without adding sugar, sweeteners, dietary products like milk whether skimmed or whole. Adding any of these could end your fast .

Although most coffees are naturally calorie-free, make sure you dont go overboard so that you wont tease your appetite. The reason for this increase in appetite is attributed to the caffeine content of the coffee.

If you feel the need to add some taste and flavour to your coffee when you are fasting, then certain flavoured spices will give you results because they have zero energy content. You can spice your coffee with powdered cinnamon and sweeteners.

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Can You Drink Coffee While Doing Intermittent Fasting

Drinking black coffee in moderation is allowed while you fast, and its unlikely to break your fast in any major way.

The same also goes for other zero-calorie, no-sugar drinks like unsweetened tea.

One cup or 8oz of black coffee contains 1 calorie with slight traces of sodium and potassium .

More likely than not, 1-2 cups of it alone is not enough to cause a metabolic change in your body. Thus, its said to be a safe drink to have during your fast.

Some may even find coffee an effective appetite suppressant. They include in their morning ritual to help them stick to the fasting schedule.

Though, the recent study on coffees effect on appetite control is still inconclusive .

All in all, drinking coffee in moderation is allowed. And just as long as you keep it black, it will not likely to interrupt your fasting.

Water / Sparkling Water

Acceptable Liquids with Intermittent Fasting | Dr.Berg

Of course, water wont break a fast, its basically your go-to drink on an everyday basis. But also, sparkling water, which is just water with some added carbonic gas, is totally safe too and a great way to get out of the plain water routine.

Whats more about water when youre fasting is that you should get used to drinking a lot of it. As an intermittent faster, Im used to drinking around 2 liters a day on a regular day, going up to 4 liters when Im doing one meal a day or prolonged fast.

Thats a lot of liquid absorption, but youll quickly see that its really important to stay hydrated all the time, water will help you prevent dizziness, fatigue and, logically, dry mouth.

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What Is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that alternates periods of eating with periods of either not eating or taking in minimal calories. It emphasizes when you eat rather than what you eat.

Even though it has recently gained mainstream attention, intermittent fasting isnt new. People have practiced periods of fasting throughout history, such as for spiritual, health, or survival reasons .

The intent of intermittent fasting isnt necessarily only to restrict calories, but also to allow your body to focus on maintenance and recovery, rather than digesting.

Many fasting patterns incorporate regular 12- to 16-hour periods of fasting into each day, while others include fasting for 24 or 48 hours once or twice per week.

When you fast, your body undergoes a number of metabolic changes. After some time, fasting causes your body to enter ketosis, a state in which fat is used for energy when carbohydrates are unavailable (


Intermittent fasting rotates periods of fasting and periods of eating. Its often used for health purposes like weight loss and chronic disease prevention, though its been used historically for other reasons.

How To Make The Best Keto Coffee

STEP 1: Brew an 8 oz, 10 oz, or 12 oz cup of coffee.

STEP 2: Pour the coffee into a larger cup, or into a french press coffee pot. Using the french press is my favorite way because it wont spill.

STEP 3: Add the butter, MCT oil, cream, and vanilla.

STEP 4: Using a frother, immersion blender, or regular blender, whip up the coffee until it foams.

STEP 5: Pour into your favorite coffee mug.

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Are There Any Known Health Risks Of Doing Keto And Intermittent Fasting Together

As for long-term risks, people with seizure disorders have been on the ketogenic diet for decades and demonstrate excellent health, DAgostino says. Though, like any diet, it all depends on what foods youre eating. A keto diet rich in bacon and butter is different from one rich in avocado and olive oil, and poorly planned keto can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Because adding IF may make you cut calories too drastically, you may also lose too much weight or lean mass if you take the restriction to the extreme. To maintain muscle mass, he recommends consuming 1 g per kilogram of body weight in protein every day.

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Intermittent Fasting And Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

How To Speed Up Ketosis? Achieve Ketosis With Intermittent ...

Bulletproof Coffee is incredibly popular among the beginners of intermittent fasting. Why?

In the beginning, it helps to stay full longer. That is why fasting enthusiasts use Bulletproof Coffee to prolong the fasting period.

But doesnt the high-fat coffee break the fast?

Although pure fats are high in calories, they do not affect blood sugar. Nevertheless, they represent a meal. And any eating affects insulin production.

However, in the case of these pure fats, this happens only indirectly. Therefore, fat breaks technically break a fast. Nevertheless, this impairment is only minimal.

Thus, by using Bulletproof Coffee during the fasting period, you will perhaps burn a little less fat.

But if you can only get by with black coffee for 12 hours, but feel amazing for 18 hours with Bulletproof Coffee instead, drinking butter coffee makes sense.

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What Are Propels Different Flavors

Propel has three major types of flavored water and unflavored water:

vitamin boost, flavored electrolyte water, their powder packs, and an electrolyte infused unflavored water.

The different flavors of each are:

Propel Vitamin Boost

Propel Unflavored water

  • As itself

If you’re looking for propel, I’ve seen it at local box stores such as Costco and Sams Club near other keto friendly beverages like sparkling ice. Otherwise, if you want the packets to dump into your water bottle, you can find them online below.

Ketosis And Fasting: All You Need To Know

The keto diet has taken the world by storm, and not necessarily because its another fad, but rather, since people tend to see results. Both the keto diet and fasting have a lot in common, cutting out foods especially. You may have some questions about ketosis as it relates to fasting. For example, can being on a fast help you enter ketosis sooner?

Indeed, intermittent fasts of 24 hours or fewer should allow you to enter a state of ketosis more quickly than going without. Studies also indicate that fasting when on a keto diet can accelerate weight loss.

If you have yet more burning questions about ketosis and fasting, then this is the article for you. Ahead, well discuss ketosis in depth, explain how its different than fasting, and dive deeper into the data on how fasting speeds up ketosis.

Lets begin!

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A Sample Menu For Keto And Intermittent Fasting

If youve gotten the green light from your healthcare team and want to try this combined approach, you might be wondering what youll eat . Your instincts are right: This diet is all about the timing.

Below, heres what Shemek says three days on the plan might look like when done with time-restricted eating in a 16-hour fast, 8-hour feed pattern. This approach isnt the only way to do IF there are many ways to fast. For example, you can also do a 12- or 14-hour daily fast.

In this plan, youll see that snacks are optional. Also keep in mind that your carb, protein, and fat needs to stay in ketosis depend on your individual health. Working with a registered dietitian familiar with keto-IF can help you determine those ratios.

What To Eat While Intermittent Fasting

Keto Beverages: Drink this NOT that on Keto- Thomas DeLauer

During your fasting window, you shouldnt eat anything. During your eating window, enjoy nutrient-dense keto foods like healthy proteins, vegetables, and fats.

Avoid breaking your fast with processed foods, carb-heavy meals, and dirty keto foods, as these can hinder the health benefits of fasting in the first place.

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Stay Consistent With Intermittent Fasting Heres How

Intermittent fasting can be a real rollercoaster ride. Are you looking for some support and guidance?

Our 21-day fasting challenge can provide much-needed support and tips to overcome any difficulties and help in staying consistent with your fasting schedule. Whether you are new to fasting or experienced, 21-day Intermittent Fasting Challenge can help both. Also, you will get access to a delicious intermittent fasting meal plan. So, lets get started. Join us on Monday to kick start your intermittent fasting journey.

More on Intermittent Fasting


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Information on this document and our website is for educational and informational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a dietitian, physician or another health-care professional. Consult your physician before starting intermittent fasting, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. Read more here.

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Can I Drink Bone Broth During Intermittent Fasting

Homemade bone broth from beef, pork, or chicken bones, not only tastes excellent but also has properties that help during fasting:

  • It Supplies electrolytes
  • Is easily digestible
  • Contains natural fat that helps to absorb nutrients

But here is the crux of the matter: broth contains enough fat to activate AMPK and break a fast.

Therefore, bone broth is instead the first-class food for breaking a fast.

Since bone broth is packed with magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium, it can replenish the rinsed electrolytes.

Therefore, you can use bone broth as an electrolyte supply during fasting, e.g., during prolonged fasts over days or weeks. Consequently, it represents training wheels for intermittent fasting at best.

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A Brief Guide To Fasting

Fasting is fairly simple. You just have to follow three rules:

  • Choose a fasting window. As you read, the stages of intermittent fasting each come with different benefits. Pick a window of time fast and stick to it. for example, if youre doing an 18-hour fast, maybe you stop eating at 8 PM today and dont break your fast until 2 PM tomorrow.
  • No calories. A true fast includes zero calories during the fasting period. Water, coffee, tea, and other zero-calorie beverages are fine during water fasting, but anything with calories will break your fast.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water during your fast. make sure you also get your electrolytes by adding sea salt to the water and/or taking an electrolyte supplement.

For more details about different fasting schedules and how to use fasting as part of a healthy lifestyle, you may want to take a more in-depth look at fasting.

Intermittent Fasting And Coke Zero

Pin on Nourishment + Herbal Support

Although Cola Zero varies in its composition, it always contains aspartame and acesulfame K.

Besides aspartame, the heat-stable sweetener acesulfame-K in zero drinks increases insulin levels to the same extent as glucose, according to studies .

Therefore, coke zero is not suitable for autophagy and weight loss.

Furthermore, zero-calorie sweeteners stimulate cravings in the brain a characteristic that does not fit intermittent fasting .

Accordingly, researchers have found that zero and light drinks instead of regular soft drinks do not lead to the desired calorie reduction because of the increased appetite .

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Can I Just Drink Regular Coffee On Keto

If you dont like the way bulletproof coffee tastes its ok, you still can enjoy drinking a regular cup of coffee while still remaining on keto.

Some of you may just be a black coffee drinker , while others may like theirs on the sweeter and lighter side.

If thats the case then go ahead and try our recipe for keto coffee creamer. We have about 9 different flavor combinations so whatever your favorite flavor is, you will love it.

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