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Type 2 Diabetes And Intermittent Fasting

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Potential Drawback Of Intermittent Fasting: It May Harm Blood Sugar Control

Intermittent Fasting for Type 2 Diabetes (Step by Step) | Jason Fung

On the other hand, some experts say that IF carries risks, especially for people who need to keep their blood sugar levels stable. For starters, skipping whole meals can result in poorer blood glucose control, not to mention issues such as fatigue and reduced energyand, thus, an increased risk of injury.

Skipping meals may also cause people to make poor diet choices, which can have the opposite effect on their waistline and blood sugar. If you havent eaten for hours, you may be more inclined to reach for a carb-heavy pastry or plate of pasta, for instance.

Blood sugar management can be a real concern with intermittent fasting for people with type 2 diabetes, Sheth says. Thats why its important to discuss intermittent fasting with your physician, monitor your blood sugar closely, and know that your medications may need to be adjusted as well. Your dietitian and diabetes care and education specialist can help guide and support you through this process.

A plan that severely restricts a persons calories or asks them to skip meals can be hard to stick with long term, too, says Ruth S. Pupo, CDCES, who practices at Adventist Health White Memorial in Los Angeles. While losing weight can be beneficial for people with diabetes, because it increases insulin sensitivity, putting weight back on can have the opposite effect, increasing the risk for diabetes complications.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work With Type 2 Diabetes

According to an academic review,² 24-hour fasting regimens significantly reduced weight and blood glucose in people with diabetes. These diets also led to some patients stopping insulin therapy as their blood sugar was under control.

Researchers noted that people might struggle with fasting for 24 hours or more. Therefore, they may be better off starting with shorter intervals and time-restricted feeding. They recommended this IF prescription:

  • In week one, fast for 12 hours and feed for 12 hours. Stick with this fasting period until you’re comfortable moving to the next phase. The researchers recommend monitoring and logging your daily blood glucose levels so you can send them to your doctor weekly.

  • Typically starting in week five, you fast for 16 hours and feed for eight hours. The next phase is to increase your fasting period by four hours when you’re ready. The report says that you should continue monitoring and logging blood sugar levels. You should also consult a registered dietician to discuss food intake and ensure you’re dieting responsibly.

  • Typically starting in week seven, you fast for 18-20 hours and feed for 4-6 hours. Finally, when you’re ready to continue to the next step of the IF process, it is time to add 2-4 more hours to your fasting routine. At this time, the report notes that your doctor should adjust your diabetes medication dosages based on your logged blood sugar readings.

Intermittent Fasting May Help People With Type 2 Diabetes Control Blood Sugar

Intermittent fasting might help people with Type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar levels, a new study has found.

People with diabetes who restricted their eating to within a daily 10-hour window wound up with blood sugar levels in the normal range for about three hours longer than when they ate whenever they pleased, the researchers reported.

These patients also experienced lower 24-hour blood sugar levels and consistently lower morning fasting glucose when they participated in a time-restricted eating pattern, the investigators found.

âTime-restricted eating may be an effective approach to improving metabolic health in adults with Type 2 diabetes, but more studies are needed to confirm this finding,â said lead researcher Charlotte Andriessen, a doctoral student in the department of nutrition and movement sciences at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

This study answers a question thatâs on the minds of many people trying to manage their diabetes, said Dr. Reshmi Srinath, director of the Mount Sinai weight and metabolism management program in New York City.

âThere is a lot of interest in intermittent fasting, both in our patients with diabetes and with obesity, looking to help their metabolic health and to help them lose weight,â Srinath said. âSo this is actually a really key study thatâs relevant to us in real time.â

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What Kind Of Drugs Do You Take For Diabetes

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Healthy Eating During Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting For Diabetes 2

For the best results with intermittent fasting, here are some healthy eating tips:

  • Avoid or significantly limit your intake of simple carbohydrates, sugars, and refined grains, like cereal, rice, and baked goods.
  • Focus on eating vegetables, low-sugar fruits, lean protein sources, and healthy fat.
  • Dont snack between meals.
  • Dont snack or eat at night.

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The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

While intermittent fasting may present risks for some, it could also provide benefits over and above other approaches. A 2017 study in the World Journal of Diabetes found that just two weeks of intermittent fasting led to significant weight loss as well as improvements in glucose levels. Its possible that intermittent fasting could lead to reduced insulin resistance, says Kerry Mansell, co-author of that study and a professor in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Research supports this hypothesis. Some work on people with diabetes has found that intermittent fasting may increase insulin sensitivity and also reduce insulin levels in the blood. This is a big deal. Essentially, fasting is doing what we prescribe diabetes medications to do, which is to improve insulin sensitivity, Horne says. At least one small trial found that adopting an intermittent fasting diet allowed diabetes patients to stop taking their insulin drugs altogether. That studys findings still need to be replicated in a larger group. However, these sorts of results are encouraging. Insulin resistance is associated with higher levels of inflammation and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Even when people arent losing weight on a fasting regimen, some research has found that insulin sensitivity improves markedly, Horne says. This is something you typically dont see with other caloric-restriction diets.

Fasting Affects Blood Sugar Management And Insulin Resistance

What does fasting have to do with insulin? Insulin is the primary hormone our bodies use to regulate blood sugar levels. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is an important goal for people with diabetes and is often measured by Time in Range, A1C, and fasting glucose levels.

Recently, clinical researchers looked at how IF and TRF affect things like blood sugar management and insulin resistance and found promising results.

  • In a 2021 literature review, eight studies showed that individuals who practiced intermittent fasting had significant reductions in fasting glucose levels . Other important findings included a reduction in A1C levels, weight loss, and an increase in adiponectin .

  • A study of men with prediabetes found that early morning TRF decreased insulin levels , reduced fluctuations in insulin levels, and decreased insulin resistance. This translates to an improvement in insulin levels and insulin sensitivity.

  • A research team from the University of South Australia conducted a pilot study and a larger study to look at the 5:2 IF method in people with type 2 diabetes. Both studies found significant reductions in A1C levels and body weight after 12 weeks.

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What Happens To Your Body During Fasting

The changes that occur in the body during fasting depend on the length of the continuous fast. Usually your body enters into a fasting state eight or so hours after the last meal. Your body will initially use stored sources of glucose and then later in the fast it will break down body fat to use as the next source of energy. Using your bodys fat stores as an energy source can, in the long run, lead to weight loss. Losing weight, particularly if you are overweight, can also lead to better control of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, fasting should not be used as a way of losing weight in the long term.

Intermittent Fasting Diabetes Control

ASK UNMC! Is intermittent fasting for people with Type 2 diabetes recommended for weight loss?

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What Are The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting For Diabetes

When done safely, intermittent fasting may provide some benefits for people with diabetes. If the eating plan leads to weight loss, people may be able to reduce the amount of diabetes medication they take.

Some people have been able to stop using insulin after fasting intermittently for a month or so, according to the small study on three people mentioned earlier.

More research is needed to determine if intermittent fasting can help most people with diabetes stop using insulin.

Other potential benefits include:

  • reduced appetite
  • increased fat oxidation

More research is needed to determine the long-term benefits of intermittent fasting on glucose control and diabetes complications, according to the ADA.

Can Intermittent Fasting Cause Diabetes

Although IF can help with type 1 and 2 diabetes in many cases, there’s also a concern that the diet might cause diabetes in prediabetic or otherwise healthy people. Continuous fasting can potentially damage insulin, increasing the dieter’s risk of developing diabetes.

As type 2 has become an epidemic over the past couple of years, this could be detrimental. The University of Sao Paulo in Brazil conducted an animal study evaluating the potential risks of intermittent fasting on rats over three months. Although weight loss occurred, long-term IF may damage the pancreas and affect insulin function in healthy individuals.

Although immediate results can be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of type 1 and 2 due to the reduction in body mass index, there is still a concern for the long-term effects that researchers have not studied as thoroughly.

Its important to note that this is a single study conducted on rats and not humans. We need more research to understand if there is any link between IF and diabetes in humans and whether long-term intermittent fasting is safe for those with diabetes. Discuss IF with your primary care doctor or diabetic team before starting the diet to ensure it’s safe for you to participate.

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Intermittent Fasting The Best Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes was once thought to be a chronic disease that could never be cured. You can start medications to control it, but those medications will be with you for life.

Now we know better. As Dr. Jason Fung has said, People are focused on giving drugs to type 2 diabetes, but it is a dietary disease.

He and his team at Intensive Dietary Management Program set out to prove that they can do better than drugs. They recently published a case report of three men with type 2 diabetes who were able to completely stop their insulin and most of the oral drugs while still improving their diabetes control.

How did they do it? Intermittent fasting.

The subjects fasted for 24 hours three to four days per week, going from dinner to dinner without food, while eating lunch and dinner on the other days. They lost between 10 and 18% body weight and between 10 and 22% from their waist circumferences.

But here is the amazing part.

Starting from a daily average of 70 units of insulin, they safely stopped their insulin as quickly as five days into the protocol, with the longest taking only 18 days. That is a dramatic result!

When done correctly, however, intermittent fasting combined with a low carb diet may be the best treatment of type 2 diabetes that we have ever seen.

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How To Get Started With If

What Is Intermittent Fasting For Type 2 Diabetes

Getting started with IF can be as simple as committing to a daily overnight fast. From there, you can work your way up to longer fasts if you like.

Want to make your fasting journey as smooth as possible? Carb Manager premium helps you:

  • Know whether its time to fast or feast with the daily fasting widget
  • Count down the seconds to your next meal with the intermittent fasting timer
  • Understand and crush science-backed fasting programs like 16:8, 5:2, OMAD, and others with our extensive article library
  • Create a custom IF program to suit your needs and health goals.
  • Track nutrition and fasting simultaneously, all in one app

Using Carb Manager is like transporting yourself to the future. And as science continues to march on, the future of IF for diabetes looks bright.

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How Does Intermittent Fasting Work

Carbohydratesespecially simple carbs like sugars and low-fiber grainsquickly break down into sugar. If your cells don’t use all this sugar as energy, it gets stored as fat. Insulin is needed to get glucose/sugar into fat cells.

Between meals and during fasting periods, insulin levels drop, and fat cells release free fatty acid and glycerol, which then the fat is burned off, causing weight loss.

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