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Can I Have Coffee While Fasting

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What Else Can You Drink While Fasting

Can I have Flavored Coffee While Intermittent Fasting?

While fasting, you should only consume 0-calorie drinks. Therefore, this excludes all foods.

I cover this in-depth, including the best ways to break your fast, inside my eBook, Intermittent Fasting For Women.

Inside youll find a complete guide to intermittent fasting, food lists, and a meal plan to jumpstart your fasting journey.

Intermittent Fasting for Women

If you want to dive deeper, Ive created a book with everything you need to know about intermittent fasting & a 1-week meal plan so you know exactly what to eat during your eating windows. Check out my Intermittent Fasting Guide here.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan : 1

Eat stop eat or the 6:1 diet has also proven successful because of its simplicity. The restriction is limited to one day a week. You can choose which day you want to fast every week.

On the other days, you can simply keep your usual food routine. This Intermittent Fasting plan has proven itself especially for very active and competitive athletes who train several times a day.

The significant advantage here is that two nights may be hidden in the fasting period. Thus, you are fasting for more than 24 hours if you do not eat for a whole day.

Generally, this results in 36 hours from dinner to breakfast the next day. Hence, you get deeper autophagy and ketosis, but only once a week.

Since eating nothing once a week is a straightforward rule, 6:1 fasting has proven excellent for beginners.

Coffee And Weight Loss

Coffee drinkers are maintaining their weight over the long term more efficiently .

The fact that coffee reduces appetite could be a good reason for this .

Also, coffee increases the metabolic rate. Hence, coffee is particularly beneficial for weight loss .

Therefore, the combination of coffee and intermittent fasting can help you to stay fasted longer and lose weight quicker.

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Can You Drink Black Coffee While Fasting Or Not

There are a few agreed-uponpleasures in life: Food is definitely one of them, coffees a close second,followed by photos of Ryan Gosling doing literally anything.

Intermittent fasting while, yeah, can help with weight loss takesaway one of those pleasures for hours on end .

So heres my question: You can look at all the Ryan Gosling photosyou want in that 16-hour fasting time frame … but that wont satiate you . So can you at least have coffee, or does the worldcontinue to be a cruel and unusual place?

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Can you have coffee while fasting?

Good news: You can have coffee in the morning as long as yourcoffee doesnt have calories, says Abbey Sharp, dietitian and blogger atAbbeys Kitchen. That means you need to drink it black. You cannot add sugaror dairy because that would add calories, fat, sugar, and therefore stop thefast, she says.

If you cant stomach black coffee ,no-calorie sweeteners like Stevia can help you out theyre still allowed whilefasting because they dont impact insulin or blood-sugar levels, says Sharp.

And even if youre not a coffee drinker, you dont have to solelystick to water while intermittent fasting any calorie-free drinks likesparkling water, black tea, and even your fave sparkling flavoured wateris totally fair game, says Sharp.

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When Will I Start Fasting

Can I Have Cream In My Coffee While Intermittent Fasting ...

The key trigger for all of them is energy deficit and glycogen depletion.

  • Fasting ketosis can happen as soon as your liver glycogen stores have been depleted and your liver starts producing ketone bodies. It takes about 16-20 hours for your liver glycogen to be emptied out but there are other factors to be considered
  • Autophagy requires the inhibition of mTOR, which is the bodys most anabolic metabolic pathway that makes your cells grow. AMPK supports autophagy because of the energy deprived state. Mild autophagy can occur as soon as you suppress mTOR by keeping insulin and blood sugar very low. However, for the cells to really start cleaning out the house, you need to be fasting for at least 24-48 hours to trigger any significant response.
  • AMPK gets triggered when your body needs to generate energy in a fuel deprived state. Fasting and glycogen depletion put you into a caloric deficit, which then ramps up your bodys adaptation mechanisms. Inducing a demand for calories through exercise or the cold can also upregulate AMPK.

As you can see, all of the beneficial effects of fasting come from these 3 pathways and you can achieve them in various time lengths.

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Keto And Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

For most beginners, getting started with intermittent fasting can help with fat loss, disease prevention and thereby increase longevity. And all that comes with minimal side effects.

If youve ever eaten dinner, slept in, and not eaten until lunch the next day, then youve fasted using the 16/8 schedule before.

You may even know people who are simply not hungry in the morning and instinctively do 16/8 intermittent fasting resulting in excellent fitness. After unlearning to be hungry in the morning, most beginners achieve the best results in intermittent fasting with 16/8.

In addition, the method is flexible and saves time. Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that intermittent fasting is just an eating pattern and not a complete solution to your diet.

Hence, regardless of which intermittent fasting method you choose, you will get better results with a low-carb diet.

Therefore, more and more people report that a ketogenic diet works wonders for intermittent fasting for a good reason.

Because both fasting and the keto diet are based on reducing insulin, emptying carbohydrate stores, and burning fat through ketosis, they are ideal matches.

since you dont have to spend hours burning your stored carbs first.

Used correctly, intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets can have a massive impact on health and weight loss.

Does Coconut Oil Break A Fast

Coconut oil can be classified as pure fat, and pure fat never affects your blood sugar, insulin, or any other indicator of an intermittent fast. When you consume coconut oil mixed with coffee, your body will still burn fat.

Some people also believe that consuming coconut oil while on an intermittent fast helps you fast longer. It also makes the fasting much more tolerable.

If you can do a twelve hour fast with regular coffee , when you add a bit of coconut oil you may be able to easily extend your fast to sixteen.

Additionally, coconut oil has also been found to spare the autophagy process, meaning it doesnt affect intermittent fasting negatively.

Having said that, many experts still disapprove of consuming coffee with coconut oil during intermittent fasting because it breaks a fast. Coconut oil is not calorie free when you consume it, you ingest calories.

If you consume coffee and coconut oil for breakfast, you need to be mentally prepared to burn off those extra calories and fat grams once you break your fast. Therefore, you need to consider this when entering your eating window.

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Can You Drink Or Eat Anything While Fasting

Yes, you can drink while fasting but you cannot eat while fasting. All solid foods have calories and therefore, they will break your fast.

After a 12-hour fast, I sometimesdrink a cup of Bulletproof Coffee to push me through 4 to 5 additional fasting hours.

Bulletproof coffee is not a zero-calorie drink however, there have been studies that have shown that the health benefits outweigh the fast, and that is why after 12 hours, I choose to extend the fast with it.

Bulletproof coffee does not cause an insulin spike, and theres additional research showing that your fasting continues even though it has calories. Each body is different, and therefore, its something to test out.

Intermittent Fasting: Coffee With Half And Half

Intermittent Fasting: Can You Have Coffee?

Since cream and regular milk can break a fast, half and half can too. Due to the significant mix of protein and carbs, half and half inhibits fasting benefits.

Furthermore, half and half is more likely to contain processed additives.

So regular kinds of milk are not safe for fasting. Can coffee with almond milk be an alternative for intermittent fasting?

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Questions About How To Start Intermittent Fasting

Let’s get started with some questions about what intermittent fasting is, common mistakes that people make, and how to get started properly

I’ve been following the Paleo diet for the last 2 months and I am getting interested in trying an intermittent fasting protocol. Should I wait longer before starting a protocol? Or is it advisable to jump into one, being that it’s been a relatively short period of time with the new diet?Chris P.

This is a good question to start with.

As Chris said, there are different styles of intermittent fasting. So, the first step is deciding which one to do. To make it easy for you, I broke down the major types of intermittent fasting and how to do them in the beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.

Personally, I do a daily fast where I eat all of my meals in an 8hour window and then spend the rest of the day and night fasting.

That said, it’s important to note that intermittent fasting isn’t a diet. It’s simply a schedule for eating. Or to put it another way, intermittent fasting is about when you eat, not what you eat. Of course, you’ll probably see better results if you’re eating a diet of real, unprocessed foods in addition to intermittent fasting.

This brings me to the second part of Chris’ question. If you feel comfortable with your diet , then I see no reason to wait to start intermittent fasting.

Have you had any experience with skipping breakfast, but still having coffee in the morning?Darius B.

Can I have tea during my fast?My Mom

Basic Bulletproof Coffee: For Intermittent Fasting

Updated ·

I may receive a commission if you purchase through links in this post. I am not a doctor please consult your practitioner before changing your supplement or healthcare regimen.

While Bulletproof Coffee has been popular for some time, its less commonly used, but an effective tool, to support the process of intermittent fasting. Enjoy this Keto, Low Carb, Paleo and GAPS recipe that allows you to lose fat and gain energy! Just 3 ingredients and five minutes of prep time provide a satiating breakfast and heightened performance for your days goals.

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Can I Have Cream In Coffee When Fasting

My husband and I tested our blood glucose and ketones after drinking coffee with cream to see if we could get closer to answering the question: Can I have cream in my coffee while I am fasting?

Weve concluded that yes, it is ok, but there are five important things that you need to keep in mind for optimal health and weight loss benefits.

Benefits Of Flavored Coffee Beans While Intermittent Fasting

Will Drinking Coffee Break Your Morning Fast?

Coffee, in any form, is an appetite suppressant, so it helps to make intermittent fasting a little easier.

If youre fasting to manage blood sugar, coffee is also great to have. One study showed coffee is associated with better insulin sensitivity. However, intermittent fasting, in general, has the same benefit, so if youre only an occasional coffee drinker, you dont have to start having it daily.

Another study showed coffee triggered autophagy in mice. While we need more studies to say for certain if this effect happens in humans as well, the results are promising for those who fast for autophagy.

If the coffee youre drinking was flavored during the roasting process and has only natural ingredients, you will get all these benefits by drinking it. Also, flavored coffee could help curb your sweet tooth, which can be extremely helpful during a fast.

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Coffee With Monk Fruit

Monk fruit extract has a similar effect to stevia. It is also extremely sweet about 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Although monk fruit sweetener is one of the better alternatives, I wouldnt use it daily for intermittent fasting, due to its counterintuitive nature.

According to studies, intense sweetness promotes appetite and cravings .

Too Much Coffee While Fasting

However, excess caffeine consumption may lead to higher blood glucose and insulin levelsif you overconsume it.

Although close to zero calories, drinking 2 gallons of coffee may still kick you out of a fasted state. Whether that be due to the surging rush of cortisol or because of simply drinking 100 calories of black coffee, which would require you to drink about 50 cups

Caffeine is an incredible performance-enhancing stimulant but the health benefits of coffee come from the drink itself, not the caffeination. Decaf coffee is as healthy for you while avoiding the other risks of increased blood pressure, accelerated heart rate or the jitters.

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What Can You Put In Your Coffee That Wont Break Your Fast

Although black coffee is perfectly acceptable for an intermittent fast, you may want to know if you can still add any of your usual mix-ins to your cup. In general, many health experts claim a fast isnt broken if you consume less than 50 calories within the timeframe of the fast. With this in mind, lets go over intermittent fasting coffee additions that wont break your fast.


From strictly a calorie perspective, technically, youre not fasting if you add any of these to your coffee because they all contain calories. However, fats themselves wont influence your insulin or blood sugar levels, so theyre the most recommended choice if youre looking to boost your insulin sensitivity .

While you may have heard recommendations for bulletproof coffee made by adding butter and MCT oil to coffee be aware that it contains over 230 calories in a 16-ounce serving . This fatty concoction is great for those on the keto diet, but it pushes the envelope when it comes to fasting. Its worth noting, though, that if youre fasting for weight loss, a little bit of fat may also help curb your craving so you can fast longer.

To maintain your fast, add only a small amount of either MCT oil, butter, or coconut oil to keep it under 50 calories.

If you’re curious about the ketogenic diet for weight loss, check out our keto diet tips to see if the diet is right for you.

What Else Can I Drink While I’m In A Fasted State

Intermittent Fasting 103: Can I Have That While Fasting??

Obviously, you can drink wateryou can even punch it up with some fresh fruit or a squeeze of lemon for flavor as long as you arent actually eating the fruit. But Boules says you can also reach for unsweetened tea, which is zero calories without anything extra added to it.

What you cant drink, however, are things like fruit juices, green juices, or smoothies. This trips people up sometimes, because we tend to think stuff in liquid form is calorie-free, just like water. But juices and smoothies are made with food, which means they have enough calories to break your fast.

The whole idea behind the alleged health-promoting benefits is actually fasting , says Boules. consuming something caloric during fasting hours in the form of sweetened beverages, juices, or smoothies, you’re not fasting.

Remember, the whole concept of intermittent fasting relies on a prolonged, uninterrupted period of not consuming any calories .

Most people opt for a 16:8 dietfasting for 16 hours per day and eating during an 8-hour windowthough it’s not totally clear as of now if 16 hours of intermittent fasting is the magic number of fasting hours to see weight-loss results. But, that’s a reasonable rule to follow until science reveals more about IF.

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Consideration #: Multiple Cups Of Coffee With Cream

The fourth consideration is that we tested the effects of one tablespoon of cream over a two-hour period.

If you have three cups of coffee over the course of a morning and you add cream to each of those cups, then you are providing your body with a consistent source of energy instead of burning it from your body stores.

The Takeaway: Intermittent Fasting Coffee With Coconut Oil Does Not Break Your Fast

Bulletproof coffee has definitely developed a cult-like following, with users who swear to life altering results.

Research has shown that starting your day with a cup of coffee and good quality fats can give you energy to start your day without breaking your fast.

Just make sure to account for the added calories when you plan your food for the day.

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Can You Drink Anything During A Fasting Period

While we know that food is restricted during a fasting period, can you drink coffee while intermittent fasting without breaking a fast? What about other beverages? Well, the answer to this would depend on the type of fasting. For example, the warrior fast, alternate day fast, and whole day fast allow some room for calorie consumption during a fasting period. So theoretically, you could consume any beverage during these types of fasts so long as you stay within the allotted caloric restriction.

On the other hand, time restricted fasting , doesnt typically allow for calorie consumption during the fasting period. With this in mind and considering the 16:8 method is the most popular form of intermittent fasting these days, lets break down what beverages will and wont break a 16:8 fast.

Consideration #: What About Autophagy

Can you Drink Coffee While Intermittent Fasting?

I see a lot of people concerned that any number of calories consumed during a fast will shut down autophagy. Autophagy is a self-cleaning process that your body has time to perform because resources are not used for the digestion of food.

While intermittent fasting does lend itself to better autophagy, it is challenging to determine how much cream in your coffee impacts the process.

I have a video on my YouTube channel that discusses autophagy and intermittent fasting if youd like to look into that topic further!

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