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Free Fasting App For Weight Loss

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The Best And Worst Diets For Sustained Weight Loss According To Registered Dietitians

Prolonged Fasting Weight Loss Plan Free Fasting App

So, does it actually lead to weight loss? Anecdotal evidence has led proponents of the plan to believe so. For the people who can adhere to IF, it does work, Kumar says. But fans of the approach claim theres so much more to IF than just a lean body. Lori Shemek, PhD, a nutrition and weight loss expert in Dallas and author of How to Fight FATflammation, explains to clients that IF may improve their insulin sensitivity , reduce inflammation, and boost longevity by bettering the health of your mitochondria , she says.

Online Weight Loss Community & Support

When it comes to reaching your goals, having a community of support can not only make the process easier, but more enjoyable, too! Throughout the challenge, youll gain access to our amazing Facebook community and be surrounded by thousands of women who can provide endless support, connection, and motivation. Oh, and they are all in it to win it, just like you! By staying connected to our community, you can stay up-to-date on how other women are doing throughout the challenge, share your favorite healthy recipes and workouts, and maybe even make a friend or two throughout the process!

Whats even better is that by joining our Facebook group, you will gain access to bonus workouts and more recipes! This is one weight loss community you will definitely want to be a part of!

Best Apps Thatll Make Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss So Much Easier

Intermittent fasting has become the go-to diet for weight loss, with celebs and many others touting it as the best way to drop pounds and feel better. Another reason people love it? Fasting diets come in many shapes and schedules, such as the 16:8, 5:2, and eat-stop-eat diet, to name a few of the most popular ones out there. You can pick one that works best for your routines specifically you just have to keep your fasting and feeding windows straight. Dont want to worry about setting alarms each day to remind yourself its time to eat? Intermittent fasting apps can do all of that for you.

But there are as many apps out there as IF plans. To start, look for ones that cater to your specific needs. When looking for an app for your intermittent fasting plan, first consider what your goals are, says Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, the author of Belly Fat Diet For Dummies. Do you want the app to just track your fasting time? Track your progress? Or help you with meal planning?

Another thing to keep in mind: As effective as IF has been for many people, theres no set number of pounds you can expect to lose by doing a fasting diet, says Hultin. Plus, you may not get the same results as someone else whos on your chosen IF plan.

Ready to dive into intermittent fasting and need a tool to help you along the way? Here are 12 dietitian-approved intermittent fasting apps designed to take the stress out of following any IF plan.

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Fastient: Best Free Fasting App To Monitor

If you are keen on taking notes and monitoring your diet and fasting, Fastient is the right app. Fastient is a comprehensive tracking app that helps you to record your food intake and overall progress. The interface allows you to journal, view graphs, and access all your records. You can access it from the app or desktop. When you look for results, progress tracking and accountability play a decisive role. Fastient, the best intermittent fasting app free helps you to manage these goals. Adjust your fasting plans with Fastient, the best free intermittent fasting app Android and iOS.

  • Monitor fasting time and diet
  • Record food intake

Launch Your Intermittent Fasting App

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

If you are a dietitian or the owner of a fitness center that aims to track your customers fasting and weight loss, we can help you out. Hire CronJ for health and fitness app development services. We provide android app development,iOS app development, and hybrid app development services according to your needs. Get in touch with us for your queries on the best intermittent app development.

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Intermittent Fasting Apps And Guides To Lose Weight Without Diet Restrictions

Struggling to lose weight? Try intermittent fasting with the help of these apps that help you choose and track the right diet.

Intermittent fasting is often seen as an easy way to diet since you dont have restrictions on what you can eat. Instead, you restrict when you can eat. Learn, track, and fulfill the promise of the diet with these best intermittent fasting apps and websites.

The idea that you have to fast for some time, and then eat for some time, is much easier to follow than the rules of other diets. The most popular form of intermittent fasting is the 16:8 diet, also called Leangains.

Science says the Leangains diet works to help you lose weight. These apps will tell you which IF diet is right for you, explain the basics, and help you track your progress.

Canceling Your Dofasting Subscription

The cancellation process depends upon how you purchased the app on DoFastings website, on Google Play, or with an iOS device. We recommend reviewing the companys cancellation instructions, which could be more straightforward.

DoFasting is also incredibly strict about refunds and does not seem willing to grant them. The company will only consider a refund if you contact customer support within 14 days of your purchase. You must provide proof of payment along with detailed information and visual proof showing how the product was faulty.

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What Are The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting refers to a type of eating pattern that creates a cycle within a period of fasting and eating. It does not define which meals you should have or when you should eat them.

The most recommended intermittent fasting process is 16:8. This system includes 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It serves various health benefits of weight loss to enhanced metabolism.

Another technique is 5:2, which ensures calorie restriction for two days out of seven days, and in the rest five days, you need to have balanced food. You have to choose a particular fasting method according to your lifestyle.

Free fasting app can assist you in controlling glucose level, liver fat, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Here are the lists of apps you can use in 2021-22.

Best Intermittent Fasting App Free

Simple Fasting App Review | Is It Worth It (2022)


Monthly/ Yearly

Window: Intermittent Fasting App for Beginners

Perfect for IF beginners, Window makes intermittent fasting as simple as possible. The bunch of features lets you schedule an eating window and follow it with easy notifications. The iOS app also syncs data with the Apple Health app. Window, the best intermittent fasting app free, provides various suggestions to improve your health too.

With the premium version, you can choose from various popular fasting plans. You can also add notes, photos, track weight, and much more with the premium version. Windows, the best free intermittent fasting app android and iOS, is the perfect place to begin your IF journey. It keeps your motivation high with visuals that help you to track and analyze your progress.

  • Healthy meal and snack suggestions
  • Suits best for unguided faster
  • Journal your daily reflections: mood, meals, water, etc

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting applications have several unique features that will benefit users in a big way. Users feel certain things while using the applications. However, one must understand how they can help users achieve the same results when they decide to create one.


Apps are packed with information, stories, and motivational quotations. They help users feel that they’re making a difference and are worth doing to remain inspired. When they have achieved their goals, or between their journeys, they can share their experiences and inspire others. This will help build the community and create an online base of users’ loyalty to the app.


The most effective intermittent fasting applications have progress reports and stats. These reports show users what new goals they’ve achieved. In addition, specific apps offer challenges and daily goals to keep users on track. Getting through the tasks is satisfying.


A majority of users use apps to simplify their lives. The app manages and keeps the user on track to stay on track. Nowadays, people are constantly in a hurry with many activities simultaneously. It’s only natural that some things are lost. For instance, windows for eating or the amount of water they drink.

All of these factors and others make up an outstanding intermittent fasting application.

The Key Takeaway

How Much Does Fasting App Development Cost

Intermittent fasting is trending worldwide, and the best way to track your fasting is through the top intermittent fasting apps. These apps are very helpful in tracking the fasts by providing the users different kinds of IF plans, recipes, trackers, bodyweight trackers, and many more things. Now the question is how much cost is needed for developing apps for intermittent fasting. So, for building as well as launching the basic intermittent fasting tracking app, you will need up to $20000 to $25000. However, this amount is not a fixed cost. Many things matter when it comes to hiring an app making company, so the cost depends on the projects requirement.


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Intermittent Fasting May Benefit The Heart

According to the Intermountain Medical Center, intermittent fasting plays a role in keeping the heart healthy.

This is great news considering heart disease is a leading cause of death around the world.

Intermittent fasting helps to lower blood pressure, which is good for the heart.

LDL and total cholesterol levels will also be improved.

Blood sugar levels will benefit from intermittent fasting as well.

Keeping the heart healthy will help to prevent heart disease.

If you have a history of heart disease in your family, intermittent fasting is something you may want to consider.

Top 8 Intermittent Fasting Apps To Help You Lose Weight

Fasting App

Oh, man, what time did I stop eating last night?

Its got to be time to eat now, right?

If youve ever asked yourself these questions, youve probably tried intermittent fasting!

And if youre a beginner, you probably sometimes feel confused about your eating windows, fasting windows, and timing and wish there was some easy way to track them.

Well there is an easy way, and its only as far away as your smartphone.

In this post, I review the top intermittent fasting apps, and break them all down for you so you can pick the best one for you and start making your intermittent fasting life easier.

Because life is complicated enough already, right?

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Fasthabit Meal Tracking App

The FastHabit application is perfect for any method of fasting, if you fast the same number of hours per day or if you change the fast window. For example, it works if you are not 16: 8 or if you are not 5: Method 2 and have a short window to eat on both days.

Image Credits:

You can see a summary of the last 10 days, which could help motivate you to stick to your schedule of daily fasting time, and you can set reminders that send notifications on your phone or Apple shows when a quick start or end.

Features of Fasthabit App:

Fastic: Free Fasting App

In intermittent fasting, you not only have to do fast, but the more important thing is to load up your body with healthy food. The Fastic app consists of over 400 recipes that feature healthy and filling ingredients that provide you with all the nutrients your body requires. You also get information on how the body works during the fasting window and give you access to other unique features like a step counter. Fastic is a free fasting app that you can install on Android and iOS. However, the prime membership of this app starts at $11.99 for one month, which gives you access to complete recipe books and daily challenges for keeping you motivated.

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Best For Free: Sunrise Fasting

Sunrise Fasting offers features including:

  • A fasting timer
  • Articles and videos with expert guidance
  • The app is free to use

As a free app, the Sunrise Fasting app is a good choice for people wanting to dip their toes. The fasting timer on Sunrise helps you keep track of your fasting time and reminds you when to start again.

Its got a place to track your history and progress to keep you motivated and on track. Trackers include spaces to track water intake, fasting history, and a food diary to ensure you have a normal calorie intake during your eating windows.

The app also offers guidance through articles and videos with experts on the IF way.

The app is popular mainly because its one of the best among the free options, however, there are still some areas for improvement. Users found it difficult to turn off push notifications on this app, meaning they were bombarded with notifications they didnt want.

In addition, because it is free, this app has limited features. If youre looking for a comprehensive companion on your IF journey, this might not be the one for you.

Even though were always on the lookout for a free version of the best intermittent fasting applications, this app is not as comprehensive as others. It may be best to just bite the bullet and pay a small fee for a more personalized experience.

Vora: Best Fasting App With Community Support

7 Day MEAL PLAN: Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss (The Diet Doctor App)

Vora is a fasting app that provides a daily fasting plan with weight loss progress. What makes Vora unique is is community support. Accountability and social support together lead to a better success rate. Like-minded people aiming at similar goals can help to stay motivated and stick to the IF plans in the long term. Vora is the best intermittent fasting app free on iOS for peer-to-peer IF motivation.

  • Daily fasting goals

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Types Of Intermittent Fasting Plans

Before you begin intermittent fasting, you must know the various types and the components they comprise to determine which one is best for you. These are the four most well-known ones.

24-Hour Fasting

It’s already clear that you’d have to fast all day with this method. The typical fasting time is from breakfast through breakfast or lunch until lunch. This option is best done only once or twice per week. You’ll return to your regular eating routine for six or five weeks.

Twice-a-Week Diets

In this scenario, it would mean that you’d fast two times a week, with a break every two days. In other words, you’d only fast between Wednesday and Friday. For the other five days, you’d be eating your regular diet.

In the case of the two days of fasting, consuming 200-300 calories meals with proteins and fiber is standard to help you feel fuller and not over your calorie limit simultaneously.

Time-Specific Eating

This is a method of having a specific time for eating and fasting hours per day. For example, you can set aside 16 hours of fasting, while the other 8 hours are for eating.

This is a good option because we’re already fasting while we sleep, So you’d need to prolong your time until lunchtime. This means you’d skip breakfast and then rush into lunch.

Another method is time-specific eating. This is”the 14/10 approach. This means you fast for 14 hours and then eat for the remaining 10 hours.

Alternate Day Fasting

Breakfast: Green Smoothie At 8 Am

After fasting, I like to ease into my day of eating with a smoothie since it is a little easier for my gut to digest.

Youâll want to go for a green smoothie instead of a high-sugar fruit smoothie to avoid starting your day on a blood-sugar roller coaster. Add in lots of healthy fats to keep you going until lunch!



  • Mix together coconut cream and ½ teaspoon cinnamon.
  • Line an 8-by-8-inch square pan with parchment paper and spread coconut cream and cinnamon mixture at the bottom.
  • Mix together ½ teaspoon of cinnamon with coconut oil and almond butter. Spread over the first layer in the pan.
  • Freeze for 10 minutes and cut into desired-size squares or bars.
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    What Is Intermittent Fasting

    To put it in the most simple words, intermittent fasting is basically an eating pattern in which you switch between fasting for a certain period and then eating during the remaining time throughout the day.

    This kind of weight loss program doesnt focus on WHAT you eat, but rather on WHEN you eat, as your whole purpose is to fast for a specific amount of hours at a stretch and then consume food after that.

    Depending on your preference, you may decide to fast for 16 hours a day and eat during the remaining 8-hour window, or you can try eating only one single meal a day for 2 days a week. Similarly, there are different ways to approach this program.

    Any of this can help your body burn fat, and it comes with a lot of health benefits as well, which are discussed below.What are the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

    Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting can positively impact your overall health, including your body and brain.

    Things To Know Before Downloading A Weight Loss App

    Fasting App
  • Price: Most apps are free to download but then require monthly or yearly fees to use. Prices can range from free to $60 per month, so if youre on a budget, youll want to pick an app that functions without monthly fees.
  • Philosophy: Some weight loss apps focus on calorie counting, while others use points or color coding. Pick an app with a system that you find easy to understand and motivating.
  • Logging Features: Weight loss apps with more bells and whistles allow users to upload foods and calculate calories by snapping photos or scanning barcodes, whereas basic systems require manually inputting each ingredient in a more tedious and potentially less accurate accounting process.
  • Database: The database of nutrition information and calorie content of restaurant meals, food products, and recipes varies significantly between apps. Higher-end apps have millions of saved items for speedier calorie logging.
  • Motivation: Weight loss apps use different motivational tools such as social or community support, points and virtual badges, behavioral change videos, one-on-one coaching, and daily push notifications. Pick an app that has a style that will be engaging and motivating for you.
  • After giving dozens of the highest-rated weight loss apps a try, weve rounded up our top five picks based on their value, ease of use, features, practicality, and how helpful and motivating we found it. Keep reading for our recommendations for the best weight loss apps to help you start losing weight.

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