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How To Begin Fasting And Praying

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How To Pray And Start Your Fast For A Breakthrough

Begin with Prayer and Fasting

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus. Where two or more gathered there youll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do.

The Bible says that if theres any un forgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying.

Therefore we release any anger, bad feelings, resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now. We laid at your feet and we release and forgive those who have wronged us.

Father in Jesus name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank you for the listener who desires a prayer to start a fast. They have made the choice to fast. You know the reason why Lord and we ask you for your help in keeping them focused.

We ask that they would be invigorated and strengthened in their innermost being now in Jesus name. We ask you for wisdom, revelation, and understanding regarding the reason the listener is fasting. we ask you for answers to any and all questions they may have. Helped them to discern your answer for you have promised to generously give them wisdom. we praise your Holy Name, we exalt you father, together we look to you for the answers.

Father, the listener delights themselves in you, and you cause their desires to be agreeable with your will. Lord, not their will, but yours be done.

Praise you, that you hear us when we pray according to your will. We know that we shall have the petitions that we desire of you. glory to God.

S To Successful Fasting


  • How long you will fastone meal, one day, a week, several weeks, forty days . We are fasting as a church for 21 days, but you are free to do any part of the fast or extend it.
  • The type of fast God wants you to undertake .
  • What physical or social activities will you restrict.
  • How much time each day you will devote to prayer and God’s Word.


  • Confess your sins and accept God’s forgiveness .
  • Seek forgiveness from anyone you have offended, and forgive all who have hurt you .
  • Make restitution as the Holy Spirit leads you.
  • Surrender your life fully to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master refuse to obey your worldly nature .
  • Consider the attributes of God, His love, sovereignty, power, wisdom, faithfulness, grace, compassion, and others .
  • Begin your time of fasting and prayer with an expectant heart .
  • Do not underestimate spiritual opposition. Satan sometimes intensifies the natural battle between body and spirit .


What Does The Bible Say About Fasting

I have food to eat that you do not know about.

Most Biblical fasting does refer to food.

When you think about it, food gives us nourishment, energy to get through the day and can reach a place of satisfaction for most of us.

In Biblical times, they would have spent a great deal of time preparing food. We dont so much with our modern lifestyles. We can microwave a meal in 5 minutes that would have taken hours for them to make.

Biblical fasting was focused on giving that time back to God in prayer and worship. That would have been a lot of time for all of their meal prep and eating. They also would have allowed the hunger pangs to remind them of their dependency on God and drive them deeper in prayer. If you lived then and were learning how to fast and pray you would have given up food for a period of time.

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Ways Fasting And Prayer Opens Doors

Every follower of Christ who seeks God with fasting and prayer can experience sudden and surprising open doors of spiritual opportunity, even if those open doors were never apparent before. It has happened in Scripture and it has happened to me. I am certain it will happen for many others as well.

Prayer Is The Most Important Part Of A Proper Fast


It is not merely refraining from food or an action, but it is coming before the Lord in prayer to hear the Holy Spirit speak to you and work in you. The Bible says this on when to pray, on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests . Prayer is communication with God, and it is truly the most important aspect of life. From the Garden of Eden, it has always been Gods heart to have relationship with His creation, and prayer is the vehicle of communication in which that can work. The Father knows your heart in fact, “the Father knows what you need before you ask Him . We can rest assured that it need not be the most stunning words ever spoken to Him He knows what we are trying to communicate. Romans 8:26 shares He can even understand our groans into prayers. The Father desires interaction with His children, and prayer opens the door to just that.

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What Is A Fast From Sex

Before men went to war in biblical times, they sometimes abstained from sex wither their wives to fast. The New Testament also reveals to us that abstaining from sex is a good thing to do when a couple decides on it together . This type of fast from pleasurable things short-circuits our tendency to lose appreciation for them. No matter how good something makes us feel, over time we take it for granted and lose the thrill.

S For Biblical Fasting

1. Set your heart before the Lord, coming to decide what to omit from your life and for what period of time.2. Be sensitive to the way of the Spirit for what you should give up, and for how long.3. Make preparations for the fast. If a food fast, set a game plan to be prepared and well hydrated for your fast.4. Dedicate time for prayer and quiet time during the fast to not just omit an action or food, but to get the fullness of being before and with God.5. Journal what you feel the Lord doing or saying to you during this time.6. List Bible verses to guard yourself from the Enemys attacks to pray over yourself during this time.7. Follow the fast faithfully in heart position most of all.8. End the fast when the Lord has given you peace for it to end.9. Be mindful to watch for the hand of the Lord in due time for answers, action, or a new perspective.

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Dont Think Of White Elephants

Without a purpose and plan, its not Christian fasting its just going hungry.

When your empty stomach starts to growl and begins sending your brain every feed me signal it can, dont be content to let your mind dwell on the fact that you havent eaten. If you make it through with an iron will that says no to your stomach, but doesnt turn your minds eye elsewhere, it says more about your love for food than your love for God.

Christian fasting turns its attention to Jesus or some great cause of his in the world. Christian fasting seeks to take the pains of hunger and transpose them into the key of some eternal anthem, whether its fighting against some sin, or pleading for someones salvation, or for the cause of the unborn, or longing for a greater taste of Jesus.

Drink Plenty Of Water

How To Pray and Fast For a Breakthrough | Steps To Fasting and Prayer

This fast is from food only you still want to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. For some, this may take some getting used to since most people dont drink nearly as much water on a daily basis as they should.

It is important to keep in mind that though you may not usually consume much water in general, without getting water from food and other sources, drinking water is crucial.

Though hydration is extremely important, dont stress out about trying to find out exactly how much water your body needs. An easy way to stay hydrated is just to drink a large glass of water every time you would typically have a meal or whenever you feel hungry.

The best part about water intake is it is actually fairly hard to drink too much, so just go off of how your body feels and you shouldnt have any issues.

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How To Start Fasting

Fasting is hard. It sounds much easier in concept than it proves to be in practice. It can be surprising how on-edge we feel when we miss a meal. Many an idealistic new fast-er has decided to miss a meal and only found our belly drove us to make up for it long before the next mealtime came.

Fasting sounds so simple, and yet the world, our flesh, and the devil conspire to introduce all sorts of complications that keep it from happening. In view of helping you start down the slow path to good fasting, here are six simple pieces of advice. These suggestions might seem pedantic, but the hope is that such basic counsel can serve those who are new at fasting or have never seriously tried it.

Fasting Info & Resources

WHO: Anyone is welcome to join in! Feel free to invite others by simply sharing this page www.Christs.Church/Fast with them.

WHEN: Begins on January 2, 2022

*If you have any known medical conditions or suspect such conditions, consult your doctor before beginning the fast.

**Levels of Participation: Twice in the book of Daniel a fast is mentioned. Once is for 21 days and the second for 10 days. We are asking everyone to join in this 21 day fast but if circumstance wont allow the full fast, we ask that you would set aside a day during the fast to join us in prayer and fasting.

HOW: There are multiple online resources available on the Daniel Fast. One thing youll notice is that there are many ways to do the fast. To keep it simple, we have included on this page what the staff and Eldership of Christs Church will be doing during the fast and some of the resources we will be using. This fast will require preparation as most meals will be made from scratch. We will have several recipes available .

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Why Look At The Types Of Fasting In The Bible

There are many types of fasting in the Bible or types of spiritual fasting.

Where the Bible does not give us rules per se, it does give us examples of many types of fasting in the Bible .

And please notice that God honored every type of fast so I see Grace in a fast that pleases God.

Also, when people were just following the rules they had set about a time of Fasting God did not honor it. To fast and pray is about the heart not the rules.

Fast From Something Else

FASTING FOR BREAKTHROUGH: Call to Fasting and Prayer

Dont just jump into not eating or drinking for a long period of time. Try fasting from technology or something that you spend a lot of your time doing. Media, reading non-religious books, watching secular movies, or a sports game are a few examples of what you can fast on.

Try to figure out what you love to do all of the time instead of reading the Bible and pray. Also, if you ask the Lord what you should fast from, He will give you an answer.

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For Strength Against Spiritual Warfare

Heavenly Father, each day is a struggle against sin and temptation. Give us the strength to overcome cruelty with grace, and hatred with love. God, remind us that our actions matter. We do not fight a physical battle but a spiritual one, and with each act of compassion we build your kingdom. Help us to be kingdom-builders today. Amen.

Fasting And Prayer How To

Fasting and prayer go together. Fasting is a means of prayer in which we give up food or some other daily activity of life for a set period of time in order to focus more clearly on God. The Hebrew word tsum means a voluntary abstinence from food, which has also been translated as deny self or afflict the soul.

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This Handout Is For Informational Purposes Only

The information in this handout reflects only the limited opinions, experience, and suggestions of IHOPKC and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional.

You should not use this information for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Additionally, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These tips have been found to be helpful and successful, but they are no guarantee that you will fast without experiencing any difficulties. You will need to do your own research, talk with health experts and those experienced in fasting, and continually ask the Lord for increased discernment and wisdom concerning fasting and healthy living.

How Do You Fast And Pray Biblically

Fasting tips and guidelines

While Biblical fasting refers to food. There are a number of ways to fast. Remember, the point is to connect with God on a deeper level. A Fast is about humbling our hearts before God. Fasting and praying are about giving up the thing you seek for satisfaction in order to draw near to God allowing God to satisfy you. The length of time and what youre fasting from depends on what you sense God pressing you to do. How long you fast is entirely up to you and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Youll want to put yourself on a schedule. Set aside ample time to be alone with the Lord. Listen for His leading. The more time you spend with Him, the more meaningful your fast will be.


Begin your day with praise and worship. Read and meditate on Gods Word. Invite the Holy Spirit to work in you and ask to be mindful of his presence. Pray for Gods vision and empowerment to do his will.


Return to prayer and Gods Word. If possible, take a short prayer walk. Journal what you sense God speaking to you.


Get alone with God and seek Him. Spend time in intercessory prayer for your community and our nations leaders, for the worlds unreached millions, for your family or other needs.

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To Know God’s Purpose

Lord, I surrender my life to you. I want to do something, to make something happen, all on my own strength, but I know without you I can do nothing. I know my life is not my own, it is yours to work through me. Lord, I am grateful for this life youve given me. Youve blessed me with different gifts and talents. Help me understand how to cultivate those things to bring glory to your great name. Amen.

What Time Should One Fast

Fasting can occur at any time. It really does come down to preference and ability.

For example, fasting can occur once a year, once a month, weekly or even daily, as mentioned above.

Ultimately a persons fasting time depends on what someone is fasting from and what their schedule is like.

A person is often cautioned to fast when it is safe to do so. They do not want to get caught being distracted or overloaded while weakened during a fast.

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Benefits Of Fasting And Prayer

Besides the physical benefits sometimes associated with fasting, there are also spiritual benefits. These can be seen in all the various occasions some one from the bible fasted and prayed to God in their hour of need. Some of these benefits include:

  • Protection: When we offer ourselves so completely to God, and show our devotion by denying ourselves physical gratification in order to grow spiritually. We are in turn not only granted our deepest needs but also gain protection from our Heavenly Father.
  • Victory over temptation: Our Lord Jesus Christ went into the wilderness and fasted and prayed for our Heavenly Fathers helping Hand. During this time Satan appeared and tried to tempt him, but fortified by the power of prayer and fasting, Jesus overcame temptation.
  • Reach the heart of God: While fasting we are able to rid ourselves of the pleasures of the flesh that drive us farther away from God. We are able to focus on what is really important, which is our relationship with our Heavenly Father.
  • Deliverance: During fasting and prayer we are able to reestablish our relationship with our Lord. All distractions are removed from our hearts and we are able to focus on our spiritual growth and salvation.

Helpful Hints For Your Fast

Fasting in the Bible Tips Scripture and How to Fast #bible ...
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • It is wise to abstain from strong stimulants such as caffeinated and sugary drinks during a fast, including the artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks. Also, avoid soy protein drinks, which have been known to cause health problems during a fast.
  • If you are on a juice fast, drink raw fruit juices such as apple, grape, and pineapple, which are excellent sources of necessary natural sugar to stabilize blood sugar and keep energy levels up. Orange and grapefruit juice are also good, but they are not recommended for arthritis or allergy sufferers. Monitor juice acidity carefully as it can cause canker sores . Raw vegetable juices such as carrot, celery, beet, or green vegetable combinations are excellent as well. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be made in a juice extractor or purchased ready-made . Some of the benefits of drinking raw juice versus bottled are that it does not stimulate digestion and it maintains all of its enzymes and nutritional value.
  • Expect some physical discomforts because of the detoxification process, especially on the second day. You may have fleeting hunger pains or dizziness. Withdrawal from caffeine and sugar may cause headaches, but it is a part of the detoxification process. Physical annoyances may also include weariness, tiredness, nausea, and sleepiness.
  • During a fast, four major areas of the body are going through a detoxification process. Take care to attend to each of these:

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