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How To Start Keto Diet And Intermittent Fasting

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It’s Best To Start By Tackling One Before Beginning The Other

KETO DIET MEAL PLAN AND RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS | How To Start Keto & Intermittent Fast | Rosa Charice

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to begin the keto diet and overcome any initial “keto flu” symptoms before incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine.

If you’re wondering how long you should wait, Healthline reported that those with the keto flu will typically experience symptoms for about a week, although some experience it for even longer.

Minimize Your Carb Consumption

Eating a very low carb diet is by far the most important factor in achieving ketosis.

Your cells normally use glucose, or sugar, as their main source of fuel. However, most of your cells can also use other fuel sources, including fatty acids and ketones.

Your body stores glucose, in the form of glycogen, in your liver and muscles.

When your carb intake is very low, glycogen stores are reduced and levels of the hormone insulin decline. This allows fatty acids to be released from fat stores in your body.

Your liver converts some of these fatty acids into the ketones acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate. These ketones can be used as fuel by portions of your brain .

The degree of carb restriction needed to induce ketosis varies by individual and can be affected by various factors, such as the types of exercise you do.

Some people need to limit their net carb intake to 20 grams per day, while others can achieve ketosis while eating twice this amount or more.

For this reason, the induction phase of the Atkins diet requires that carbs be restricted to 20 or fewer grams per day for 2 weeks to guarantee that ketosis is achieved.

After this point, small amounts of carbs can be added back to your diet very gradually, as long as ketosis is maintained.

In one study, adults with type 2 diabetes were allowed 2050 grams of digestible carbs per day, depending on the number of grams that allowed them to maintain blood ketone levels within a certain target range .

Isnt Fasting The Same As Reducing Calories

No, not necessarily. Fasting can reduce the time you spend eating and primarily addresses the question of when to eat.62 Calorie reduction addresses the question of what and how much to eat. They are separate issues and should not be confused with each other.

Fasting may reduce calories but its benefits extend far beyond that.63Learn more

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Variations Of Intermittent Fasting

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of fasting is that it is completely customizable. Whether youre doing time restricted eating or a once-per week fast, YOU get to choose how to fit fasting into your life. And, since we dont have data as to what the best fasting protocol is, the only thing that matters is how your fasting regimen uniquely benefits you and fits within your lifestyle.

While we mentioned that keto and intermittent fasting are often practiced together, they dont have to be. For some people, thats another attractive benefit of IF. Instead of focusing on exactly what to eat, with IF, youre only worried about when you eat.

Neurological Health And Mental Clarity

Keto tip on intermittent fasting for beginners ...

Ketosis and fasting are healthy for the human brain. When the ketogenic diet is followed, sometime within the first 30 days your body stops depending on glucose. This is because it is using stored fat for energy instead, and this state of ketosis is associated with enhanced mental clarity.

For this reason, certain experts believe that intermittent fasting improves a broad range of neuro-degenerative conditions, including stroke, Huntingtons disease, Parkinsons disease, and Alzheimers disease. After conducting a study on animals, researchers at the National Institute on Aging, found that cyclical fasting helps neurons in the brain to resist degeneration and dysfunction.

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How Does Being On Keto Help With Weight Loss

  • Fasting also helps to activate ketosis, which is the process in which your body burns fat and not carbohydrates for fuel.
  • Keto diet has been shown to be more effective than other types of diets like calorie restriction because it doesnt lead to any dips or spikes in energy levels throughout the day as well as having many additional benefits such as improved mood stability, mental clarity, and reduced inflammation.

Improved Blood Sugar Control And Insulin Sensitivity

By giving your body an occasional break from calorie consumption, you can also help improve blood sugar levels and enhance the insulin sensitivity of your cells. One clinical trial found that intermittent fasting may even be a better strategy than maintaining the same calorie deficit with six meals per day.

When combined with the keto diet which also has been found to help with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes the two dietary strategies may work synergistically for improving blood sugar control. However, more research is needed on the effects of using them in tandem.

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May Smooth Your Transition Into Ketosis

Keto is about switching your body from using carbohydrates for energy, to turning fat into ketones. The typical way to do this is by cutting carbs and increasing fat intake in your diet. For many people this transition can take some time and it comes with a number of unpleasant side effects known as keto flu.

IF speeds up ketosis and smooths the transition. When you fast, your insulin levels drop, causing your body to use its stored carbs . Once these are depleted your body begins using fat for fuel. 12

Think of fasting as a way to jump start ketosis.

Lunch Food On Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting Big Overview For Beginners By Dr.Berg

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Lunch Water Tea & Black Coffee

It doesnt really matter what you drink as long as it doesnt have fats/protein/carbs in it. Caffeinated is fine, but keep in mind that too much caffeine later in the day will interfere with your sleep quality in such a way that your health and dieting progress will suffer.

While I am intermittent fasting, I aim to drink just over a gallon of water a day and drink most of it in between my breakfast and my eating window.

As your kidneys get used to processing the water, and your bladder gets used to the increase in the amount of water youre intaking you wont have to go to the bathroom as much. I know it can be troublesome for the first two weeks to drink that much water, but its extremely good for you to do so, especially while you are adapting to keto.

How To Do Intermittent Fasting On Keto 8 Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Ease into Intermittent Fasting

The best way to start keto intermittent fasting is to ease into an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

If you are a complete beginner to fasting, start with a few days of 16/8 intermittent fasting without making any changes to your diet.

If you have experience with fasting and feel confident with it, you can skip this step and go straight to making dietary changes.

To help your body adapt to intermittent fasting, our 21-Day Keto Fasting Challenge Plan suggests gradually reducing your eating window. Meaning, you start with a 12-hour fast on the first day, and gradually increase it to 16 hours.

How to pick your keto fasting / eating window? For most people skipping breakfast is the easiest but some choose to pass on dinner instead. Few potential scenarios for a 16/8 keto intermittent fasting:

  • If you start eating at 8 am, start fasting at 4 pm
  • If you start eating at 12 pm, start fasting at 8 pm
  • If you start eating at 2 pm stop eating and start fasting at 10 pm

STEP 2: Introduce a Keto diet: what to eat?

Feel good about sticking to your intermittent fasting schedule? Excellent! Your next step is to adjust your nutrition by introducing a ketogenic diet.

Below is a list of foods that are recommended for the keto intermittent fasting diet.

Keto Intermittent Fasting friendly foods

All foods with zero or low-carb percentage, such as:

  • High-fat fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines
  • Unprocessed meat such as beef, pork, lamb, poultry
  • Eggs
  • Berries .

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Alternate Day Fasting Or Adf

Alternate-day fasting, also known as Eat-Stop-Eat and the Up-Day, Down-Day diet, involves fasting on alternating days of the week and eating unrestricted the other days.

As an example, if Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun are your eating days, then Tue-Thurs-Sat would each be fasting days.

Staying with the above example, your last meal on Monday would be at dinner time, and then you wouldnt eat again until Tuesday dinner or Wednesday breakfast.

Choosing a true 24 hour fast would generally involve fasting from dinner one day to dinner 24 hours later, the next day.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use an even more aggressive 36 hour fasting window, prolonging the fast from dinner one night to breakfast time, the day after next.

Although the prolonged fast periods of ADF may be harder for some people compared to daily IF fast windows, ADF offers the following unique advantages:

  • The longer fast periods allow people to implement fewer restrictions on food intake during eating periods
  • Longer fasting windows may offer increased health benefits
  • For athletes or people who train intensively, a full day of eating may also help fuel performance and recovery

For many people, ADF isnt the ideal starting point, but that doesnt mean you cant give it a try. If youre drawn to alternate-day fasts but arent sure whether theyre a good idea yet, consider using another fasting method with shorter fasting periods first for 4-12 weeks, then switch over to ADF.

Intermittent Fasting And Keto: Should You Combine The Two

Intermittent Fasting Helps to Lose Weight Fast and Improve ...

The keto diet and intermittent fasting are two of the hottest current health trends.

Many health-conscious people use these methods to drop weight and control certain health conditions.

While both have solid research backing their purported benefits, many people wonder if its safe and effective to combine the two.

This article defines intermittent fasting and the keto diet and explains whether combining the two is a good idea.

1 ).

There are many different types of intermittent fasting routines, including the 5:2 method, the Warrior Diet and alternate-day fasting.

Perhaps the most popular kind of intermittent fasting is the 16/8 method, which involves eating during an eight-hour timeframe before fasting for 16.

Intermittent fasting is mainly used as a weight loss technique.

However, studies found that it may benefit health in many other ways.

For example, intermittent fasting has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve brain function and blood sugar control .


Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves rotating between periods of fasting and normal eating. Popular methods include the 5:2 and 16/8 methods.

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Intermittent Fasting On A Low Carb Diet: How It Works

Intermittent fasting can be a helpful tool in your weight loss toolbox. Learn from our decades of experience how to pair intermittent fasting with Atkins and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Intermittent fasting is becoming increasingly popular, but if youre already adapted to a low carb dietor considering starting oneyou may not need to rely on it as your sole diet. The truth is: Atkins diet plans offer many of the same benefits intermittent fasting does, all on their own.

What Is The Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, very low-carb way of eating.

Carbs are typically reduced to 20 to 50 grams per day, which forces your body to rely on fats instead of glucose for its main energy source .

In the metabolic process known as ketosis, your body breaks down fats to form substances called ketones that serve as an alternate fuel source .

This diet is an effective way to shed pounds, but it has several other benefits as well.

The keto diet has been used for nearly a century to treat epilepsy and also demonstrates promise for other neurological disorders (

8 ).

Whats more, it may reduce blood sugar, improve insulin resistance and lower heart disease risk factors like triglyceride levels .


The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet linked to potential health benefits, such as weight loss and improved blood sugar control.

If you commit to the ketogenic diet while doing intermittent fasting as well, it could offer the following benefits.

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Whats Next Intermittent Fasting & Keto After The Meal Plan

After youve tried our meal plan, take a moment to assess how it went.

  • How did you feel while you were fasting? Were you struggling to make it to your next meal while fantasizing about food or were you able to stay focused throughout the day?
  • Does intermittent fasting fit with your schedule and lifestyle better than eating meals throughout the day?
  • Is an intermittent fasting schedule a better strategy for you to sustain weight loss than what you were doing before?

Your answers to these questions will provide you with enough info to determine whether or not intermittent fasting is a good dietary strategy for you.

Some people just cant put up with fasting and need to have evenly spaced meals throughout the day, while others experience more energy and focus when they dont have breakfast.

Some keto dieters are able to get incredible results when they use intermittent fasting while others feel worse and dont experience much of a benefit at all.

If you think that intermittent fasting isnt right for you, then theres no need to force it. Just by maintaining a calorie deficit and following the keto diet, you can experience most of the benefits that you would get from intermittent fasting anyway. Follow whatever meal schedule works best for you, and use the principles in our How to Lose Weight on the Keto Diet article to guide you in the right direction.

Intermittent Fasting & Keto: The Ultimate Guide

KetoFast Q& A – starting keto and intermittent fasting for beginners

a year ago

After a quick glance at the headlines on most health-related sites, youd no doubt notice that intermittent fasting and the Ketogenic diet are two of the most popular nutrition trends around right now.

Both are commonly used by health-conscious consumers looking to manage their weight and support their general wellbeing, and they each have a solid body of research behind them as standalone dietary interventions.

Nevertheless, you may be wondering whether it’s effective to practice both at the same time…

In this article, we take a deep dive into all things IF and Keto, exploring how they work, their potential benefits, and how to successfully combine the two.

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The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting 16/8

Intermittent fasting is an effective fasting method with research-backed health benefits, including healthy weight loss, better cognitive function, and lower inflammation. It has become a popular tool for improving overall health and reaching nutrition and fitness goals. The most well-known, approachable, and sustainable method is intermittent fasting 16/8.

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