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Intermittent Fasting Paleo Meal Plan

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What Is The Paleo Diet

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The paleo diet is one of the famous diet plans in todays society. It has gained popularity from its link to weight loss. Some people may argue that they have never heard of this diet plan before. However, you probably have.

You might have heard other people refer to it as the paleolithic or caveman diet. Whichever term you use, they all refer to the same eating approach. Typically, this nutrition plan is associated with the eating habits that date back to the paleolithic era. It might shed light on why it is also referred to as the paleolithic diet plan.

This era existed about 2.5 million years ago . During this era, most of what people ate came from nature. It might explain why a lot of todays fast food favorites and processed foods are not allowed on this eating plan.

So, the paleo diet mimics all the kinds of foods that people from this era typically consumed . Remember that most of them were fishermen, hunters and gatherers . So, most of the foods will mostly fall under these 3 categories.

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How Paleo And If Work Together

IF has an inherent Paleo/ancestral quality. Our ancestors didnt have continuous access to food like we do today, with drive-throughs, grocery stores, and refrigeration. IF was part of life, when hunting or foraging didnt go well.

During a fast, your cells switch from using glucose as the primary energy source to using fat. The time it takes for this switch to happen may be as early as 10 hours after food consumption has stopped, but some evidence indicates that 18 hours is needed for the full effect. Our bodies have evolved to function efficiently by switching between using fat or glucose as the primary fuel source.

Before even attempting IF, your diet should already look Paleo-ish, or at least it shouldnt resemble the standard American diet. If your body is used to running on processed carbs and sugar all day long, and youre eating late into the night, never allowing your body to practice using fat as the primary fuel source, then youll crash trying to do IF.

Other aspects of a Paleo lifestyle are cornerstones of IF. You also should be getting good sleep, managing your stress, and exercising regularly before implementing IF. IF stresses the body, so you need to make sure your body isnt already stressed out from lack of sleep or a huge life stressor. You want IF to be a hormetic stressa slight or moderate stress that makes the body strongerinstead of a stress that wreaks havoc on your system.

What Is Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo diet plan is patterned after what our hunter-gatherer ancestors did.

Although its somewhat impossible to know precisely what our ancestors ate in different locations around the world, researchers think that their diets consisted mainly of whole foods.

This diet is based on the premise that our hunter-gatherer ancestors by eating a whole-food-based diet and leading physically active lives had much lower rates of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Therefore, this diet can lead to significant weight loss and significant improvements in our health.

This post explains how the paleo diet plan works, and it includes essential information, including a sample meal plan.

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The Perfect Diet: Paleo + Iifym + Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent Fasting How Many Calories

The East Stop Eat intermittentfastingplan consists of eating normally on day 1, then abstaining from food until dinner on day 2. With the Eat Stop Eat plan, you’ll eat at least one full meal every day, which makes it more palatable for some than the 5:2 plan. Popularized by health author Brad Pilon, the plan is an effective way to fast for. The 18:6 intermittent fasting can be a great option for those who want to slim down. In a way, it is an advanced version of 16:8 intermittent fasting and has similar benefits, including weight loss, reduced risk of type II diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and reduced inflammation. The only difference between these two types of fasting.

Vegan Entirely plant-based diet, excludes all dairy, egg, and meat products. When following an intermittent fast plan with vegetarianism, you can expect to lose a safe and steady amount of weight as you progress. This generally occurs at around 1-2 pounds per week, or around 4-8 pounds after a full month.

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Paleo Diet Plan Guide

Looking for a resource on the Paleo diet for beginners? Look no further.

In this Paleo diet plan beginners guide, youll find more on the Paleo diet basics, some quick tips for maximizing your success on the Paleo diet for the long term, which Paleo foods you should include or avoid on the plan, and some tasty recipes to get you started.

  • Trying a 30-day Paleo meal plan can help you decide if its right for you and if it can help you achieve your goals whether that includes weight loss, increased energy, lower blood pressure or simply overall better health from healing eating.
  • If the regular Paleo diet feels overly restrictive or difficult to follow, try a modified version instead. There are plenty of options available, making it easy to find something that works for you.
  • Print out a list of healthy Paleo foods, and bring it with you to the grocery store for an easy reference. Look for organic fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods with minimal added ingredients to ensure youre getting the best quality.
  • As a simple rule of thumb, opt for whole foods that have been minimally processed whenever possible. Products with long lists of ingredients are often pumped full of preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners that youre better off without.
  • One of the best ways to avoid unhealthy cravings and snack foods is to simply keep them out of your kitchen altogether. Be sure to keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand, and kick the junk foods to the curb.
  • Keep Your Exercise Goals In Mind

    Depending on the strictness of IF, gaining muscle during this eating approach may be difficult. If youre able to eat a calorie excess using the 16:8 approach, bulking while doing IF is possible, but less likely if youre fasting 24 hours a couple times per week.

    On the other hand, training in the morning during a fasted state can actually be beneficial, as long as you dont overdo it. Fasted training has been shown to improve metabolic adaptations and protein synthesis.

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    Examples Of Daily Intermittent Fasting

    Daily intermittent fasting typically lasts between sixteen and twenty hours. So, for someone whos chosen a lifestyle of daily sixteen-hour intermittent fasting windows, a couple of days might look like this:


    • Last meal by 6:00 pm
    • Fast from 6:00 pm until Tuesday


    • Awake/continue fasting upon waking up
    • Break fast and begin eating at 10:00 am
    • Eat during eight-hour eating window of 10:00 am. to 6:00 pm
    • Rinse and repeat

    Simple Paleo Meal Plan For Weight Loss

    Best Weight Loss Plans Reviewed (2021) | Jason Fung

    It would help if you only considered designing simple paleo meal plans after your doctor and dietitian acknowledge that it is safe for you. If they do not give you the go-ahead, then hold your horses until you get this confirmation.

    Once you get the confirmation, the next step is to sit down with your dietitian and design a paleo meal plan for weight loss. You can choose to craft a basic paleo meal plan to last for different durations. It means that you can create a simple 7-day paleo meal plan or a 4-week paleo meal plan. It will depend on your goals and what your healthcare provider deems suitable.

    To help avoid making nutritional mistakes, it is best to work with a nutritionist if it is your first time trying this diet plan. Typically, these professionals will recommend a simple beginner paleo meal plan such as the one below:

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    How To Get Started With Intermittent Fasting

    If youd like to begin intermittent fasting, its a good idea to get clearance from your doctor first, especially if you have any health issues. That said, the following checklist should help anyone get off to a great start with intermittent fasting:

    • First, decide which type of intermittent fasting youd like to do. Remember, theres daily intermittent fasting and weekly twenty-four- to thirty-six-hour intermittent fasting.
    • Second, look at the fasting/eating illustrations above to get an idea of how you might map out your fasting windows and eating windows.
    • Third, define your intermittent fasting period and its accompanying eating or feeding windows.
    • Fourth, commit to getting between seven and nine hours of sleepevery night. Adequate sleep curbs hunger and is vital to your health and recovery from exercise.
    • Fifth, enjoy water, coffee, or tea anytime, even during your fasting periods. Drink as much as you like. Staying well hydrated helps with hunger and comes with a long list of health benefits.

    Thats pretty much it. All you have to do is fast during your chosen intermittent fasting period and only eat during your eating or eating window .

    If You Have Diabetes Is Paleo A Good Choice For Blood Sugar Management

    The takeaway: Essentially, there arent enough encouraging study results for experts to make a formal recommendation for people with diabetes to try the paleo diet just yet. If you want to try the plan with the aim of managing your blood sugar, be sure to clear it with your healthcare provider first.

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    T25 IntermittentFasting. T25 is a great program for beginners starting Intermitting Fasting. With the workouts only being 25 minutes long your appetite shouldn’t soar after your workouts. Make sure you stay well hydrated drink 8-16 ounces upon waking up in the morning along with 8-16 before eating lunch. On an intermittentfasting diet plan, you only eat twice a day. For this reason, it’s important to get plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals at lunch and dinner to meet your daily needs. At each meal, make sure you include a generous serving of protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, or plant-based protein, like soy. The 5:2 Diet. With the 5:2 intermittent-fasting schedule, you eat normally for five days and fast, by restricting yourself to 500-600 calories, on the other two. The 5:2 diet effectively helps with weight loss as long as you monitor the total calories consumed on your eating days and limit them to a certain target.

    Some of the ways in which people break this method up is by fasting for a day or two a week, or three or four days a month. Alternate Day Fast: This method consists of eating three regular meals a day, with your last meals at about 6 or 7. You then fast until that same time the next evening.

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    Favorite Paleo Diet App

    Pin on healthy life

    This app provides a handy visual food list , plus a calorie and macronutrient tracker so you can better work toward your goals and chart your progress. Find it on iTunes, where its free with in-app purchases and has a 4.2-star rating, or , where its also free and has a 3.7-star rating.

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    But Eating All The Time Isnt Good Either

    The most popular diets these days seem to be diets of extremes, with the word moderation being viewed as an excuse to not do the hard work of eating healthily. I want to make sure that Im clear: Just because intermittent fasting isnt likely to provide much health benefit above and beyond making good food choices, reigning in caloric intake, and dialing in lifestyle factors, that doesnt mean I support eating at any time or all the time during the day!

    A variety of studies show that avoiding eating within 4 to 5 hours of going to bed at night improves sleep quality. In addition, a 12-hour feeding window is associated with beneficial health outcomes . Combined with the research showing metabolic benefits to eating breakfast , this makes a good case for eating a balanced and complete breakfast soon after waking , three nutrient-dense meals per day , and making sure dinner is regularly eaten on the early side and avoiding evening snacking.

    Turns out that old adage eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper is a pretty good way to go!

    If Mimicking Vs Intermittent Fasting

    Its possible to combine IF mimicking with intermittent fasting for a five-day window in one of two ways. Those on a 16:8 fast would consume the days small snacks and meals within an eight-hour window. Alternatively, you could slowly reduce calories from 1,200 to 700 over four days, then close the FMD with a 24-hour fast.

    While an intermittent fasting protocol is potentially ongoing, its important to remember that the FMD is not a long-term diet. After five days or more of caloric restriction, results diminish as the body goes into starvation mode, slowing metabolism, holding on to fat and keeping glucose in your blood. While some find the FMD a good introduction to intermittent fasting, it should not be done in conjunction with intermittent fasting over a long period of time.

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    The Perfect Diet Plan For Longevity

    Now that we set the tone and you understand that you will need to commit and invest some time into this, well move onto the concepts of the diet.

    This diet is a collection of the best diets out there. It allows us to reap the benefits of them all, without falling into one single camp. Because as most know, there are some small detriments to most diet plans. This is as close as it gets to the perfect diet.

    Paleo is great for your gut health, but it doesnt always allow you the flexibility youd like in order to reach your caloric intake. Add to that, sometimes its hard to actually get enough fuel for optimal performance. White rice is an excellent example of this, because it is such a perfect fuel source around your training easy to digest, almost pure carbohydrate, and in most people it can be turned into energy in the body very rapidly.

    Intermittent Fasting has unbelievable health and hormone benefits that contribute to longevity, fat loss and muscle gain. Things such as growth hormone, testosterone, insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels, digestion, and inflammation all see improvements when intermittent fasting is utilized regularly. But its also extremely hard to hit your protein needs and sometimes even your daily caloric needs while following this protocol.

    So what do we do at this point? We combine them all, to make The Perfect Diet.

    The Autoimmune Protocol E

    Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan | FULL DAY IF Meal Plan (What I Eat)

    Your practical guide to jump-start your healing with the AIP today.

    One of my FAVORITE books I used to start the transition to AIP!!! Its so helpful! I printed mine out and spiral bound it. Thank you for this!

    Rita Davidson

    Studies reveal compliance challenges over the long-term for just about any weight loss interventionlosing weight successfully and keeping it off requires a lifestyle overhaul, the formation of lifelong healthy eating habits, behavioral modification, and addressing more than just dietary factors . When it comes to achieving a caloric deficit, I recommend looking at nutrient-dense and balanced diets that focus primarily on satiating whole foods, so that eating an appropriate amount of calories requires a little less will power. I discuss the science behind healthy weight loss in detail in my Healthy Weight Loss online course.

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    Cons Of Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting is one way to regulate your calorie intake and work toward improving your metabolic health.

    Though the eating pattern can certainly be part of a healthy diet, it will likely take some adjusting to in the beginning. Plus, simply put, intermittent fasting is not right for everyone.

    Here are a few downsides you could encounter when first trying intermittent fasting.

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    What Is A Typical Day Like On The Paleo Diet

    Here is an example of a typical day on âThe Paleo Dietâ:

    • Breakfast: Omelet with spinach with fresh fruit.
    • Lunch: Grilled chicken, kale, and avocado salad with vinegar and olive oil.
    • Snack: Apple slices and almond butter.
    • Dinner: Steak with asparagus and sweet potato fries.
    • Dessert: Strawberries and a piece of 85% dark chocolate.

    That doesnât sound so bad, right?

    Make sure you check out our Paleo Diet Recipes and Resources section too for more options.

    Start with a good protein source with each meal , and then add a vegetable or fruit.

    Thatâs it.

    If you feel hungry constantly, understand that changing up a diet can cause a body a few weeks of adjustment.

    Remember, your body is learning to operate on both fewer calories AND fewer carbs depending on how low carb you go this could be a DRAMATIC change.

    And this is often referred to as âcarb flu,â and it can be miserable! Your body might take multiple weeks to adjust to these new habits.

    Going from a processed, high sodium diet to a paleo diet you will very often end up eating too little sodium, which is an essential nutrient.

    So if youâre feeling tired all the time, try adding some salt to your food or consider an electrolyte supplement this is what we recommend with our Keto readers too.

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