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What Can I Drink When Fasting

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Can I Drink Alcohol While Intermittent Fasting?

If youre doing intermittent fasting, then you need to avoid all caloric intake for a certain period of time. You cant eat food, drink juices, have desserts or snacks DOH! we must staaarveee

Its not that bad actually

Once your body enters a fasted state, your physiology shifts into mild ketosis, which increases fat burning and reduces appetite.

So, the longer you fast, the deeper into ketosis you get and the easier it gets. Theres not much difference in terms of your hunger levels between fasting for 48 hours VS fasting for 5 days because your body adapts very quickly to the abstinence of calories.

Nevertheless, there are still some additional beverages you can drink during your fast that wont break the fast.

Best Foods To Consume While On If

  • Cruciferous vegetables

Foods like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are all cruciferous vegetables that are enriched with fiber as their major nutrient and are pivotal diet food to prevent cancer risk.

When youre eating during certain intervals, its crucial to eat fiber-rich foods that will keep you regular and help your bowel system run smoothly.

Also, fiber helps to promote satiety which means you might feel full earlier than usual, so its again a good thing for you while you are on intermittent fasting where most of your time kills by without eating anything.

  • Legumes

Beans and legumes are known to be beneficial incorporations in your IF diet. These are low-calorie options that also keep your carb load to a threshold level while you fast.

Foods like chickpeas, black beans, peas, and lentils have been shown to decrease body weight, even without calorie restriction.

So, your purpose of an IF rounds up to a worthy point- weight loss without even keeping yourself hungry!

  • Eggs

When you are on intermittent fasting and obviously, eating less, proteins help you out by building up muscle and keeping you full.

An egg is one of the richest sources of protein. One large egg provides around 6.24 grams of protein and cooks up in minutes.

So, if you are in a fasting dilemma, crack up some eggs!

  • Whole grains

Dieting and carbs- opposite ends of the same universe!

But as they say, opposites attract . While fasting, you can have your share of low-carb food.

Can You Drink Or Eat Anything While Fasting

Yes, you can drink while fasting but you cannot eat while fasting. All solid foods have calories and therefore, they will break your fast.

After a 12-hour fast, I sometimesdrink a cup of Bulletproof Coffee to push me through 4 to 5 additional fasting hours.

Bulletproof coffee is not a zero-calorie drink however, there have been studies that have shown that the health benefits outweigh the fast, and that is why after 12 hours, I choose to extend the fast with it.

Bulletproof coffee does not cause an insulin spike, and theres additional research showing that your fasting continues even though it has calories. Each body is different, and therefore, its something to test out.

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Can I Drink Coffee / Alcohol / Juice / Soda / Tea While Fasting

No. Any beverage other than water should not be consumed before a blood test, unless approved by your healthcare provider. Alcohol, soda, and juice contain high quantities of sugar, which can interfere with many common test results.

Black coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages are diuretics, which can have a dehydrating effect and cause test results to be inaccurate. For best results, avoid drinking all non-water beverages for the recommended amount of time before your test.

Health & Wellnesswhat Is The Omad Diet Learn How The One

What Drinks Can I Drink While Fasting?

That being said, exercise before you eat because people get hungry about half an hour after they finish working out and may find it too hard to stick to their plan if they cant eat anything at all afterwards, Varady noted.

If youre on the 16:8 plan, exercise before or during your eating window. If youre doing alternate day fasting and are exercising on your 500-calorie day, save food for after your exercise session.

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Learn More About Intermittent Fasting

Do you want to finally start Intermittent Fasting and see positive changes on your scale and the energy you are dreaming about?

Join Your 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge and get all the information and support you need to successfully master the Intermittent Fasting.

By signing up, you will receive a comprehensive Intermittent Fasting Guide, easy-to-follow 21-Day Meal Plan, the 21-day daily action plan, access to a supportive community and daily encouragements to keep you going!

More on Intermittent Fasting


In some articles, we include products we think are useful for our readers. When you buy through these links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Read more here.

Information on this document and our website is for educational and informational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a dietitian, physician or another health-care professional. Consult your physician before starting intermittent fasting, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. Read more here.

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The Best Drinks For Intermittent Fasting

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#2 Coffee // If youre like me, you cant start your mornings without coffee! Black coffee is totally fine. I have the Inissia Nespresso Maker and I use Nespresso Pods to make my coffee.

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#4 NutPods // If you like cream in your coffee, you can use unsweetened plant-based milk while fasting. I use NutPods and I absolutely love them! These dairy-free creamers are an alternative for those who follow keto, paleo, plant-based, vegetarian, lactose-free, and/or diabetic diets, too. NutPods have zero sugar. Use code MYLIFEWELLLOVED for 15% off!

#6 Apple Cider Vinegar // Apple cider vinegar has many benefits! It can improve digestion, lower blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, help with weight loss, reduce belly fat, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health.

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What If I Hate Water

If youre one of those people who dont enjoy drinking water, you have a few options

First, you can try infusing your water with lemon or cucumber. You may get some calories from these, but it would be so few that it wouldnt matter.

If it gets you to drink more water, its worth it.

The other option is to use water enhancers to increase flavor while also providing electrolytes to increase hydration.

My favorite brand is Mio Drops. They are calorie-free and taste delicious! I always buy a few sets at a time, so I never run out, and they do help!

Can You Drink Water When Fasting For A Blood Test

Can I Drink Soda When Intermittent Fasting? Viewer Question

These tests are known as direct-to-customer labs and can be bought at reasonably priced rates. You dont need a doctors appointment or prescription and you get your outcomes back within a handful of business days. As a basic rule of thumb, you must quickly for at least 8 hours just before undertaking a blood test. Most physicians schedule these tests early in the morning so that you will be asleep most of this time.

GGT is an enzyme in the liver that helps it to work efficiently. Fasting is not generally necessary just before a blood test, but when it is, it is only for a brief time. Even so, the thought of not consuming or drinking, even for a little amount of time, can seem daunting. Heres what you need to have to know about coffee and blood tests. The Gamma-glutamyl transferase test shows the level of the GGT enzyme in your system.

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Green Coke And Stevia

Ads sell stevia to us as the natural sweetener par excellence. Nevertheless, like table sugar from sugar beet, it is extracted from a plant and refined through chemical processes.

With this in mind, the sweetener in Green Cola suddenly no longer sounds that natural.

Additionally, the plant-based sweetener has further problems:

  • Alters the gut microbiome

So the situation is exact. Stevia and Green Cola are not suitable for intermittent fasting.

Some People Believe That Zero

Sweet-taste receptors, low-energy sweeteners, glucose absorption and insulin release.

Data from numerous publications on the effects of low-energy sweeteners on appetite, insulin and glucose levels, food intake and body weight have shown that there is no consistent evidence that low-energy sweeteners increase appetite or subsequent food intake, cause insulin release or affect blood pressure in normal subjects.

If a drink is truly a zero calorie drink, you will be fine.

If you are paranoid, then substitute plain carbonated water in place of soda while fasting.

I have had great fat loss results drinking Diet Coke while intermittent fasting.

I also have used coffee and tea.

I may give apple cider vinegar a shot along with salt water to see if it makes a difference.

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Questions About How To Start Intermittent Fasting

Let’s get started with some questions about what intermittent fasting is, common mistakes that people make, and how to get started properly

I’ve been following the Paleo diet for the last 2 months and I am getting interested in trying an intermittent fasting protocol. Should I wait longer before starting a protocol? Or is it advisable to jump into one, being that it’s been a relatively short period of time with the new diet?Chris P.

This is a good question to start with.

As Chris said, there are different styles of intermittent fasting. So, the first step is deciding which one to do. To make it easy for you, I broke down the major types of intermittent fasting and how to do them in the beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.

Personally, I do a daily fast where I eat all of my meals in an 8hour window and then spend the rest of the day and night fasting.

That said, it’s important to note that intermittent fasting isn’t a diet. It’s simply a schedule for eating. Or to put it another way, intermittent fasting is about when you eat, not what you eat. Of course, you’ll probably see better results if you’re eating a diet of real, unprocessed foods in addition to intermittent fasting.

This brings me to the second part of Chris’ question. If you feel comfortable with your diet , then I see no reason to wait to start intermittent fasting.

Have you had any experience with skipping breakfast, but still having coffee in the morning?Darius B.

Can I have tea during my fast?My Mom

How To Take Electrolytes While Fasting

What Can You Drink While Fasting Without Breaking the Fast ...

Next Id like to offer practical advice on electrolyte supplementation. I designed my protocol to provide a bit more sodium, potassium, and magnesium than the average person needs. It may not hit your needs exactly, but it should get close.

I generally suggest people take 5,000 mg of sodium, 1,000 mg potassium , and 300 mg magnesium malate each day in addition to food. I believe these are reasonable dosages for fasting days too.

You might be thinking that five grams of sodium sounds high. Isnt salt bad for your heart? Not according to a 2011 paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association . In this large cohort study, folks excreting 5 grams sodium per day had fewer heart attacks and strokes than those consuming the government-recommended limit of 2.3 grams. Five grams sodium was the sweet spot.

Moving on, a gram of daily potassium is only about of the RDI, but should stabilize potassium levels during a fast. Just be sure to eat a potassium-rich diet during feeding periods.

Finally, 300 mg magnesium will meet basic requirements and can also help you relax during a fast. This comes in handy when you go to bed hungry, which is never easy.

To hit your electrolyte targets, you have a couple options: buy supplements separately or take a preformulated mix. For reasons of convenience, I prefer option B. Thats why I created LMNT Recharge, my no-nonsense electrolyte blend.

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Water With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great drink for anyone doing intermittent fasting to lose weight.

Apple cider vinegar has tons of great qualities and enhanced weight loss is only one of them. Just like lemon juice, it has trace calories, so you are free to add apple cider vinegar to your drinks, salads or just drink it on its own.

Not everyone likes its taste, but I personally love drinking water with ACV. For me it tastes just like apple juice. You can learn more about great qualities of apple cider vinegar in this article.

Conditionally Allowed Intermittent Fasting Drinks

You can drink the conditionally-allowed drinks only if you really have trouble continuing the fast and dont want to break it entirely. These drinks will also help you get through a longer fast.

They do have calories and cause a metabolic response but their impact on blood sugar is minimal so you can still consume them and reap most of the intermittent fasting benefits.

Here is the list of intermittent fasting drinks that you can consume conditionally.

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What Types Of Blood Tests Require Fasting

The most common types of tests that require fasting include:

  • Glucose tests, which measure blood sugar. One type of glucose test is called a glucose tolerance test. For this test you will need to fast for 8 hours before test. When you arrive at the lab or health care facility, you will:
  • Have your blood tested
  • Drink a special liquid containing glucose
  • Have your blood re-tested one hour later, two hours later and possibly three hours later

Glucose tests are used to diagnose diabetes.

What Should I Drink While Fasting

Coffee? Tea? ACV? What Can I Drink During a Water Fast?

You should always drink water during your fasting and eating windows. The best way to stay hydrated and suppress your appetite is to drink lots of water. The common rule you need to follow is, drink liquids with no calorie content while fasting. If you like caffeine, having unsweetened coffee or tea can be beneficial to your fast. Limit your caffeine intake to prevent yourself from being jittery. You should only ever add lemon or light spices to your drinks for flavor to keep them truly calorie and sugar-free. If you follow these guidelines, you can drink safely without worrying about breaking your fast.

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    Intermittent Fasting: What You Can Drink During Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting is not a diet, its a pattern of eating. More importantly, it’s a way of life. It really has nothing to do with the foods you can eat, but when you eat them.

    Relatively simple and straightforward, the most popular way to intermittent fast is the 16/8 Method. This involves skipping breakfast and eating only within an 8-hour period of the day while fasting for the other 16. But the question we often get asked, is what are you allowed to drink during those other 16 hours, in order to not break your fast and lose weight more effectively?

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    Why Do Intermittent Fasting Then

    So if fasting per se isnt what results in weight loss and health improvements, why then do intermittent fasting in the first place?

    Well, although fasting doesnt seem to have any magical properties in and of itself, there are a number of good reasons why you should consider doing intermittent fasting! This is, after all, why we often use this approach with many of our online fitness coaching clients!

    So here are a few reasons why you should consider doing intermittent fasting :

    1. More structured eating

    How often have you found yourself mindlessly snacking between meals? A couple of cookies with your coffee, a small piece of cake that Suzy brought for her birthday at work, a few nuts and dried fruits before dinner, some popcorn with a movie at night. When you think about it, little snacks here and there can add up to quite a few calories. Well, the more structured eating that is a result of intermittent fasting can eliminate this problem and can help people better control their diet.

    2. Bigger, more satisfying meals

    Eating every 2-3 hours sucks. For one, its impractical and makes you think of food all day. It also means that you never really get to eat big meals, especially if you are a smaller, physically inactive person. On the other hand, more infrequent meals that are larger in volume and provide more calories are usually much more satisfying and may help you feel fuller for longer.

    3. Sustainability and adherence

    4. Social Flexibility

    5. Improved hunger awareness

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