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What Is The Best Free Intermittent Fasting App

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Best Collaborative Fasting App: Life Fasting Tracker

INTERMITTENT FASTING — Apps Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Here weve got another grateful option for fasting apps. Aside from the standard features every fasting app ships with, Life Fasting Tracker offers some unique features that make it supreme to the competitors.

Firstly, the application is focused on teamwork a lot. Oftentimes, you might want to be sharing your diet plan or progress with your family, friends, doctor, or trainer. For that purpose, the program allows creating social circles for instant and convenient sharing of anything you want to.

Another marvelous stand of the program is the availability of personal sessions with expert coaches for dedicated instructions on what kind of diet plan you should devise. These sessions can cost you between $37.50 and $60 for 30 minutes of the call. However, getting started with the app is completely FREE.


The app offers both FREE and paid versions. The sessions with coaches start from $37.50 for thirty minutes.


The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Get for iOS or Android.

Will Lemon Water Break A Fast

Like all fruits, lemons contain fructose which is a naturally occurring sugar. Anything containing sugar, calories, fats, and other dietary nutrients can break a fast. Hence, lemon water can break a fast due to the fructose causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

If the lemon is not squeezed and instead placed into the water in slices, this may be ok and prevent the fast from breaking.

What Are The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting refers to a type of eating pattern that creates a cycle within a period of fasting and eating. It does not define which meals you should have or when you should eat them.

The most recommended intermittent fasting process is 16:8. This system includes 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It serves various health benefits of weight loss to enhanced metabolism.

Another technique is 5:2, which ensures calorie restriction for two days out of seven days, and in the rest five days, you need to have balanced food. You have to choose a particular fasting method according to your lifestyle.

Free fasting app can assist you in controlling glucose level, liver fat, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Here are the lists of apps you can use in 2021-22.

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What Foods Can You Eat On The Warrior Diet And What Should You Avoid

That depends which version of the diet you’re following. The original Warrior Diet plan called for small meals of low-carbohydrate, naturally occurring foods such as eggs, dairy and nuts, paired with high-nutrient carbohydrate sources such as fruits and vegetables throughout the day, says Totoro. The daytime underfeeding period was followed by mass quantities of high-protein and high-fat foods paired with whole grain and whole-food carbohydrate sources during the overfeeding period at night. The more modern take on the Warrior Diet allows you to eat whatever you want during your eating window.

While the original diet stressed nutritious and naturally occurring foods even during the feast stages, the more modern, free-for-all mentality can lead to overeating high-fat foods that are often lacking in nutrients, says Totoro.

If youre still intrigued enough to try it, he recommends easing into a fasting period a few days a week to assess how your body responds.

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps That You Must Try In 2021

Intermittent Fasting Apps: 12 Best Fasting Apps to Try in 2020

Being a professional dietitian or fitness & wellness startup, if you are planning to enter the fasting apps world, but not sure whether to move ahead with the idea or not. This blog is for you.

Herein, being an app development firm, we have curated a list of 8 best intermittent fasting apps that you must try in 2021. So, lets have a look at the top intermittent fasting apps.


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If You Do Intermittent Fasting These 5 Apps Are A Must

If you’re just starting out with intermittent fasting, no matter which method you follow, having the right support and motivation is the key to your success. Using apps can be a game-changer, and these five are the best. They all offer different features, so choose the one that best suits your fasting schedule and info you want to track.

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps For Android And Ios

Whether you want to try it to lose weight or for other health reasons, intermittent fasting can give you great results. However, theres always some confusion about how exactly to start fasting, especially when you have never done it before. When should you eat? How do you track your fasts? Luckily, you can make your journey easier with the help of an intermittent fasting app. Here are the best intermittent fasting apps to try for Android and iOS users today.

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Whenever I Feel Discouraged Or Unmotivated I Remember Why I Started

There have been times when I just wanted to give up and not care anymore. IF is not easy it takes time and patience. Going without eating can be difficult. But it has had so many more health benefits for me other than weight loss.

I’ve also found that if I am busy on my fasting days, I am much more likely to stick with it. But if you need to, you can eat up to 500 calories without it disrupting anything. You have listen to the signs of your body. But if it nags at you, just eat. Its definitely okay.

Fastic: Fasting App & Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Zero vs Fastic – The top 2 Intermittent Fasting apps Review

With more than 17 million users, Fastic is an intermittent fasting app where you can find the support and motivation you are looking for. This fasting app will help you develop healthy eating habits with experts.

Unique Features of This Intermittent Fasting App

-> Attain the ideal body type that you wish to have with the help of this iOS and Android intermittent fasting app.

-> Improve the self-healing mechanism of your body with the help of this mobile application.

-> Stabilise insulin levels and normalize your blood sugar level by practicing intermittent fasting with this mobile app.

-> Allergies and inflammations can be prevented or reduced by following the fasting with this app.


Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

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What Can You Eat On The 1: 8 Diet

Honestly, you can eat whatever you want on the 16:8 diet. There’s no calorie- or macro-counting required as part of the plan.

That being said, if you want to lose weight, you’ll want to make sure your meals consist of a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbs, Eliza Savage, RD, a registered dietitian at Middleburg Nutrition in New York City, previously toldWomen’s Health. Think: grilled chicken, half of a sweet potato, and a grilled vegetable for lunch or dinner.

While it may be tempting to feast when you break your fast, you should aim for a small protein-rich snack that you can eat slowly. By doing this, you’ll be better able to gauge your hunger cues and avoid overeating.

Some people find they see better results on the keto diet when combined with intermittent fasting, but sticking to a high-fat, low-carb diet certainly isn’t required.

Simple: Intermittent Fasting And Meal Tracking

Price: Free | Premium version starts at $14.99

Plus Point: Easy-to-use meal journal for mindful eating

Simple fasting and meal tracker app is ideal for keeping yourself in good shape. It keeps track of your eating habits and provides you with personalized insights about your health, making your daily fasting routine more efficient.

The platform has various educational and motivational content on staying mindful about your eating habits. You can even subscribe to daily support, customized guidance, true motivation, expert guidance, and easy life hacks that will help you get the most out of intermittent fasting.

Depending on your fasting stage, it shows you whats happening inside your body, from ketosis to immune cell regeneration. You can share your progress with friends anytime and motivate them to join you in your journey towards a new healthy lifestyle.

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Life Fasting Tracker Review

Life Fasting Tracker has a very well-arranged feed, which makes navigating through the app a breeze.

Its beautiful, white display has a very soothing effect on the mind. Perfect for those stressful moments at the end of your fast.

Whats also great about the app is that it has an amazing, supportive community of users.

What are its key features?

  • Customizable fasting tracker: It has a fasting tracker that allows you to select the different types of Intermittent Fasting. But you can also easily adjust it to make your own custom fasting routine.
  • Advanced tracking: It has advanced tracking features that are also beautifully displayed, so you can immediately see all of your progress.
  • Its own supportive community: It has its own community called Circles. Here, you can follow and connect with other Intermittent Fasters. Make posts on your feed, just like you would on Facebook. And create groups of your friends, colleagues, and other Circlers. This is great to help each other reach your goals.
  • A knowledgebase: It has a knowledge base of articles and videos with tips and exercises to help you adjust to the IF-lifestyle. And lose weight.
  • Keep track of ketosis: It also has an option to track when you reach ketosis. Perfect for if you combine IF with the ketogenic diet.
  • Integrate with your Apple health kit: It has a Bluetooth scale integration for Apple health kit. This allows you to track your weight loss progress automatically.

What sets Life Fasting Tracker apart from other apps?

Are You Looking For The Best Free Intermittent Fasting App

Free Intermittent Fasting App Reddit : 10 Best Apps For ...

Water fasting app free. The basic features four essential tools for the fasting life. It notifies you of keto stages, water consumption, mood and weight tracking, and others. Procedure for water fasting water fasting 7 days how to make the right water fasting diet water fasting kaskus 3 days water fasting experience water.

I do not feel limp or hungry. Fast track your goals when you track your fasts with zeroexpert guidance, insights, and accountability to unlock a longer, healthier life. Fasting isnt just a way to demonstrate faith and devotion.

You might also be confused about terms like fasting windows, 16/8, or the 5:2. Wondering what intermittent fasting app delivers the best results? There are health benefits to fasting as well.

The zero interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Youve heard about the benefits of drinking water.still, you may need prompting, reminding, and inspiring. The benefit that interests most people is weight loss.

Zeros advisory team includes some of the worlds leading doctors and researchers, including our chi There are social support features that allow users to chat with other fasters among the community. Some evidence suggests that water fasting may even suppress genes that encourage cancer cells to grow.

zero is the world’s most popular fasting app. Zero is an app that can be customized to track your fasting times, so it will work no matter which type of if plan youre following. The health benefits of water fasting.

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Which Is The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps For 2021 The Wrap Up

Thus, the intermittent fasting application is high in demand that extensively improves your health and monitors your weight. Due to such a busy schedule, you may skip the water or diet that adds up to obesity problems.

But, with these best intermittent fasting apps, everything can be brought into control. A workaholic person can manage his water schedule and also keep a record of calorie consumption.

So, if you are penetrating into the fitness market, let me tell you, it has a really wider scope. According to areport, the fitness market is expected to grow by 21.30% from 2020 to 2027.

You can hire a professional company for developing fitness apps similar to intermittent fasting or majorly into the health sector. Because people are tilting more towards maintaining their health and fitness. And, thus, this is the right time to put your foot forward.

Info Stans is the trusted Mobile App Development Company in India, USA, and UK that understands your requirements and exactly builds the app as demanded.

Book an appointment now to discuss the estimated cost of your application.

How Do You Fast With Zero App

The Zero app allows users to select which fasting method they would like to use. For example, whether you wish to try the 16:8, 5:2, alternate-day fasting, or any other method, you input your preference and Zero will notify you when to begin and end your fast. It is more of a reminder app than anything else.

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Zero Best Intermittent Fasting App

Zero is a beautifully designed tracker used for intermittent fasting, circadian rhythm, and personalized elongated fasting. As the largest fasting community via an application in the world, zero, it is easy for you to harness the power of fasting to improve your health.

Image Credits: apple.com

Zero can be customized to track your time of fasting, which means that it works regardless of the type of plan you are on . You can select from various preset fasting windows or create your own schedule that can last up to seven days.

Features of Zero app:

  • Reflect on your fasting experience with the journal of fasting
  • Weekly articles made by their expert team of content to keep you inspired and informed
  • Earn badges to celebrate your milestones of fast and stay inspired
  • Set a goal for weight and track your progress
  • Stay progressive with special events and group fasts
  • A beautiful design well thought out, it is easy to start fasting
  • View your progress in fasting over time

Zero On Play Store Zero On App Store

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps To Try In 2021

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps of 2020 || The Most Complete Review

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where people cycle between periods of fasting and eating. It is not directly related to dieting it does not change what you eat it changes when you eat.

There are many different variations of intermittent fasting. The most popular ones are:

  • The 16:8 Method: involves fasting every day for 16 hours and restricting your daily eating window to 8 hours.
  • The 5:2 Method: involves eating normally for five days and then restricting your calorie intake to 500-600 calories on the other two days.
  • One Meal A Day : is an extreme fasting method where you fast for 23 hours a day and eat whatever you like for one meal.

If you do choose to try one of these variations, make sure that the food you eat contains all the proper nutrients your body needs.

Several studies suggest that intermittent fasting can effectively prevent weight gain and promote weight loss. In fact, this type of short-term fasting can increase your metabolic rate by 4-14%, helping you burn even more calories. According to an in-depth review paper published in ScienceDirect, intermittent fasting can result in 3-8% weight loss over 3-24 weeks.

Overall, it can be an incredibly powerful method for weight loss. If you want some good resources to help you adapt this method, we have gathered some of the most useful, feature-rich intermittent fasting apps.

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Best Features Of Fasthabit Intermittent Fasting App

  • Can Schedule Different Fasting Lengths For Different Days: If you are the type of intermittent faster that likes to switch things up a few times a week this app makes it super easy to do so. If you would like to follow the 16:8 time frame on Monday and then go to 5:2 on Tuesday, this app can schedule that in advance.
  • Can Input Fasts From Previous Days: If you forget to input your fasting times from the other day, dont sweat it. FastHabit allows you to enter your times from days that have already past.
  • Quick Review of Your Progress: This app also offers a snapshot look at the past ten days of fasting. A great source of encouragement to continue the habit of sticking to a fast.
  • Free and Doesnt Require a Subscription: The FastHabit app is free to use and is available both on the App Store and

Finest Intermittent Fasting Apps

Right here is the checklist of finest free weight monitoring apps and to make it simple for you, we have now ready the checklist of finest apps for intermittent fasting based mostly on their options, value, and platform availability.

Nevertheless, all of the apps are free to make use of, however you might have to pay for the subscriptions, in-app purchases, superior options, and consultations.

Now lets talk about all these apps intimately to know extra about them and discover the rationale why these apps are the very best.

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Whether 1: 8 Or Alternate Day There’s An App To Guide You Through Your Fast

Trendy diets come and go, but intermittent fasting has proven to be popular and shows some early promise in scientific studies. But while the basic concept is simple , it can be hard to do in practice.

You need to choose a specific IF cadence , use schedules or timers, and develop the willpower to not break the fast. Not surprisingly, there are a number of excellent apps that can help. Here are the eight best IF apps for iOS and Android.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet, including intermittent fasting.

  • Easy to get started quickly.

  • Basic fasting is free.

  • Reporting and statistics is inspiring.

  • No preset choices for common fasts like 5:2 or alternate day fasting.

  • The Zero Plus subscription is surprisingly expensive.

Zero is a very polished and user-friendly fasting app. It starts by assessing your goals and what kind of eating schedule you currently have, then it matches you with one that isn’t terribly different.

The app can send you notifications when it’s time to start and stop your fast, and you can easily track your progress over time, which includes celebrating your fasting streaks and watching your weight change over time.

The app is free with an in-app upgrade to the Zero Plus plan for $10 per month. If your needs are simple, the free version does literally everything you could need and gives you a half-dozen fasting choices. But if you want to build a custom fasting plan, you’ll need to upgrade.

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