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18 Hour Fasting Diet Plan

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Medical Reasons Not To Do Intermittent Fasting:

8 October 2022 Intermittent Fasting Diet (18:6) 18hrs Fasting: 6 Hour Eating Window (4pm-10pm)

There are a few reasons intermittent fasting may not be the best method to lose weight. As in any other diet certain individuals do well and others do not. In this diet there are more common reasons to avoid IF including these situations: diabetes, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and women trying to conceive or breast feeding.

The diaphragm below shows the blood ketones during a fast and the elevation in ketones by adding MCT oils compared to no MCT oils. Note below the minimal ketosis without fasting, the increasing Ketosis with overnight fasting and the elevated and prolongation of the ketosis when adding MCT oil at night and in the morning.

How To Intermittent Fast 16/8eating Or Drinking During The 16 Hour Fasting Period

All foods are eliminated. Zero calorie, zero sugar drinks are permitted as is coffee and tea. Its very important to eliminate all sugar and carbs during the fasting period. Eating any sugar or significant calories stops the ketosis and fat burning. Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener and a zero sugar coffee creamer are the best choice upon awakening. The zero sugar creamers or a ketone bomb increases the ketosis and fat burning during the morning fasting period. The fat in the creamers containing MCT oils quickly bypass the liver, goes to the the brain and circulation increasing the overall ketosis. This increases energy, decreases appetite and increases metabolism.

How Does It Differ From The 1: 8 Method

This plan may sound very similar to the 16:8 intermittent fast with just a smaller feeding window, however, it is actually very different to execute. Heres why:

  • You are fasting the majority of the day whereas on the 16:8 most of your fasting time is done while you are sleeping which makes it much easier to stick to.
  • You are able to eat a small portion of specific foods during your 20-hour fasting window on the Warrior Diet.
  • The four-hour eating window makes it much more difficult to consume your daily calories and meet your nutrient needs in such a limited time. Its much easier to achieve this in eight hours.
  • The original Warrior Diet places a much greater emphasis on the types of food you should be eating throughout the day and during your four-hour overeating period. Although the modern 20:4 diet has relaxed to allow you to eat what you want in your 4-hour window.
  • The original Warrior Diet also included an exercise plan to maximise the fitness and weight loss benefits while dieting.
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    Losing Weight With : 6 Intermittent Fasting

    One of the most noticeable benefits of following a fasting plan is the ability to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is proven to help with weight loss, boost metabolism functions, and increase your heart health while giving you more energy.

    But how does it work? 18:6 fasting weight loss is triggered by putting your body into a calorie deficit by abstaining from calories for 18 hours a day, which kick-starts your metabolic process.

    The ketones produced by your metabolism in this state target fat stores in the body instead of glucose for energy, burning fat rapidly. Plus, the metabolic switch activates several other processes in the body, further assisting with weight loss.

    What Can I Drink While Fasting

    Pin on intermittent

    You can drink anything that doesnt have calories! Ideally, also avoid beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners, as these can impact your metabolism through your gut microbes. Some artificial sweeteners raise your insulin levels more than others , but theres a connection between many artificial sweeteners and negative gut microbe changes, insulin resistance and metabolic disease. While a recent meta-analysis suggests we need further research, it may be best to avoid sucralose, aspartame and saccharin in general.

    While fasting, you can drink things like black coffee, unsweetened hot and cold teas, water with added electrolytes, carbonated water, water with lemon, etc. Learn more about what you can drink while fasting here.

    If you are feeling like you need a little pick-me-up during a longer fast, you can enjoy some bone broth, some kombucha tea or other beverages with very small amounts of natural flavorings or healthy fats added. For example, you might enjoy some coffee with a little bit of butter or coconut oil added.

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    /6 Intermittent Fasting Guide: All You Need To Know

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    What is 18/6 Intermittent Fasting | How to Follow 18/6 Intermittent Fasting | What to Eat in 18/6 Fasting | Benefits | Disadvantages

    Intermittent fasting is a diet that has helped many people lose weight and maintain overall health. There are many variations of the fasting diet, but the 18/6 intermittent fasting seems to have a fan following among all. It involves skipping meals for 18 hours and then eating only during 6 hours.

    A similar but more popular intermittent fasting plan than 18/6 is 16/8 fasting. It involves 16-hour fasting and 8 hours of eating time. People who can accomplish it comfortably go for the 18/6 fasting plan. Let us get into the detail of the 18/6 intermittent fasting with the help of this guide.

    What Is Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and periods of voluntary fasting over the course of a single day, week or other defined period.


    In human terms, it merely means controlling when do you eat and when you dont. The period when you dont consume any food or drinks is called a fasting window. And the rest is calledeating window.

    How long you choose to have your fasting or eating window is really up to you and your chosen Intermittent Fasting schedule. I will cover all the most common schedules and their pros and cons in a few sections below.

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    Hour Fast/ 1: 8 Hour Fast/ 1: 6 Hour Fast

    This is the widely used method in weight loss programs. You can fast either for 14hours, 16hours, or 18hours. So you can continue eating the rest of the hours to complete the daily nutritional demand. The beginners can start the program with overnight 12-hour fasting.

    When your body gets adapted to fasting, you can change it to 14-hour then to 16 or 18hour fasting. So your body will have enough time to switch metabolism.

    While continuing the intermittent fasting, make sure to calculate the daily energy requirement. The calorie intake for the day must not exceed the daily energy expenditure. If not, there is no use in fasting.

  • 14/10 method: you fast for 14 hours and eat for 10 hours, for example, your eating window can be from 9 am and 7 pm.
  • 16/8 method: you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours, for example, your eating window can be from 9 am and 5 pm
  • 18/6 method: you fast for 18 hours and eat for 6 hours, for example, your eating window can be from 9 and 3 pm.
  • Should You Do 1: 6 Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting Review | 18:6, Warrior & OMAD diet experience

    Should you choose the 18:6 plan over alternate day fasting, calorie restriction, or one of the many other weight loss strategies available? The answer is it depends. The 18:6 plan works well for some lifestyles, personalities, and goals, but not all.

    If youre looking for a way to simplify your nutrition approach while still achieving all of the benefits of intermittent fasting , the 18:6 plan may be a good option for you.

    However, eating during a short 6-hour window doesnt work for everything. If you have a history of disordered eating, I would avoid following any form of IF as the restrictive nature of it could be triggering.

    If you have diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar levels, eating during such as short window of time may increase the risk of hypoglycemia and should be avoided. Additionally, individuals with certain health conditions, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid this style of eating.

    Individuals who are very physically active may not find time restricted eating works for their increased energy needs. If you are an athlete or a very physically active person considering an 18:6 plan, you will need to ensure your eating window matches with exercise routine to be able to fuel your body both before and after a workout.

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    Does The 1: 6 Intermittent Fasting Plan Promote Weight Loss

    Studies have shown intermittent fasting has been shown to promote weight loss and may offer some health benefits, such as improvements in sleep quality as well as improved insulin sensitivity.

    Although more research is needed, IF appears to provide similar weight loss benefits to following calorie restricted meal plans. For some individuals who would prefer to simplify their weight loss approach by only focusing on eating time versus following a structured calorie controlled eating plan every day, this style of eating may be a good match for weight loss success.

    When you choose to eat can impact the benefits of this plan as well. Some research suggests that early time restricted eating where the eating window is earlier in the day versus later may be better for appetite regulation as well as metabolic benefits such as improved insulin sensitivity.

    Why Would Anyone Intermittent Fast

    Intermittent fasting is not a new concept by any means. In fact, the idea surrounding it is to mimic the way our hunter and gatherer ancestors used to eat way back when. They would hunt for food not knowing when their next meal would be. When they caught something, they would feast like they didnât know when their next meal would be .

    Today, intermittent fasting has become the adopted term to mimic this ideology in modern society. We artificially famine , followed by eating all of our food in a short window .

    There are also many benefits on the body when intermittent fasting. I will cover these later in the article.

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    How To Start With 18/6 Intermittent Fasting

    The 18/6 method is not a beginner version of intermittent fasting. If you are new to intermittent fasting, we recommend you pick a method with a shorter fasting time, such as 14/10 or 16/8 intermittent fasting.

    Once you get used to a beginner-friendly form of intermittent fasting, you can gradually increase the time until you reach a daily fasting time of 18 hours.

    When following 14/10 intermittent fasting, youâll likely eat three meals within the 10-hour-window: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    When following 16/8 intermittent fasting, you may eat two or three meals, depending on your preference. The smaller your eating window gets, the more it makes sense to reduce the number of meals you eat.

    Here is how your intermittent fasting journey towards 18/6 may look like:

    • Follow 14/10 for two weeks with breakfast, lunch, and dinner between 8 am and 5 pm
    • Switch to 16/8 and follow it for two weeks with breakfast, lunch, and dinner between 9 am and 5 pm
    • Keep following 16/8 for another two weeks, but reduce the number of meals to two: breakfast and late lunch between 9 am and 5 pm
    • Switch to 18/6 with two meals between 9 am and 3 pm

    This is just one example of approaching 18/6 intermittent fasting. You can adjust the number of steps to get there and, as mentioned above, choose the fasting time that suits you best.

    It Wasnt Until March 2020 That I Became Consistent In Making A Lifestyle Change

    Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

    This included the way I viewed food. I chose a low-carb and intermittent fasting eating plan because, after trying several methods to lose weight, this combo was the only one that I felt I could sustain over my lifetime.

    I fast for 18 hours and eat within a six-hour window , and I typically only eat two meals per day during my eating window. This is the eating method that works for *me*but you should always check in with a dietitian or doctor before making big changes to your diet.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Following An 1: 6 Plan

    There are many potential benefits to following this style of intermittent fasting, including:

    Eating during a smaller window each day may help with appetite regulation and food cravings

    Anecdotally this plan has been reported as being easier for some people to follow versus daily calorie restricted eating or fasts that restrict the entire day. This is likely due to the fact that there is less focus on what you should or should not eat during your eating window, rather it being more about when you should be eating.

    Some people may find this easier for social situations where food intake can vary from day to day since they are only needing to worry about their daily nutritional needs within a set time.

    It is easier to plan ahead of time for this style of intermittent fasting since you know exactly when your eating window starts and ends each day versus following a different meal schedule on different days

    Where To Learn More About Intermittent Fasting

    Would you like to access the full 21-day Intermittent Fasting plan and get a detailed 16/8 Intermittent Fasting guide? Also, receive an Intermittent Fasting food list, learn more about Intermittent Fasting and have somebody help you to implement it to your life successfully?

    Join our 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge and get all the information you need in one place to successfully master the intermittent fasting lifestyle. And finally, lose that weight youve been dreaming of!

    Wait no more and sign up to the 21-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge here.

    More on Intermittent Fasting


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    Information on this document and our website is for educational and informational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

    If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a dietitian, physician or another health-care professional. Consult your physician before starting intermittent fasting, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. Read more here.

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    A Sample Day Of A : 4 Fast

    7:00 am Wake and drink 500 mL of water with lemon

    9:00 am Eat 1 boiled egg white, a handful of berries or 1 cup of green tea

    1:00 pm Drink grapefruit juice, 1 cup of yoghurt or ½ cup of raw vegetables

    8:00 pm Eat dinner containing protein, healthy fats and complex carbs

    9:00 pm Drink 1 cup of warm milk with turmeric

    10:00 pm Eat desserts such as dark chocolate or fruit custard

    I Would Move Away From Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss And If You Want To Adopt It Think About The Health Benefits Rachel Clarkson

    Fake Waiter Serving Fast Food at a Fancy Restaraunt

    Someone who has a high-carb diet might never move beyond the catabolic state as they will always have a reserve supply of glycogen. However, someone with a low-carb diet and who regularly exercises might move through it very quickly . I would move away from intermittent fasting for fat loss, and if you want to adopt it think about the health benefits, says Clarkson.

    How to fast

    To fast you have to downregulate the feeling of hunger, says Clarkson. Hunger is felt when ghrelin, a hormone released from our stomach, triggers the production of two other hormones, called NPY and AgRP, in the hypothalamus.

    While these three hormones generate feelings of hunger, there are a multitude more that suppress it. Sometimes called the satiety hormones, one of the key ones is leptin which is released from fat cells to suppress the production of ghrelin basically telling the body there is fat here that you can burn.

    Ghrelin is sometimes called the short-term hunger response because it is released when the stomach is empty and there is less pressure on the stomach wall. It can be overridden to a certain extent by drinking water. Leptin meanwhile works over the long term.

    * William Park is a senior journalist at BBC Future and is @williamhpark on Twitter.

    Join one million Future fans by liking us on , or follow us on or .

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    Intermittent Fasting : 2 Aka The Fast Diet

    How: 2 days per week restrict calories to 500-600, 5 days per week eat normally

    5:2 Intermittent Fasting lets you eat normally 5 days per week and restricts your calorie intake to 500-600 per day during the other 2 days. When choosing your fasting days, keep in mind that there should be at least one regular eating day in between.

    Please note, that your results really depends on what you eat during the 5 days of non-fasting, thus stick to the nutritious and whole diet throughout for max results.

    For more on the 5:2 diet, check out A Full Guide On 5:2 Intermittent Fasting.

    Foods To Eat On A 20 Hour Fast

    Since a 20 hour fasting only allots a four-hour eating window, the foods you eat during this intermittent fasting window are crucial to refueling your cells and getting the most out of IF.

    Remember that your body will be converting fat into ketones, so its important to fuel your body with plenty of healthy fats and fatty whole foods.

    The best choices include nourishing whole foods like:


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