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How To Do Fasting Mimicking Diet

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How Much Vegetable Glycerine To Use

DIY Fasting Mimicking Diet Review

I havent been able to find the exact measurements of glycerol used in the L-Drink. Instead what we can do is to calculate, based on the L-Drinks nutritional information, approximately how much glycerol we should take. Ive turned this calculation into a calculator, which you can use below:

Glycerine Calculator

Below are the calculations Ive used for glycerine quantities:According to the L-Drink label its formulated to provide 50Kcal per 45kg/100lbs of bodyweight, with almost all the calories in the drink coming via the glycerine. According to myfitnesspal, 1gram of glycerine = 4 Kcal. So we can calculate that its about 12.5 grams of glycerine per 45kg/100lbs of bodyweight.

To figure out how much glycerine youd need per day, to emulate the L-Drink, the formulas for kg & lbs are below:

Measuring your weight in KilogramsYou want to do /4Where x = your weightSo for example, 200Kg * 1.111 = 222.2, 222.2/4 = 55.55 grams

Measuring your weight in lbsYoud want to do Where x = your weightSo for example, 440lbs / 8 = 55 grams

Once you have calculated how much vegetable glycerine you would need per day, you can then:

  • Measure this out each day on days 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Add it to a water flask, and shake to mix. If its not mixing due to the water being cold, using warmer water may help with initial mix
  • Optionally add a calorie free flavouring. The L-Drink does this to improve palatability

What Is The Fasting Mimicking Diet All About

The Fasting Mimicking Diet was developed to get the same benefits as a water only fast, but with food for 5 days. The specific foods and amounts were chosen to trick the body into thinking its fasting while preventing you from feeling like youre starving.

This way you can still function in a way most people cant when theyre water fasting. You can do some exercise and even manage to go to work assuming youre not doing a physically taxing job. Each day, the calories range from around 700 to 1,100.

After 25 years of research on aging and diseases, the inventor of the FMD, Dr. Valter Longo, believes one key to longevity lies in a moderate protein, Mediterranean-style diet. The foods used in the FMD are vegetarian, high in polyunsaturated fat and, low in protein and carbs so the bodys nutrient sensing pathways arent triggered. This makes the body think its in fasting mode.

Weight loss is probably the most popular reason the people I know do this diet. For me, its mostly about the cellular rejuvenation and kicking cravings for sweets and starches. Although each time Ive done it, Ive lost almost 4 lbs. in those 5 days. Because of the food in the FMD, its mostly fat that is lost, not muscle. And according to the clinical studies done by the University of Southern California and the NIH, the fat lost is mostly from the belly.

Fasting Mimicking Diets In Healthy Adults Study No 1

In this pilot study, 19 people were given a fasting mimicking diet for five consecutive days once a month for three months and a further 19 served as controls as they continued with their usual diet.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet was described this way:

  • Plant based diet with a proprietary recipes of:
  • vegetable-based soups,

The calorie and macro distribution were as follows:

  • Day 1: 1090 kcal, 34% carbohydrate, 10% protein, 56% fat
  • Days 2-5: 725 kcal: 47% carbohydrate, 9% protein, 44% fat


Those that received the fasting mimicking diet for five days consecutively for three months had a lower blood sugar level after returning to their normal diet, and lower IGF-1 .

There was a 3% reduction in body weight, there was a trend towards reduction in trunk fat while lean body mass was increased. Pelvic bone mineral density did not change.

Eight people in the fasting mimicking diet group had elevated C-reactive protein levels before the study began. By the end of the three month trial, 7 out of the 8 had reduced their CRP into the normal range.

These results coupled with the safety and high compliance to the diet, left the researchers optimistic for further and larger trials of fasting mimicking diets .

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What Kind Of Foods Are Included

The Fasting Mimicking Diet includes a variety of foods, all plant-based and designed to satisfy the taste buds. Each days meals include foods like nutrition bars, kale crackers, soups, and more. All foods are scientifically developed combination of micro and macronutrients designed to keep the body nourished while going through the rejuvenating process of the fasting state. Lastly, for each fasting period, the dieter has all their food pre-packaged, making it easy to stick to and easy to manage.


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Should I Take Supplements

How To Do The Fasting Mimicking Diet (A 5 Day Plan For ...

You dont have to, but why not ensure you are getting as much of the vitamins and minerals you need during your fast? The Prolon kit comes with an Omega-3 supplement. I use the following supplements:

  • Organic raw green powders to boost nutrient intake.
  • Aloe vera juice to promote nutrient absorption and healing of the gut lining.
  • Fiber blend to feel full and satisfied.
  • A probiotic that helps decrease glyphosate in your bloodstream and reduces the C-Reactive inflammation marker.

You can contact me to learn about the exact supplements I have been using.

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How Often To Do The Fast Mimicking Diet

This is a decision that ideally should be made with input from a doctor or registered dietitian, but broad guidelines are as follows:

  • 1x 6 months = For healthy patients with ideal diet who engage in regular physical activity
  • 1x every 4 months = For healthy patients with a normal diet who are not physically active
  • 1x every 3 months = For average-weight patients with at least one risk factor*
  • 1x every 2 months = For average-weight patients with at least two risk factors*
  • 1x month = For overweight or obese patients with at least two risk factors*

*Risk factors are in respect to diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular or neurodegenerative disease. Examples of risk factors include pre-existing illness, blood biomarkers, family history and genetic mutations.

Healthline Diet Score: 288 Out Of 5

Fasting is a hot topic in health and wellness, and for good reason.

Its been associated with a wide range of benefits from weight loss to boosting your bodys health and life span.

There are many types of fasting methods, such as intermittent fasting and water fasting.

Fast Mimicking is a recent fasting trend that restricts calories for a set time period.

This article reviews the Fasting Mimicking Diet, so you can decide whether its right for you.


  • Nutrition quality: 3.5
  • Evidence based: 3

BOTTOM LINE: The Fasting Mimicking Diet is a high-fat, low-calorie intermittent fasting method that supplies prepackaged meals for five days. It may help you lose weight but is pricey and may not be better than standard intermittent fasting diets.

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Should You Try A Fasting

FMD is considered safe for most individuals and may provide several health benefits. However, whether the diet is more effective than other methods of intermittent fasting is still unclear.

FMD is not advised for certain individuals, particularly:

  • Individuals who suffer from an eating disorder
  • Those under the age of 18 years
  • Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding

What Can I Eat On A Fasting Mimicking Diet

Fast Mimicking Diet – How to Fast (while still eating food)

There appears to be two options used in research with fasting mimicking diets. Either a diet of permitted fresh foods or a pre-prepared FMD formula. Here are some examples for the current research studies, along with the reference trial number.

  • Fresh Food Protocol Milan:
  • 600 kcal on day 1, and about 300 kcals on days 2-5.
  • Patients choose from a list of permitted fresh foods and beverages that are low carbohydrate and low protein
  • Fresh Food Protocol California:
  • 10kcal/kg/day made up of 50% fat, 40% carb and 10% protein.
  • The diet includes nuts, olives, vegetable broth, broccoli/cauliflower, white rice/puffed rice, onion, tea/coffee and almond milk.
  • Fresh Food Protocol Germany
  • Unlimited water and herbal tea
  • 2 L of Vegetable juice and small quantities of light vegetable broth
  • Total 350 kcal per day
  • a plant-based, low amin0-acid substitution diet, consisting of soups, broths, liquids and tea.
  • The company L-Nutra that makes Xentigen is currently seeking a US patent for their formulation .
  • a 4-day plant based low amino-acid formula including soups, broths, liquids and tea
  • designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • a 5-day diet providing 43% carb, 46% fat and 11% protein and days 2-5 700 kcal with 47% carb, 44% fat and 9% protein
  • designed for weight loss and healthy metabolic balance
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    What Is The Fasting Mimicking Diet

    The Fasting Mimicking Diet was created by Dr. Valter Longo, an Italian biologist and researcher.

    He sought to replicate the benefits of fasting while still providing the body with nutrition. His modifications avoid the calorie deprivation associated with other types of fasting.

    The Fasting Mimicking Diet or fast mimicking is a type of intermittent fasting. However, it differs from more traditional types, such as the 16/8 method.

    The Fasting Mimicking protocol is based on decades of research, including several clinical studies.

    Though anyone can follow the principles of fast mimicking, Dr. Longo sells a five-day weight loss program called the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet through L-Nutra, a nutrition technology company that he started .

    Want To Do A Fasting Mimicking Diet Here’s What You Need To Know

    The FMD requires a ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet kit, a commercialized product comprised of everything you’ll eat in a five-day period. Included in the kits, there are nut bars for breakfast, soups and crackers for the other 2 meals, vitamins, a drink, and a cacao snack for a tiny sweet. All of the food is in the program is non-GMO, gluten-free, and plant-based.

    As mentioned, the program provides three meals a day, with about 1,100 calories for the first day and around 800 calories from days two to five.

    In terms of how long you should do the FMD, the specific research states to use it five days in a row, then repeating that cycle two more times a month apart. So, to match the research, it’s a 3 month program.

    After that, Longo has said you can repeat the Prolon FMD monthly as often as you like. For most, a few times a year to capture the benefits is reasonable. I advise my patients that if they want to achieve the published results, they might want to do three cycles chosen at times that they do not have conflicting events, like weddings. Although not studied, a few patients of mine have done it back to back over 10 days, but not at my recommendation. While those patients did fine, it’s always best to follow the guidelines on the website and research.

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    Fasting Mimicking Diets And Cancer

    In my blog post called How to Starve Cancer, I provided a chart that summarized research on cancer patients who fasted before receiving chemotherapy. While the studies done to date, include a small number of subjects, they do show that the outcomes are mostly positive with fewer negative side effects of the chemotherapy.

    Why is intermittent fasting used during cancer treatment? It turns out the metabolic changes that happen in your body when you are fasting can help to protect your healthy cells from damage while leaving the cancer cells more vulnerable. The metabolic changes are twofold

    Inflammatory Markers C Reative Protein Hs

    Fasting Mimicking Diet: Benefits and How to Do it ...

    Pre-FMD: 1.5 mg/L / Post-FMD: 0.5 mg/L

    InsideTracker provided me with hs-CRP results . hs-CRP is the high sensitivity version of CRP measurement, and is a better indicator of inflammation in the body than the regular CRP test. Optimal hs-CRP levels appear to be an effective predictor of healthy heart, circulatory system, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

    My hs-CRP was slightly elevated prior to my FMD, but Im convinced this was due to the lingering effects of a quadriceps injury suffered playing soccer the previous week and my creatine kinase value was also elevated prior to the FMD. The good news is that my post-FMD results showed my hs-CRP went down to 0.5. My creatine kinase returned to my optimized zone as well.

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    Is Vegetable Glycerine Safe

    Vegetable glycerine is commonly used in food & cosmetics. For example in food, its used to prevent icing setting too firm, and for making ice cream softer to scoop.

    In a 2012 study into the effectiveness of glycerol for sports performance, they used a dose of 1.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight for each study participant, with no noted adverse health effects1. 1.2g/kg is a much higher dose than is used in ProLon, which is around 0.3g/kg. Just to re-iterate, glycerine/glycerol are the same thing, however commercially its often referred to as glycerine, and inside the body as glycerol.

    How Much Does The Prolon Meal Kit Cost

    The ProLon kit includes all of the dietary components needed for the 5-day plan. There are many options listed on their website, starting from $249 but there are many discounts so it is best to see their prices on the ProLon website.

    Each ProLon plan also includes an optional complimentary coaching session with a health coach and the company also offers a customer assistance program to help low-income individuals access its products.

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    Fast Mimicking Vs Traditional Fasting

    Just like with intermittent fasting, there are many myths about these modified fasts: Your muscles will waste away, youll kill your metabolism, and its downright unhealthy.

    The above might be true for someone who is actually starving, restricting calories for weeks, months, or years at a time, or doing no-food water fasting.

    These can lead to metabolic damage and are especially bad for people with underlying health conditions. But as mentioned, fast mimicking gives you all the benefits without these side effects.

    What About Ketosis And The Fmd Diet

    How frequently should you do the Fasting Mimicking Diet? | Valter Longo

    Dr. Valter Longo believes that fasting is the best way to reach a ketogenic state.

    Fasting is the original way to generate ketogenesis from the inside.

    He also believes in achieving ketosis from a high fat ketogenic diet is harmful to your health.

    If you look at, for example, some of these high-fat high protein diets, in the beginning, everybody thought they were a great idea because people lost weight, and then it turns out, as the epidemiological studies started coming out, they are some of the worst diets you can have, and they promote higher mortality, and higher incidents of all kinds of diseasesand sure enough, there are no very long-lived populations that have a high animal fat, high animal protein diet.

    Although I dont personally follow a ketogenic diet, I do realize that this is a super popular diet right now.

    Heres a video outlining ketogenic fasting mimicking diet plan.

    The gentleman in the video believes that following more of a ketogenic approach to the fasting mimicking diet would make it more effective.

    I actually agree with Dr. Longo that the keto diet isnt healthy over the long-term.

    It can work for some people in the short term.

    For the long-term, I would advise against it.

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    Fasting Mimicking Diet Side Effects

    I find that the side effects on the proLon diet depends on your starting point. In other word, what was your diet before. The cleaner and healthier, the better.

    ProLon diet is actually well tolerated by most people. Common complaints reported in the clinical trial were fatigue, headache, and difficulty with concentration. With that said, these were mild and most people could continue with the diet.

    In my case, by day three, I certainly had a headache. Nothing major, though. Keep in mind, this may be a sign that your body is eliminating toxic compounds. People usually find that the headache is temporary and goes away by day four.

    How Fasting Mimicking Works

    The Fasting Mimicking Diet lasts for 5 days and the typically recommended caloric intake throughout the 5-day period is as follows:

    • On day 1 you consume 1,100 calories. Of those calories, 11% should come from protein, 46% from fat, and 43% from carbohydrate.
    • On days 2 through 5, you will consume just 725 calories per day, with a macronutrient breakdown of 9% protein, 44% fat and 47% carbohydrate.

    During each of the five days, you should consume a minimum of 70 ounces of water daily.

    Good to remember: The FMD is not designed to be a long-term diet plan.

    This 5-day fast period should be performed anywhere from once a month for obese patients looking to lose weight for health reasons, and 2-3 times per year for health-conscious individuals looking to reap the potential longevity benefits.

    If you want to try the Fasting Mimicking Diet and youve never fasted before or you are not sure is it good for you, it is best to consult with your health provider to determine if it is suitable for you.

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    Can I Change The Recommended Macros

    Yes! The recommended macros serve as a guide. You will benefit from the benefits of a modified fast even if you modify them. Some people adapt them to their keto lifestyle, for example. As I mentioned before, it is best to keep your carb and protein intake around the recommended amount, but you can increase your fats.

    Furthermore, I wouldnt sweat it too much and get paralyzed while trying to get the exact percentages. Close enough is good enough! Just do it, and you will learn from experience. Each of us is unique.

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