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How To Lose Weight With Keto And Intermittent Fasting

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Why Combining Intermittent Fasting With Keto Has Become Popular For Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting WITHOUT Keto? Is It Possible To Lose Weight?!?!?

Doing keto or IF can help with weight loss in the short term, though each diet is very restrictive, so they certainly arent for everyone.

But how about combining them? Could two be better than one?

First, in some experts view, it does make sense to pair the two approaches. The keto diet increases levels of ketones in the body during times of fasting, ketones are also increased. The brain will rely less on glucose for energy when in a state of nutritional ketosis. Therefore, the transition into a fasted state during the day eventually becomes seamless after eating low-carb or ketogenic for a few weeks, says Dominic DAgostino, PhD, associate professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa and founder of

This is a strategy that practitioners counsel patients on at the Cleveland Clinics Functional Ketogenics Program. Adding intermittent fasting can take things up to the next level, says the Clinics Logan Kwasnicka, a certified physician assistant at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. That next level may be overcoming a weight loss plateau, as people may eat fewer calories when doing IF. It can also be a natural progression from a keto diet for those who feel satiated eating so much fat and arent bothered by shrinking their eating window.

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I Don’t Wing Anything Anymore Especially Not My Workouts

Before my journey began, I was sporadic with my workouts. I felt like as long as I did something I was fine. Now, I realize that I have to have a plan to set myself up for success.

I plan what days Im going to take a HIIT class at my gym, and what days Im going to do weight training or cardio only. Planning everything matters. You can switch up to different routines to keep it exciting as long as its scheduled.

Since Im working out twice a day now, I cant afford to not have a game plan. And now I’m more focused on endurance, mobility and strength, instead of only trying for aesthetics. I want my body to be powerful.

But I Knew Things Had Gotten Bad When I Busted Out Of My Uniform Pants At Work In Front Of My Entire Crew

I knew I had to make a change. I wasnt doing my best to be an asset to my community as a first responder.

Unfortunately there was more to come. I had to get second surgery on my knee and was left with a significant amount of nerve damage. I was in pain. Every. Single. Day. There were days my leg would swell and I felt like I could barely walk.

After doing some routine lab work in preparation for my second surgery, my doctor informed me that not only did I have PCOS , I was also in Stage 2 kidney failure, with positive signs of chronic kidney disease and very close to being diabetic. I was crushed and frightened, especially since I was only 28.

There is nothing like the fear of dying, or being incapacitated to make a person to get their act together.

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Keto Diet Plan 30 Days Free

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What Are The Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet

Pin on Diet Plan

The ketogenic diet can help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, increase energy levels, and improve health.

Some of the benefits of keto include:1. Weight loss:3. Increased energy levels:4. Improved health:

These are only a few benefits. There are many health benefits of the ketogenic diet. If you want to learn more about the benefits of the keto diet please read the article 10 reasons why the keto diet is more healthy than you think.

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Autophagy: A Nobel Prize Winning Lifestyle Hack

In 2016, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for discovering some of the mechanisms of autophagy the process by which the cell devours itself. Superficially, this sounds like a terrible thing for our cells to do until you consider what is really taking place.

When our cells undergo the process of autophagy, non-essential parts like damaged proteins are recycled and invading microorganisms and toxic compounds are removed. This means that autophagy plays an important role in stopping the aging process, reversing disease, and preventing cancer, but it doesnt happen all the time.

Fasting, protein restriction, and carbohydrate restriction are the three main ways that can initiate different autophagic processes all of which are not the same. This is part of the reason why a ketogenic diet has so many positive effects, and it also shows you why intermittent fasting is a way to improve your diet even more.

Though this is reason enough to fast more, autophagy isnt the only upside of intermittent fasting. In fact, the combination of keto and fasting can provide us with a wider array of benefits.

Staying Consistent Is What Got Me To Where I Am Today

Did I struggle? Absolutely. But I stayed consistentmeaning even when I got a little off track, I got right back onand my results show that.

I also encourage anyone on a weight-loss journey to do their own research, start off slow, and see what works for you.Everyone’s journey is different and what worked for me may not be the best fit for you . In the beginning, its about figuring out what works for you and your body and adjusting if necessary.

But the biggest advice I can give is don’t compare yourself to others. Even up to this day, I still struggle with that. Everyone is on their own journey and timeline, so comparing yourself to someone else will only set you back emotionally.

I also wish I could go back and tell myself that I should love myself no matter what. I struggled so much with what people thought about me. Its still a process for me to learn to love myself to the fullest but I am slowly getting there.

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Try The Most Popular/effective Method

The most popular method is 16/8. Otherwise known as the timed restricted eating routine. This involves 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. During the eating window you should consume balanced keto meals. Either 2 large meals or 3 smaller meals. Avoid snacking to maximise results and to maintain a strong digestive system. Overeating can cause your digestive system and your metabolism to slow down. This can cause stomach issues and weight gain.

Is Intermittent Fasting More Than Just A Weight


When you fast you produce ketones, and you also increase the production of human growth hormone. This is important, because beginning around the age of 30, there is a progressive decline in HGH, and in my 70s, I assume my HGH level was very low before intermittent fasting.

HGH helps increase muscle and bone mass while decreasing body fat. These potential benefits really captured my attention, because in recent years, despite intense workouts, my muscle mass was declining. But with intermittent fasting, I have been able to reclaim some muscle mass and strength, while slashing body fat and revealing my former six-pack, and I think HGH is a key factor.

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A Ketosis State Of Mind

Ketosis is the state in which your body produces ketone bodies. The body makes these when theres not sufficient energy from carbohydrates in the diet, and it breaks down body fat instead to create fuel for the body to function.

Fatty acids dont efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier, but ketone bodies do. Theyre the fuel of choice when your body has nothing else to choose from, and this is what creates the fat burn and cognitive benefits of ketosis.

You Can Try The Intermittent Fasting And Keto Day Plan Following The 1: 8 If Protocol:

6:00 am Water and/or black coffee

9:00 am Coffee if low on energy

12:00 pm 8 oz chicken breast, salad with olive oil dressing and feta cheese

3:00 pm Handful of almonds and blueberries

6:00 pm 8 oz fish with veggies

8:00 pm Nuts or blueberries

Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Aniston are two of the many celebs who follow the 16:8 intermittent fasting protocol. You can change up a few items above if you want. Or you can just kick off with this plan right away.

Some good keto foods to eat while doing an intermittent fast are those high in fiber and protein, so dont be afraid to enjoy a nice steak with tons of steamed broccoli. Both fiber and protein will keep you full longer without stuffing you with calories and fat.

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Muscle Loss Prevention And Autophagy

Before the Nobel Prize was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi, other researchers were making groundbreaking discoveries about autophagy. In 2009, an article was published in Cell Metabolism entitled Autophagy Is Required to Maintain Muscle Mass. In this article, researchers described how deactivating an important autophagy gene resulted in a profound loss in muscle mass and strength.

This happened because autophagy is necessary to clean up damaged proteins and mitochondria in muscle cells. If autophagy is never activated then the proteins and mitochondria will remain damaged and the muscle cells will begin to die, which causes a loss in muscle and strength.

This seems counter-intuitive because we assume that the nutrients we eat will repair the damage, but it makes sense when you think about it another way.

If you want to refurbish a room, it is best to clean the room and remove the old furniture before you put the new furniture in. The same thought process applies to your cells. We must use intermittent fasting to let autophagy clean the room of the cell before we put in new furniture. If we dont, our cells can become cancerous.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet

Intermittent Keto : How to lose weight and live healthier ...

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. In most versions of the diet, eaters are restricted to between 20 and 50 grams of net carbohydrates per day for a 2000 calorie diet. This roughly breaks down in macronutrients like this: 55% – 60% fat 30% – 35% protein 5% – 10% net carbohydratesNet carbohydrates take into account fiber and sugar alcohols and their smaller effect on blood sugar and ketosis. To calculate net carb intake, take total grams of carbs and subtract grams of fiber. That number is the net carbs for that serving of food. If the food contains sugar alcohol like erythritol, youll subtract half the grams of sugar alcohols from total carbs to reach net carbs.If youre trying to lose weight using the keto diet, youll still need to maintain a calorie deficit, but the idea is that by eating this way, your efforts will be much more effective than simple calorie restriction.

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Intermittent Fasting Why Meal Timing Matters

Simply put, intermittent fasting is the dietary strategy of restricting your food consumption to a specific window of time. For example, one of the most common intermittent fasting approaches is fasting during an 18-hour window of time and eating during the 6-hour window of time that is left in the day.

Lets say your last meal was at 6 pm last night and you ate nothing else after that. To implement an intermittent fast, simply restrict eating until 12 pm the next afternoon . To do this every day, only eat between 12 pm and 6 pm and fast for the remainder of the day.

There are many different variations of intermittent fasting as well. Dr. Dom DAgostino, a well-known ketogenic diet researcher, suggests doing a longer intermittent fast for 3 days, 3 times a year. This means not eating for 3 days, and eating normally until the next fast.

Another way to try fasting for yourself is by incorporating intermittent fasts of 16 or more hours per day into your lifestyle. This is a much more accessible strategy that allows you to experience many of the benefits of taking a short break from calories.

Despite the simplicity of this concept, it may not be readily apparent how beneficial intermittent fasting can be for you, especially if you are already benefiting from the ketogenic diet.

Skinny Fat Solution Igor

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How Many Carbs Is Keto

If you modify the meal plan to suit your own needs and tastes, you need to understand how to calculate your carbs. Low carb is anything under 100 grams a day. Some sources claim that keto is anything under 50 grams of carbs a day while others recommend consuming below 20 grams of carbs. My meal plan will put you at around 20 grams of net carbs a day.

Net Carbs Vs. Total Carbs

To calculate your net carbs, substract your grams of fiber from your total carbs. For example, that first lunch salad on the menu plan has 22 grams of carbs and 12 grams of fiber. That brings your net carbs amount to 10 grams.

Fasting For Effective Weight Loss And Fat Loss


Overall, intermittent fasting can be a great tool to lose body fat and body weight. It can also be a mentally-positive alternative to those who struggle with calorie counting and portion control.

The key with fasting as with any weight loss plan is to find what works for you. Focus on healthy foods in between fasts, and remind yourself that you are taking control of your body, health, and future.

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Who Can Benefit From The Ketogenic Diet

The keto diet is best for people who want to lose weight and dont want to spend hours in the gym or doing physical exercise and People who are not very inclined to fasting.

Not only for weight loss, but ketogenic diets are also excellent forpeople with epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers disease, and who are pretty much anyone who deals with insulin resistance or diabetes issues because it emphasizes moving away from sugars and carbohydrates toward fats.

The ketogenic diet is also beneficial for athletes because it helps them build muscle by converting what they eat into energy instead of storing it as fat.

Types Of Ketogenic Diets

There are four main ways to practice the ketogenic diet: Standard Ketogenic Diet , Targeted Ketogenic Diet , Cyclical Ketogenic Diet , and High-Protein Ketogenic Diet . Each of these focuses on staying in ketosis as much as possible, but the latter two allow for more carbs or protein at certain points.Standard ketogenic diet : a very low-carbohydrate with moderate-protein and high-fat diet. This diet typically contains 70% fat, 20% protein, and only 10% carbohydrates. Its the most common form of the keto diet and also the most studied.Cyclical ketogenic diet : allows for periods of higher-carbohydrate intake between the keto cycles to allow for carb re-feeding. Most commonly, a CKD eater would have five ketogenic days followed by two high-carbohydrate days as one cycle. This way of eating may increase long-term compliance, but more studies need to be done to better understand it.Targeted ketogenic diet : allows for additional carbohydrates before an intense workout. Right before strength or endurance training, you would select a very easily digestible carbohydrate to boose glycogen production, theoretically to improve performance .High-protein ketogenic diet : includes more protein than SDK, usually used if a dieter experiences a loss of energy or muscle mass. The ratio for this version of keto is around 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. This way of practicing keto is closer to the Atkins diet, which allows for more protein than SDK.

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