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How Does It Work

LIFE Fasting Tracker Review | TOP Intermittent Fasting Apps 2021

Intermittent fasting is gaining a lot of attention. It is a unique dieting strategy that is defined as periods of eating alternating with periods of not eating. Intermittent fasting is challenging, mentally and physically. This is where the best fasting apps of 2022 can be enormously helpful.

Evidence suggests that intermittent fasting may be more beneficial than regular dieting.

Research suggests that intermittent fasting restructures the gut microbiome. This can lead to enormous health benefits, and can even help to lower your blood pressure.

Intermittent fasting is a safe and effective method for losing weight. It has been shown to improve metabolism. Research has also shown intermittent fasting benefits people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.

Intermittent fasting reduces cardiac risk factors, improves concentration, and promotes longevity. It is especially important in people with obesity. Also, it is beneficial for reducing body mass index in healthy adults and those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is because it works by altering liver metabolism to promote weight loss.

Intermittent fasting improves glucose regulation, increased stress resistance, suppressed inflammation, and the bodys ability to remove and repair damaged cells. It leads to long-term health benefits.

Intermittent fasting has shown improvement in people with multiple sclerosis.

Tips To Start Intermittent Fasting And Stick With It

Tried-and-tested tricks from IF devotees for staying on track.

Intermittent fasting has been a hot trend for years, with fans swearing it does everything from helping them lose weight to helping them stay healthy. Theres research to back up the benefits of intermittent fasting, too.

A new scientific review published in the Annual Review of Nutrition analyzed 25 studies on intermittent fasting and found that people lost anywhere from 1% to 8% of their baseline weight on this type of eating plan. Intermittent fasting can also have a positive impact on many metabolic health markers, like blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and the associated weight lossespecially if you add a good exercise regimencan result in reduced risks for weight-related diseases. Basically, theres a lot intermittent fasting can do.

Of course, there is a range of options with intermittent fasting and the type you choose is ultimately up to you. One of the most popular forms is time-restricted eating. With this type, you fast for a certain period of the day and have a specific eating window. For example, you may fast for 18 hours and eat for six. Other options include alternate date fasting, which flips between having a day of fasting and a day of eating, and the 5:2 diet, which involves two fasting days and five eating days per week.

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Ive Fasted Before And I Will Fast Again

Ive been intermittent fasting for about 5-6 months now, about a month before quarantine, and this app is good at what it says it will do.As mentioned before, Ive been fasting for a few months now, and I have very rarely broken the fast. Im going to say only a handful of times in special situations, but it was always hard to remember the exact hours I would begin fasting. This app is great with keeping track of how long Ive been fasting, and the feature of it alerting when the fasting is over is great as well. I dont upgrade from the free version because honestly I just need something to help me track, and thats exactly what this is. Im aware I use it as a glorified stop-watch basically, but it meets all the needs I have in an app about tracking my fasting periods.I love the way that everything on the app is easily accessible and I can flip between screens as efficiently as I need too between breaks at work and whatnot. I love the little information that is given, even if its super basic information. Its great as what it advertises to do, and it doesnt make its advertisements all about the upgraded features that a lot of people dont like to buy into.Its a neat little app that is user friendly and I will be using for at least another month before I go back to college and get thrown off the routine. Keep up the good work guys!

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Want To Know More About Intermittent Fasting

Alright, folks, I hope you appreciate the efforts of the research and it gave you some insights into the apps mentioned.

In fact, if you wish to get started right now but need more guidance and support where and how to start exactly, sign up for our 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge and get to know everything you need to successfully master the intermittent fasting diet and lifestyle.

* these fasting apps have sponsored this article. However, I would have included them anyway, because these are great apps that will help to make your intermittent fasting journey easier.

Zero Best Intermittent Fasting App

Free Intermittent Fasting App For Iphone : Intermittent Fasting App ...

Ithas over a million downloads and more than 10 million complete fasts under its belt. Zero comes with a simple reminder that helps you manage your eating window. It allows you to customize your fasting time, avail pre-set fasting window, or configure your own.

Zero offers easy and simple navigation with a full-fledged analytical dashboard to monitor your fasting habit patterns. It is undoubtedly among the best intermittent fasting apps for the Android platform.


  • Seamless customization of your fasting habits
  • Track your fasting goals and progress
  • Completion of each fast comes with a Journal entry
  • Easy integration with smart wearable devices

Zero is available on both Android and iOS for free.

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Bodyfast: Best Fasting App For If Coaching

BodyFast offers 10 options to choose your plan. It includes coaching as well as a meal planning guide. If you are struggling with IF mechanics, BodyFast troubleshoots your challenges and helps you overcome them. BodyFast provides coaching based on data input such as your age, your weight goals. For better results consult a dietician and customize your meal plan. BodyFast is the best fasting app available on Android and iOS for IF coaching.

  • Access to nutrition tips and community updates
  • Graphs of current and goal weight with BMI
  • Win trophies when you achieve a milestone

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps That You Must Try In 2022

Home » Top Curated Apps » Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Being a professional dietitian or fitness & wellness startup, if you are planning to enter the fasting apps world, and planning to adapt an intermittent fasting lifestyle but not sure whether to move ahead with the idea or not. This blog is for you.

Herein, being an app development firm, we have curated a list of 8 best intermittent fasting apps that you must try in 2021. So, lets have a look at the top intermittent fasting apps.


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Fasting Tracker: Best Fasting App For Night Fast

The fasting tracker has a simple user interface that gives you the liberty to create your fasting plans. It also has a weight-loss tracking feature and presents visuals to understand your progress. Fasting Tracker is the best fasting app free for night fast. You can swap among various diets: skip a meal or fast for longer, fast within a day, follow eat-stop-eat, 36-hour fasting, 48-hour fasting, and others.

  • Manage history: add, edit, and delete
  • Weight loss progress charts

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Tracker – App Review – I Love These Widgets!

Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting can positively impact your overall health, including your body and brain.

Here are only some of the many benefits that are backed by research:

  • Induces essential cellular repair processes
  • Increases blood levels of human growth hormone , which can help promote fat burn and muscle gain
  • Reduces inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance
  • Potentially helps you live a longer life
  • Improves heart health

Moreover, several studies even showed that it could help reduce the risk of cancer and type-2 diabetes.

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Final Thoughts On These Fitbit Compatible Apps

Your FitBit can be utilized in a number of ways that you may not expect. If you download all of these apps , you maximize the results you get out of your fitness program.

And fortunately, most of these apps donât even cost money unless you want to upgrade to the premium version. That means you donât need to spend a lot of money beyond what you initially invest in the FitBit.

Many people struggle with their weight loss goals. But if you regularly wear your FitBit and push yourself to hit a specific daily step count, then youâll find itâs not hard to hit your specific fitness goals.

If youâd like to learn more about walking, increasing your step count, and how to lose weight with this simple habit, then I recommend reading more articles on our site like:

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Statistics Of Intermittent Fasting Apps

Statistics give us numbers that show how consumers react to specific services. Here are some interesting stats regarding fitness and health applications.

  • In the first week of the year, the number of fitness and health apps available on Google Play had reached 37, and the number of apps for fitness and health had reached 154.

  • In 2018, global health and digital platform health funds totalled $14.6 billion.

  • A poll found that 42 percent of US citizens said they would use digital apps to increase their fitness.

  • As per Business Wire, between 2020 and 24, the fitness and health industry is expected to grow by a CAGR of 12.5%.

  • The app ‘MyFitnessPal’ generated total revenue of 1.46 billion dollars, making it the 2nd most profitable application for fitness and health.

While the numbers indicate an investment-ready future, it’s crucial to understand what we can gain from using an app for fasting.

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Eat Breakfast As Late As You Can

Brisco points out that its easier to fast overnight and then push back your breakfast time. If you usually eat breakfast at eight, try to push it to nine or 10, she says. Then, you can gradually push it to whenever you want, like 12 or 1 oclock. Brisco says its helpful for her to be busy in the morning so that shes not thinking about food. Once I get to the office, I forget about food, she says. Eventually Im like, Oh! I need to eat! I was surprised at how long I could push back my first meal.

Fasthabit Is A Great App To Start With If Youd Like To Try Out Different Intermittent Fasting Plans

Intermittent Fasting in 2021

If you frequently change up your fasting method , then FastHabit is one of the best ways to keep track of a varied schedule. Just set up your fasting window in the app when youre ready to begin, and get started!

FastHabit is customizable to work with whichever fasting program youre following from week to week, and you can adjust the tracking view to suit your changing preferences. It syncs with Apple Health for easy health management and accountability, and you can set reminders to get a notification on your Apple Watch when your fast is complete.

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Should You Upgrade To The Zero Plus Premium Offering

Most users starting on an IF program start with the basic free Zero app and manage their IF program well.

However, if you are looking for an extra push, the zero plus premium offering provides you with some of these:

  • More clarity around your fast stages as you progress through anabolic, catabolic, fat-burning, and ketosis phases of the fast.
  • This is more of a motivation feature since you mostly already know this information based on the amount of time passed since you started fasting.
  • The premium app just sends a notification telling you that you are in a particular zone, such as the fat-burning zone.
  • The Zero plus coach option provides you with the ability to set a fasting pattern. It could definitely have potential in preventing cheat days or helping you get back on the program.
  • The data in your History is significantly richer, showing you how long you have spent in each fasting zone across all past fasts, as well as showing sleep hours vs. fast hours, fasting hours vs. weight and more.
  • We think that the incremental features offered via the new Zero Plus program may not be worth the $50 / $9.99 monthly for most users starting with an intermittent fast program.

    The app does not provide a detailed component to track your nutrition.

    If you think you need that extra push, Zero Plus currently provides a free 7-day trial that you can sign up and check out for yourself.

    How To Select Which App Is Best For You

    Each intermittent fasting app will be different for every person and every body type. You should always talk to your doctor before starting any sort of intermittent fasting. This is especially true for people with any kind of health condition.

    There are many different types of intermittent fasting apps to choose from. Some of the better intermittent apps are free, whereas others cost money. Some are good for people new to fasting, while others are designed for people with more experience in intermittent fasting.

    Some of the best intermittent fasting apps are simple and focus on nothing more than helping you time your eating schedule. These are fasting trackers. Other apps are more dynamic and have recipes, workout routines, and personal coaches. It is just a matter of what your goals are to help you decide on the best intermittent fasting app for you.

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    Life Fasting Tracker: If And Keto Diet

    LIFE Fasting Tracker allows you to customize your fasting periods with start and end time, along with the length of fasting. If you are also on the keto diet, you can track your ketosis too. You can connect to a peer group who follow the same fasting patterns to fast together and boost each others motivation. This best intermittent fasting app free is available on Android and iOS.

    • Social support with in-app groups and sessions
    • Expert suggestions
    • Integration with Fitbit for data input
    • Assessment of diet, weight, stress, and heart rate

    Zero: Best Fasting App

    The Best Intermittent Fasting App In 2021

    Zero is the best intermittent fasting app, consisting of the timers, tools, and journals essential for getting started with this eating pattern. It also has a lot of helpful articles on fasting, the best beverages for drinking during the fasting window, and things to do for better sleep. The app also provides the feature of a mood graph that you can rate. This application is easy to use and provides unique features completely free of cost. You can also get the premium version of Zero at $69.99 a year, in which you get complete guidance on fasting from a coach.

    Android | iOS

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    Anskningar Om Intermittent Fasta: Detta R Fastic

    Fastic är en av mest populära intermittenta fasta -appar den har över 10 miljoner användare. Och det är att Fastic håller sig till användarnas behov, nybörjare och avancerade, män och kvinnor. Det är väldigt lätt att komma igång med intermittent fasta med hjälp av Fastic, börja jobba!

    Fastic erbjuder dig en fasta timer och fasta faser: du kan registrera dina framsteg, hålla reda på mängden vatten du dricker och få påminnelser om det. Den innehåller också en stegräknare, och bäst av allt, den stöder styrketräning. Och den kan synkroniseras med Google Fit.

    Det inkluderar mer än 1000 recept, dagliga och veckovisa utmaningar som kommer att utgöra en utmaning för dig. Du kan ansluta till Fastic -gemenskapen för att dela framsteg, recept, åsikter och slutligen ha ett moraliskt stöd under hela processen. Du kan börja med ljus -planen, gå igenom det måttliga och fortsätt med det intensiva: allt beror på ditt fysiska tillstånd. Märk väl, sätta dig realistiska mål.

    Du kan ladda ner den på iOS och Android.

    The BodyFast app is a popular intermittent fasting app and includes features like:

    • Offers free features
    • $1.35/week, free version available

    BodyFast is known for its knowledge hub and impressive content features. The personalized coaching offers users a way to lose more weight based specifically on their body type, activity level, and schedule.

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    Learn About Different Intermittent Fasting Schedules

    Intermittent fasting involves eating during a set period of time and fasting during a set period of time, and there are several different popular intermittent fasting methods and schedules you should learn about before starting. For example, the 16/8 schedule involves 16 hours of fasting and eight hours of eating each day, while one meal a day requires eating one meal at the same time every day. Use the resources offered by each of these apps to learn more about intermittent fasting schedules so you can plan a schedule that works best for you.

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    Fastic: Free Fasting App

    In intermittent fasting, you not only have to do fast, but the more important thing is to load up your body with healthy food. The Fastic app consists of over 400 recipes that feature healthy and filling ingredients that provide you with all the nutrients your body requires. You also get information on how the body works during the fasting window and give you access to other unique features like a step counter. Fastic is a free fasting app that you can install on Android and iOS. However, the prime membership of this app starts at $11.99 for one month, which gives you access to complete recipe books and daily challenges for keeping you motivated.

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