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Can You Drink Coffee With Intermittent Fasting

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What Can You Put In Your Coffee That Wont Break Your Fast

Does Coffee Break A Fast? [Can You Drink Coffee While Intermittent Fasting?]

Although black coffee is perfectly acceptable for an intermittent fast, you may want to know if you can still add any of your usual mix-ins to your cup. In general, many health experts claim a fast isnt broken if you consume less than 50 calories within the timeframe of the fast. With this in mind, lets go over intermittent fasting coffee additions that wont break your fast.


From strictly a calorie perspective, technically, youre not fasting if you add any of these to your coffee because they all contain calories. However, fats themselves wont influence your insulin or blood sugar levels, so theyre the most recommended choice if youre looking to boost your insulin sensitivity .

While you may have heard recommendations for bulletproof coffee made by adding butter and MCT oil to coffee be aware that it contains over 230 calories in a 16-ounce serving . This fatty concoction is great for those on the keto diet, but it pushes the envelope when it comes to fasting. Its worth noting, though, that if youre fasting for weight loss, a little bit of fat may also help curb your craving so you can fast longer.

To maintain your fast, add only a small amount of either MCT oil, butter, or coconut oil to keep it under 50 calories.

If you’re curious about the ketogenic diet for weight loss, check out our keto diet tips to see if the diet is right for you.

Can You Drink Coffee While Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

Does a cup of coffee break a fasted state?

Keep reading to learn if caffeine while fasting will help or hurt your fasting window when it comes to intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Before we talk about whether caffeine helps or hurts your fast, I wanted to let you know this blog may contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission. I also link to the same resources that helped me lose 100 pounds with a low carb and intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Can You Drink Coffee While Doing Intermittent Fasting

Heres what happens when you sip.

Plenty of people don’t seem to have a hard time with the idea of not eating when they’re doing intermittent fastingthe trendy diet in which you eat only during certain time-restricted windows. Popular variations of intermittent fasting include the 16:8 fast and the 5:2 fast .

Sounds simple enoughwhich is part of the appealbut questions inevitably arise about what technically constitutes a fast: Can I have water? Protein? Twinkies? .

But what aboutgasp, twitch, shuddercan I have coffee while doing intermittent fasting? Surely you can have a cup of Joe without breaking your fastc-cant you?

Relax: Theres no caloric load in black coffee, says Angelo Poli, ISSN, creator of the MetPro training and nutrition app. So it doesnt break your fast.

If youre fasting to purify the body, or as part of a religious practice, then coffee might not be allowed, says Poli. But it wont stop you from losing weight.

It should go without sayingthough for fasters who are looking for a loophole, it often doesntthat sweeteners like sugar and honey, dairy products like milk and cream, and other delicious treats that coffee-drinkers often add to their daily cups do have calories, and are therefore officially verboten when youre fasting.

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Intermittent Fasting: Coffee With Oat Milk

Since the food industry jumped on the vegan hype train, oat milk is currently enjoying great popularity.

But have you ever thought about the fact that it might be unnatural to make a milk substitute from grains? Where does the fat content come from, which you need for creaminess?

As I suspected, the fat in popular brands comes from industrially processed vegetable oils, such as canola oil.

To produce oil artificially from a non-oily plant is not only unnatural but also harms your health significantly.

Since chemical processing damages highly sensitive omega-6 fatty acids, they promote free radicals in your body.

Accordingly, your body should probably not use these broken fats as essential building blocks of your brain cells. Dont you think so?

Hence, for people who are intermittent fasting for health reasons, oat milk is not an option.

So, what about weight loss?

Besides the 7.5 grams of fat from canola oil, a glass of oat milk has a staggering 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, of which 10 grams are table sugar .

Thus, we no longer need to debate. Thats the last nail in the coffin for oat milk during intermittent fasting.

Since even a shot of oat milk triggers a blood sugar and insulin spike, you better put it into the sink.

One Final Suggestion And Its Up To You

Using Coffee Creamer While Fasting, Here

Believe it or not, the Leangains protocol says its OK to drink diet soda while fasting. Yes, diet soda. What is this heresy?

Other IF plans call for clean eating with a complete ban on processed foods. Diet soda is about as processed as these trap vocals.

Lets put diet soda in the maybe column. One every now and then wont kill you or mess with your diet too much.

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But Doesnt Coffee Have Calories

While coffee cant claim zero calories, when you drink it black it comes pretty close. According to Cronometer, my favorite macro tracking app, black coffee contains 1.8 calories per cup. Thats typically not enough of a caloric intake to kick your body out of a fasted state.

This is mostly true since coffee has a bitter taste. The bitter taste makes it safe for most people to consume during the fasting period.

Will Equal Break A Fast


So equal kind of gave us a similar response to sugar.

Will Equal spike our insulin levels?


with our blood glucose levels its possible.


Right. We were both on the way up.

Will Equal knock us out of ketosis?


It did for me.


It did for a short time, and I dont know if we can say that our results are statistically important, but it didnt do us any good.


Becky: Yeah, I dont think you are doing yourself any justice.


With the dextrose and maltodextrin, that is probably why we got similar to sugar.


Yeah, we were basically putting sugar in our coffee.


I dont know how much aspartame is actually in there too, but I do know it tasted yucky.

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Cream In Coffee During Fast

Ive been eating LCHF for about 6 weeks and lost around 26 pounds which obviously Im very happy with. My weight loss has now significantly slowed which Im not overly concerned about but thought Id try 24-hour fasting which Ive done for the last few days and feel great. However, I am having cream in my coffee during the fasting hours which really helps me cope. Am I undoing all the positives of the fast by doing this?


Good question Lucy. First, let me start by saying nobody knows the answer for sure. We simply dont have enough data to support a conclusion.

Anecdotally, I use cream in coffee during fasts as well. For me, that little bit of cream does not stop me from getting the results that I desire.

In others, it may undo some of the positives, but generally not.

The key is to monitor your goals and see if you are progressing.

You can read Diet Doctors full guide on fasting for more information.

Dr. Jason Fung

Side Effects Of Flavored Coffee While Intermittent Fasting

Can You Drink Coffee While Intermittent Fasting

Whatever type of coffee youre drinking, you need to remember it is a stimulant. The goal of fasting is to allow your body and your digestive tract to rest. Stimulating it too much isnt recommended, so try to drink at most 1-2 cups during a fast.

Coffee and flavored coffee especially can also stimulate the digestive tract. For some, that might be a good thing for others, it may result in issues such as diarrhea or bloating.

After suppressing your appetite and your sweet tooth for a while, flavored coffee might actually make you feel hungrier. After all, the flavors will make your brain think of various foods and they may also tell it to expect some energy, carbs, as it normally would happen if you were eating those foods. Since the drink has no calories or carbs, you may soon find yourself with more cravings than before.

Theres also another issue. Some people warn that the coffee beans used in flavored coffee arent always of the best quality. The logic is fairly simple. Good quality coffee beans are sold without any flavor enhancements because they taste amazing on their own. Low quality coffee beans can benefit from a lengthier process and even natural flavors. While this wont immediately hurt your health, it might not be the type of coffee you want to drink long-term.

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Coffee And Weight Loss

Daily coffee drinkers are more successful at keeping weight off long-term, possibly because coffee decreases appetite.

Coffee consumption also speeds up your metabolism, making it especially useful for fat loss.

Pairing coffee with intermittent fasting may help you fast longer without hunger and see quicker weight loss results.

Why Am I Gaining Weight On Intermittent Fasting

If you do, then intermittent fasting isnt to blame for your weight gain its just the fact that youre not eating enough and then eating too much. In this case, intermittent fasting might not be for you. If you are caught in this cycle, Langevin suggests reducing your fasting window to maybe 12 or 14 hours.

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Can I Have Cream In Coffee When Fasting

My husband and I tested our blood glucose and ketones after drinking coffee with cream to see if we could get closer to answering the question: Can I have cream in my coffee while I am fasting?

Weve concluded that yes, it is ok, but there are five important things that you need to keep in mind for optimal health and weight loss benefits.

Intermittent Fasting With Coffee And Tea

Intermittent Fasting &  Coffee: Can You Drink Coffee While ...

Cant start your day without coffee? Same. The good news is that when youre intermittent fasting, coffee and tea are finejust hold the milk and sugar.

Most experts agree that a cup of black coffee or tea wont dramatically impact your intermittent fasting results, even though youre technically breaking your fast by drinking a few calories. In fact, the caffeine can help suppress your appetite .

But if you want to maximize the benefits of autophagy, stay as close to zero calories as possible during your fasting window.

You also might have heard of Bulletproof intermittent fasting, or starting your day with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee: a creamy blend of grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil. This isnt a true fast. Its considered a fat fast, which means you wont spike your blood sugar. Youre only consuming quality fats, not carbs or tons of protein. The quality fats keep you full and energized, and the MCT oil kickstarts ketone production to help you stay in ketosis.

You might start your fast with strictly water to promote autophagy, then have a small cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the afternoon to get through the midday slump and burn fat for energy. Experiment to find what works for you.

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What Is The Best Way To Properly Break A Fast

Ideally, you wont break a fast with a huge meal. Youll feel better if you ease back into eating so your digestive system has a chance to wake up.

A meal thats high in fat, fiber, sugar, or sodium will probably leave you feeling bloated and ready for a nap. Instead, try eating something balanced and light like:

  • Smoothie – Easy to digest and you can easily boost the nutrition with a gut-friendly supplement like Naked Greens and Naked Collagen.
  • Vegetables – Cooked veggies are easier to digest. Something starchy like sweet potato is a great option.
  • Dried fruit – Gives you a lot of energy in a small portion so you can ease back into eating.
  • Eggs – Provide the perfect ratio of healthy fat and protein in a small serving.
  • Yogurt – Gives you the added benefit of probiotics to promote gut health.

The key to breaking a fast is to give your body time to adjust. If youre new to fasting, you might have to experiment and see what works for you.

How Much Black Coffee Can You Drink While Fasting

If youre fasting, you should try to limit your consumption of anything other than water.

However, black coffee isnt going to break your fast and could actually boost the effect of it, provided you consume it in small amounts.

As to specifically how muchh you can drink, studies show that up to 3 cups a day is fine.

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/8will Coffee Break Your Diet

To be fair, drinking black coffee is permitted with Intermittent Fasting . But again, how many cups of coffee is too much coffee? Will it break your fast? And, are there better drinks to be had with Intermittent Fasting?

We give you a low-down on the truth about having coffee during fasting, and the best ways to safely enjoy your fast

Keiths Glucose Results: Equal

Can I Drink Black Coffee while Intermittent Fasting?

My glucose started at 101 mg/dL, went up to 114 mg/dL at 30 minutes, went back to 98 mg/dL at 60 minutes, and back up to 108 mg/dL at 120 minutes.

Again we see that result kind of bobbing around a little bit.

I think my Equal results were similar to the results of regular sugar.

I was in ketosis when we did the sugar test, I dropped out of ketosis and then bounced back in at the two-hour mark.

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Common Myths About Intermittent Fasting

Many people panic about fasting, even though it is a thoroughly natural state.

Yes, there were times in human history when there were neither refrigerators nor supermarkets open in winter.

As a logical consequence, humanity has always had to fast for many days. Nevertheless, in the age of abundance, persistent myths have evolved that are difficult to get out of our heads.

1. Intermittent fasting Slows Down the Metabolism

Over decades of advertising campaigns and poorly researched tips, conventional wisdom has developed that is hard to get off the horizon:

  • Never skip breakfast
  • Snacks help with weight loss
  • Many small meals boost your metabolism
  • You need to eat six times a day to lose weight

Conversely, the perception arose that fewer meals a day slow down the metabolism.

Nonetheless, eating more often to lose weight is just as silly as it sounds.

Accordingly, studies confirm that people who eat snacks eat more throughout the day .

In addition, it is a fact that snacks do not help people lose weight .

Contrary to this myth, scientists proved more than 50 years ago that fasting improves metabolism .

Due to the release of growth hormone, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, our ancestors were able to search for food longer, precisely when it was scarce.

Therefore, the hormones also ensure that the basal metabolic rate remains high .

This way, nature ensured the survival of the species .

2. Intermittent Fasting Causes Muscle Loss

3. Fasting Induces Dangerously Low Blood Sugar

Does Black Coffee Break Intermittent Fasting

Good news – black coffee wont interfere with intermittent fasting. The key factor for what will or wont break your fast is calories. If what youre consuming is calorie-free , your fast will continue.

Keeping your body in a fasting state all comes down to blood sugar. When youre in the middle of a fast, your blood sugar is stable. However, consuming calories causes your blood sugar to increase and ends your fast.

Some other calorie-free beverages that are safe for fasting include zero-calorie club soda, black tea, green tea, and water.

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No Black Coffee Wont Break Your Fast

The key with fasting is calorie count. As long as food or drink doesnt have calories, it wont break your fast.

That means black coffee is fine to pair with intermittent fasting. Technically it has about 4 calories per cup, due to natural oils and amino acids in the coffee beans but 4 calories is not enough to impact your fasted state.

That said, many coffee additions will break your fast. Milk, cream, collagen protein, sugar, creamer anything with calories will take your body out of fasting mode.

But as long as you drink it black , a morning cup of joe wont interfere with your fasting window. In fact, it may enhance some of the benefits of fasting.

Can Coffee Boost The Effects Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting &  Coffee: Can You Drink Coffee While ...

The good news is that drinking coffee can actually help you with your fast! One study found that coffee promotes good health by stimulating autophagy, which is the bodys process of clearing damaged cells and regenerating healthy new cells.

If you use intermittent fasting as a method of weight loss, coffee might also help boost the effects of the fasting. A study demonstrated that weight, BMI, and body fat reduction might be promoted by caffeine intake.

Additionally, studies have found a correlation that supports a cause and effect between habitual coffee consumption and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. So, if intermittent fasting is done with the goal of preventing diabetes, coffee supports that goal.

Now that you know you can drink coffee while fasting and that it supports your fast, you may wonder about how typical coffee add-ins factor into your fast.

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