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How Can Intermittent Fasting Help Lose Weight

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Can You Lose Weight By Just Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting for SERIOUS Weight Loss – Dr. Berg

Most diets require a restriction in calories for weight loss. Intermittent fasting, however, leads to metabolic changes that help to access fat storage. For this reason, intermittent fasting regulates the appetite, and most people lose weight without intentionally restricting calories.

There are many popular diet plans and dietary eating patterns that are believed to facilitate weight loss. One of those methods is intermittent fasting.

While there are many forms of intermittent fasting, the underlying theme behind all of them is to incorporate short-term fasts for a defined period of time.

Many people who use intermittent fasting as a weight loss strategy tout it for being both easy and effective.

This article focuses on how intermittent fasting can be a useful tool to achieve your weight loss goals.

You Arent Sleeping Enough

Few studies have looked at the direct correlation with weight loss and sleep while following an intermittent fasting plan, however in general,several studies have shown a connection between adequate sleep and positive weight loss outcomes, says Smith.

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How to fix it: You’ve heard it before, but, Make an effort to sleep at least 7 hours per night, says Smith.

The Best Part About Intermittent Fasting

No food is “off limits” with IF, you can eat whatever you want during your window.

Gin Stephens is the author of Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle. Those first three words of the book are the key to what makes this WOE worthwhile: You’re not denying yourself anything, you’re merely delaying it. You don’t have to give up, say, pizza because of the carbs or ice cream because of the sugar. You just have to wait until your window opens then you can eat what you want to eat. No, not the entire pizza or a whole pint of ice cream you still have to be reasonable. But there are no exclusions. And that’s incredibly liberating.

Think about nearly every other diet in history: Atkins, South Beach, paleo, keto. They all require you to either cut out certain things entirely or eat an excess of something else . The reason these diets typically fail is they’re not sustainable.

Stephens is fond of this saying: “‘Diets are easy in contemplation and hard in execution. Fasting is hard in contemplation but easy in execution.’ I absolutely love that quote, because it’s so true,” she says. “We’ve all started a new diet and we’re all in. Then, as the days go by, the diet gets harder and harder to stick to. Intermittent fasting is the exact opposite. Instead of getting harder and harder, it gets easier and easier.”

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How To Lose Menopause Weight Fast

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What The Studies Show

Intermittent fasting has been shown, in many short-term research studies, that it can help you lose weight, improve your health and potentially protect you from developing certain diseases. And whats most appealing, is that it doesnt restrict you daily, like conversional dieting.

Studies have also shown that intermittent fasting may help prevent or even reverse diabetes. This is because it helps to control and reduce insulin and glucose concentrations in your blood.

Intermittent fasting may improve your sleep and gut health. It can also improve measures associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer, and possibly reduce inflammation.

However, theres still not enough studies to show how safe intermittent fasting is if you do it for a long time. But in general, most research highlights that its safe in otherwise healthy adults.

Intermittent Fasting: How It Can Help You Lose Weight And Even Save Money

My experience with fasting revealed some surprising benefits, including fewer potentially risky trips to the grocery store.

Rick Broida

Senior Editor

Rick Broida is the author of numerous books and thousands of reviews, features and blog posts. He writes CNET’s popular Cheapskate blog and co-hosts Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast . He lives in Michigan, where he previously owned two escape rooms .

By now you’ve probably heard of intermittent fasting, arguably the hottest health trend of the last couple years. It’s been heralded as not only a foolproof weight-loss method, but also a potential cure for things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor sleep, insulin resistance, even cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. A 2019 study in The New England Journal of Medicine links fasting to “increased stress resistance, increased longevity and a decreased incidence of diseases, including cancer and obesity.”

Want to learn more? And maybe try it yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about intermittent fasting , including some of my own experiences with it.

Editors’ note: You should always consult with a doctor before making changes to your diet or eating behaviors.

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Can I Take A Fat Burner And Pre Workout

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Choose A Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

VERIFY: Does intermittent fasting help you lose weight?

One of the major perks of intermittent fasting is how flexible it isand research suggests one fasting pattern isnt necessarily better than the other for weight loss.

The best intermittent fasting plan for weight loss is the one that works for your lifestyle. Gutschow advises experimenting to find one that feels doable long-term.

These are the most common types of intermittent fasting for weight loss:

  • 16/8: This simple schedule requires eating within an eight-hour window and fasting for the remaining 16 hours of the day.
  • 5:2: Eat as you usually would for five days out of the week. On the other two days, eat 25% of your daily calorie needs.
  • Skipping breakfast: This less formal approach involves only eating lunch and dinner.

Think about your current habits and build your plan around them. For example, the 16/8 method could be a good fit if you usually skip a meal. Or, if you prefer to avoid long fasting windows, you might try starting with the 5:2 method.

There are also some more extreme forms of intermittent fasting:

  • Eat-stop-eat: For five to six days per week, eat normally. On the remaining one to two nonconsecutive days, this plan requires a 24-hour fast.
  • Alternate-day fasting: One to two nonconsecutive 24-hour fasts, with normal eating during non-fasting days.
  • Warrior diet: Eat sparingly during the day, followed by a single large meal at night. This plan suggests eating 80-90% of your calories during a four-hour eating window.

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How To Lose Menopausal Belly Fat

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Bottom Line: Intermittent Fasting Is An Effective Way To Promote Weight Loss

Before beginning a fasting regimen, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about any potential risks and choose an IF method that will be the healthiest for you.

If you want to read more from Dr. Jason Fung, get a copy of The Complete Guide to Fasting. And his other book, The Obesity Code. Life in the Fasting Lane is available on Amazon.

For more great expert advice, visit The Beet’s Health & Nutrition articles.

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Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

Social channels are filled with reports of significant weight loss using intermittent fasting. Studies show efficacy, too, but the reported weight loss is frequently much smaller.

One difficulty with assessing the scientific support for intermittent fasting for weight loss involves comparing different fasting protocols. For instance, some studies evaluate time-restricted eating with daily fasting windows ranging from 14 to 20 hours. Others investigate alternate-day fasting, while others focus on severe caloric restriction to mimic fasting physiology.

Another issue is factoring in the baseline diet followed by study subjects. Are many of them eating a high-carb standard Western diet? Or are they eating a low-carb, high-protein diet? The difference may matter as those eating low carb and/or high protein may find fasting easier, and thereby stick with it longer to see greater healthy weight loss benefits.

Despite the discrepancies, most fasting interventions show benefits for weight loss.

One meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials looking at time-restricted eating found an average weight loss of 4.4 pounds in up to 12 months.2 While the absolute weight loss may not be much, thats still pretty impressive considering that participants didnt change what they ate. They only changed when they ate.

So its safe to say that intermittent fasting has the potential to help people lose a little weight.

How Can I Suppress Hunger During Intermittent Fasting

Will Intermittent Fasting Help You Lose Weight?
  • Eat high-fiber foods, such as nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables and high-protein foods, including meat, fish, tofu or nuts, during your eating window, Varady advised. Chewing high-fiber gummies can also help.
  • Drink lots of water. People tend to think they’re hungry, when they are really just thirsty, she said.
  • Go for black coffee or tea, or cinnamon or licorice herbal teas. These beverages may have appetite-suppressing effects, Varady noted.
  • Watch less TV. I know this sounds strange, but while you are watching TV, you are bombarded with dozens of ads for food. This can make you feel hungry, when in actuality, you are not hungry at all, she said.

Remember, being “a little hungry” is the best thing that can happen to you, wrote Madelyn Fernstrom, health and nutrition editor at NBC News, calling it a “true mind-body connection” that helps you recognize fullness.

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You Can Lose Belly Fat With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting works to shed belly fat by training your body to burn fat for energy more than glucose. This swap happens naturally when you take longer breaks from eating anywhere from 12 hours to an entire day.

Once your body adjusts to this schedule, youll start to see your belly fat and overall weight go down. Plus, youll likely see a real improvement in every measure of your metabolism. That means intermittent fasting can help whether you have high glucose, high insulin, pre-diabetes or type II diabetes, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, or similar issues.

How To Do The 12

When following this IF method, in as much as the two meals are 12 hours apart, you must finish your last meal before the 12 hour fasting-eating interval. For instance, if your eating window is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., you should eat breakfast at or after 8 a.m. finish dinner before 8 p.m. As you begin, you will have hunger pains, but your body will adjust with time.

Do not jump into the 12 hour intermittent fasting. Your body takes time to adjust to not eating, especially if you usually take three meals and two snacks a day. Begin by staying off some meals, then when you get used to staying without food for hours, increase the period slowly to the 12 hours optimal window. Ensure that you are comfortable staying for long without eating because 12 hour intermittent fasting should not make you miserable, but rather, you should enjoy doing it.

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When Should I Exercise

When Varady and her colleagues conducted a study that combined alternate day fasting and exercise, they allowed the participants to pick whether they wanted to exercise on a feasting or fasting day, and found there was no strong preference one way or the other. But the researchers were surprised the dieters actually reported feeling more energetic on fasting days.

That being said, exercise before you eat because people get hungry about half an hour after they finish working out and may find it too hard to stick to their plan if they cant eat anything at all afterwards, Varady noted.

If youre on the 16:8 plan, exercise before or during your eating window. If youre doing alternate day fasting and are exercising on your 500-calorie day, save food for after your exercise session.

Stay Healthy With Intermittent Fasting

How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss â Dr.Berg

What about the misconception that intermittent fasting isnt great for your health? I had my annual checkup a couple of months ago and did blood work, explains Krystal. Im in perfect health!

Krystal shares her progress with her Instagram followers, who leave encouraging comments such as Amazing!!! Youre so inspiring! and #GOALS! And shes sure to take them on every aspect of her journey, including sharing breaking her fasts, easy ketogenic recipes, and workout fasts which are workouts she completes while fasting.

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