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What Is The Best Fasting App

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The Best Intermittent Fasting App In 2021

Ive wanted to change my habit of over eating and develop self discipline. They say when you control what you eat, you can control your world. The app without the Fastic plus has been amazing! There were times I wanted to give up and give in to the foods when my family would eat very late at night but it seems to know when you need encouragement. So far, Ive been drinking more water, eating more veggies, and read valuable lessons that I have applied to my life. I have very little self control when it comes to food, especially meat. Veggies and I have become good friends now especially with my digestive system. I have more self discipline than before with food! I know if my family eats late, they always try to save me some for the next day during my eating period. A big plus was that I can have a fasting buddy! My boyfriend also has food controlling problems, he tends to eat very late at night and doesnt have a routine applied. It has helped him lose fat in some areas of his figure! And develop a great routine for him to eat. And for me too! So far Ive lost 7 pounds in the last week. Im not starving myself, Im drink more water and I feel so much better than before! The different levels of fasting also help too. I started with 16/8 but when things got difficult I reduced it a beginner level fasting then build up to 16/8 and thats where Ill stay and wont go further. Ill consider Fastic Plus in the future

Can Eat Stop Eat Help Me Lose Weight

Probably…but it’s likely because you’re just not eating as much as you’d usually eat, says Julie Upton, RD, co-founder of Appetite for Health.

But, again, the Eat Stop Eat diet isn’t necessarily any better or worse than other forms intermittent fasting like the 5:2 diet . ” is nothing but a twist on regular intermittent fasting, says Upton. There is no data on this specific pattern to say that it’s better or worse than a traditional intermittent-fasting eating schedule.

A Few Notes About Other Options

16:8 Intermittent Fasting is designed for intermittent fasting, but you can select a custom fast, set a start time, and end whenever you begin eating again. It doesnt have a goal option for a 24+ hour fast, but it will continue to track your fast until you stop the timer and its tracking interface includes information about the different stages of fasting, even for prolonged fasts. It has some free articles and has achievements you can earn. It has ads that you can turn off for a one-time payment . Turning off the ads is different from the premium subscription.

Simple and BodyFast have a few helpful articles and built-in fasting plans available without a subscription. Both apps are designed with intermittent fasting in mind, so if you want to fast more than 24 hours at a time, you will need to select one of the plans and adjust your fasting window. If you forgot to start the tracker, Simple will let you change the start time, but BodyFast does not.

Fastic and Fast Habit are designed for intermittent fasting and do not allow you to set a goal to fast over 24 hours unless you sign up for the subscription version. Both will allow you to add prior fasts, but Fast Habit requires a subscription to see your stats from more than 10 days ago.

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Fastic Best For Community

  • Comes with a community of over 17 million intermittent fasters

This app comes with its very own community who are all intermittent fasters just like you. Support like this can be very motivational and is one of the apps best features.

The free version of the app offers basic features such as a fasting timer and step counter however, to reap the full rewards, you will want to upgrade to premium.

Premium starts from $4.60 a week, and with this upgrade, you will then have access to features such as recipes and challenges to keep you motivated and inspired.

Available on iOS and Android.

Our Intermittent Fasting App Reviews

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Android | iOS

Zero is our pick for the best intermittent fasting app due to its beginner-friendly design and versatile features. Zero uses goal-based fasting plans to help users stay motivated, and you can use the in-app timer to easily keep track of your fasting and eating windows. You can create custom plans that suit your personal goals and receive guidance from experts to help you stay on track. Uniquely, Zero also offers plenty of resources to help users learn more about intermittent fasting, weight loss, and health, including video lessons, audio lessons, and articles. As you fast, you can open the app to see which stage of fasting your body is in and what is currently happening inside your body. Zero also stands out due to its challenges and events, which allow users to fast with friends for motivation.

Notable features:

  • Subscription plans: Zero Plus: $9.99/month
  • Support available: Email, Help center
Zero Pros & Cons


Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

  • Free version available

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

  • Free version available

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

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+ Best Intermittent Fasting Apps In 2021

Are you looking for some weight loss tips?

But, finding it tough to continue the weight loss program?

If you agree with this, do you know, weight loss also includes intermittent fasting?

According toHarvard Health Publishing, little about what you eat and more about when you eat matters the most for intermittent fasting that supports in losing weight.

And, if you are worried as to how to manage the timing, here are the best intermittent fasting apps that would track your fasting period and improve your health benefits.

Through these best fasting app, you can customize your dietary regime and track the consumption of no. of glasses. This is how you can lead a healthy life even during a tough schedule.

The Most Important Things To Remember When Fasting

During your fasting period please only have water, tea and coffee without sugar, milk, sweeteners or other additives. That means chewing gum, zero drinks or supplements are not allowed either. Otherwise, your fasting period will be interrupted.

If you have to take any medication, please always do so as prescribed by your doctor.

In general: Drinking a lot of water is very important during fasting and supports your success . So its best to use the reminder in the app. You can find our top tea recommendations for fasting in our blog post.

Drinking reminders can be activated in the settings or in the Me tab in the Progress section. To do so, tap the gear icon in the top right and tap Notifications. Here you can also set the time intervals at which you want to be reminded.

You can use the water tracker by tapping on the + and icons, which are also located in the progress tab. By tapping the circle icon with the three dots you can set your daily goal, portion size and liquid unit.

Another important note: In the first few days, you may feel unwell during fasting, e.g. you may experience headaches, digestive problems, dizziness or freezing. However, whether and to what extent side effects occur is very individual and, unfortunately, cannot be predicted.

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Should I Try The Eat Stop Eat Diet

Intermittent fasting diets are often hard to maintain because, well, you’ve got to be okay going without eating for a while.

So, while intermittent fasting diets aren’t necessarily harmful , they may not lead to sustainable weight loss in the long run.

Still, if you’re not totally freaked out at the idea of not eating for 24 hours, it’s fine to try Eat Stop Eat , says Uptonbut it all boils down to finding an eating plan that works for your schedule and personality. If you like this pattern of fasting, great,” she says. “If not, look for another that works for you.”

The bottom line: Eat Stop Eatand intermittent fasting diets in generalmay help you lose weight by helping you consume less calories overall, but they can be hard to maintain.

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps in 2022

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps To Keep You Fit In 2022

Adnan Rehan Smart Things

Intermittent Fasting Apps

Proven to be effective, Intermittent Fasting is being incorporated into peoples weight loss programs all around the world.

Its backed with solid evidence as more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and seeing incredible results.

The fact that fasting has the potential to reprogram your metabolism only adds to the effectiveness of this weight-loss method, as we all know the key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories than the maintenance level.

The easiest way to get started is to utilize intermittent fasting apps on your smartphone so you can keep at it from anywhere. Well be going over some of the best intermittent fasting apps in this list, but before that, lets get some of the basics right.

WARNING: Intermittent Fasting is generally deemed safe but its always a good idea to be cautious and have a word with a healthcare professional before starting on it, as youll be changing your eating patterns using this weight loss program.

Restaurant Apps Worth Your While Too

Craving a sit-down meal that doesnt require you to do the dishes? Oh, and that doesnt cost an arm and a leg? Splurge on a night out without blowing through your budget! These restaurant apps will help you score the best freebies and deals.

  • Applebees Get a free app with your first order when you sign up for the Applebees rewards program.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Download the Buffalo Wild Wings app and make sure you check in each time you visit. Youll rack up points to exchange for free wings!
  • Chilis Sign up for the Chilis rewards program and score free chips and salsa at every visit! They also send birthday freebies.
  • Dennys Score 20% of your next visit when you join Dennys rewards program. You also get a free birthday meal and access to tons of exclusive coupons.
  • IHOP Pancakes, anyone?! How about FREE pancakes? Download the IHOP app and sign up for rewards to get free pancakes when you register, on your birthday, and on your anniversary of signing up.
  • Red Lobster Any seafood lovers out there? Sign up for My Red Lobster Rewards, and youll get 75 points for free. After that, each dollar you spend earns you a point. At 125 points, you can choose your own freebie.
  • TGIFridays Sign up for the TGIFridays rewards program in the app and get a free appetizer or dessert with the first meal you order.

Go forth and save! Youd be crazy not to cash in on these restaurant deals.

Looking for more deals and steals? Thats pretty much our specialty!

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Fastient Allows You To Track All Your Nutritional Goals In One Place

If you want to track your fasting times and monitor your diet, Fastient is one of the more comprehensive tracking apps available. It allows users to maintain a record of their food intake in addition to tracking their fasting windows. We love this feature for keto because it helps to ensure that youre getting all of the nutrients you need during your feeding windows.

Fastient has a clean, simple interface for simple data entry, and users appreciate the easy-to-read graphs for simple, straightforward progress monitoring. If you need to adjust your fasting plan based on these results, thats easy to do too.

Need a little push? We got you. !

About the writer:

Jenna has a Bachelor’s Degree from Lycoming College and her Master’s from Penn State, holding 3 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and HipKeto.

So How Exactly Does Eat Stop Eat Work

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Because Eat Stop Eat is a version of intermittent fasting, it is meant to work like any other intermittent-fasting dietwhich is to say, it can help you cut down the amount of calories you’re consuming overall, without having to think about it much. It’s a lot harder to fit in the amount of calories you’d normally eat in a week when you simply have less time to eat. When you do eat, you may find that it’s difficult to overeat, because your stomach has shrunk a bit from fasting too.

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Eat Stop Eat may also jumpstart your metabolism a bit, says Eliza Whetzel-Savage, RD, author of Healing Through Nutrition. “When you cut the eating window down, you are creating a fasting period in which the body will have to use its own stored glycogen from carbohydrates and fat as fuel, she says. When the glucose and glycogen stores are used, the body switches over to a ketogenic state and burns fat for fuel.”

Basically, if you’re in a fasting state long enough, your body starts burning fat as fuel instead of carbs .

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How Intermittent Fasting Apps Can Help

Fat loss is a great benefit of Intermittent Fasting, but thats not it the other benefits consist of:

Intermittent fasting makes the day simpler

IF brings additional simplicity to life. Before starting Intermittent Fasting, most people are in the habit of unconscious eating throughout the day however, it is changed with Intermittent Fasting as it restricts people to have just two to three meals a day. This way, it saves people from stressing about their meals throughout the day and brings in much-needed discipline.

Intermittent fasting helps live longer

Many studies have verified that restricting calories helps extend your life, as when one starves, the body finds ways to lengthen life. However, people mostly like to enjoy life, and the thought of starving restricts them from doing so hence Intermittent Fasting can be the answer to them. IF activates many of the same mechanisms to extend life as calorie restriction. So the people receive the benefits of a longer life without starving.

Intermittent fasting may reduce cancer risk

Intermittent fasting is way easier than dieting

Should I Try The 1: 8 Dietand How Do I Start

For a generally healthy person, there seems to be no harm in only eating for eight hours each day, says Hunnes.

And while more research is needed on the 16:8 diet, overall, intermittent fasting could improve cholesterol levels and brain function, and lower your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Still, youre probably best off getting a clean bill of health from your doc before embarking on this diet, Hunnes notes.

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So, how can you get started with the 16:8 diet? It might be wise to gradually ease into longer periods of fasting, says Hunnes. However, she points out, the long-term weight loss benefits from the 16:8 diet werent that much greater than those youd reap if you just ate less throughout the day or switched to a more plant-based dietso you could try simply cutting back on how much youre eating or adding in more plant-based foods, too.

Its a personal choice, and everyone needs to make these choices based on their own lifestyles and ability, Hunnes says.

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Some people who should not do the 16:8 diet? People with diabetes, kidney disease, or certain metabolic disorders. These conditions can alter your bodys balance, storage, and use of insulin and glucose, making the 16:8 diet a possibly unsafe choice, says Hunnes.

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Fasthabit: One Of Top Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

If you want to test different fasting plans, then FastHabit is the ideal option. It is one of the best fasting apps with no subscription by which you can keep up with your intermittent fasting schedule. You have to set up the fasting window that you want in the app and then can start it whenever you want. You can also sync this app to apple watch and apple health for inclusive health management. It is also simple to set reminders, track your stats and is best free intermittent fasting app. But for tracking more than this, you will need a premium membership of $2.99.

Android | iOS

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